WSJ’s India Edition

The ‘Wall Street Journal’ has launched its India edition online. 

This is not healthy for India. The Westerners have to be kept as far away from Indian media scene as possible. There is a very weak sense of nationalism among “modern” Indians and Westerners find it easy to recruit them and make them work against the interests of India and its people. With WSJ’s India edition, now watch out for more stories about dalit oppression, persecution of Christians, caste system, female infanticide, aryan invasion, Hindu Taliban and over-exposure of everything that Indians find demeaning. Most of these stories will be written by frothing-at-the-mouth Indians who will be delirious at getting to write for an American newspaper even if they have to dump on India to do so. Indian government must really be smoking weed to have allowed this.


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One response to “WSJ’s India Edition

  1. AG

    Indian govt IS smoking weed, and is busy driving india into the ground.

    See this post for a collection of the latest economic ‘rapes’ of the UPA.

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