India’s China War

Have you read “India’s China War” written by Neville Maxwell? The book is banned in India, but you can read it online.

It makes your blood boil at how Nehru led the country to disaster and how he interfered in purely military affairs which were beyond his comprehension.

This is a three part article about India’s China War that is worth reading.

Even Galbraith, the American ambassador to India, was uncomfortable dealing with Nehru because Nehru did not tolerate any dissent or arguments. (Errr.. I thought Nehru is projected by our historians as a “great liberal”?)

Galbraith got along as well with Nehru as anyone in his situation could. “My first talk with Nehru was not quite so easy – I am not entirely at home in his presence and I rather wonder if anyone is. He does not take kindly to argument.” Even so devoted a biographer of Nehru as S. Gopal records testimonies of persons who had little in common with one another like Pablo Neruda, Malcolm Muggeridge and Hugh Gaitskell, himself a man of outstanding urbanity, but who found Nehru inordinately vain. Zhou Enlai was not being petty, pace Gopal, but only truthful when he told some Sri Lankan MPs in October 1964: “I have never met a more arrogant man than Nehru.” (S. Gopal, Jawaharlal Nehru; Vol. 3 (1956-64); Oxford University Press, 1984, pp. 270-271).


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