Government of “South Asians”

Nothing can be more pathetic for a country than for its armed forces to feel betrayed by their own government. But this is exactly what is happening in India.

The serving armymen are feeling let down because of the low pay rise recommended for them by the 6th pay commission compared to the bureaucrats. Retired servicemen are upset because of the pathetic pensions they are getting. The issue of less pay hike for the armed forces personnel is well-known, but what is this “one rank, one pension” principle for which retired servicemen are protesting?

In India, the pay structure for employees of the central goverrnment (including militarymen) is decided by what are called “Pay Commissions” which are set up every ten years. (These commissions are a legacy of Nehruvian socialism. In no other country are pay rises decided like this in a fixed band of ten years.)

While the salary hikes recommended by each commission are with retrospective  effect (you get the money in arrears since the date the hike is supposed to come into effect), this is not the case with pensions. The hike announced in pension is applicable for only those armed forces personnel who retire AFTER the date the hike is supposed to come into effect. The soldiers who retired in previous years keep getting the same old pension. 

This is the main problem. This stupid policy has created a situation in which “a havaldar who retired before 1996 draws less pension than a sepoy who retired after 2006, and a Lt-Gen draws less pension than a Lt-Col. who retired some years after him.”

What will it cost to accept the principle of “one rank, one pension” for the armed forces? A one-time bill of a mere Rs 3500 crores and then Rs 700 crores every year. But this amount UPA government says it “cannot afford.”

This is the same gang of Congress courtiers which some months ago waived off Rs 70,000 crores in farmers’ debts with an eye on the elections! At that time, Chidambaram, the then finance minster, had huffed and puffed in the parliament about how the government is determined to find this money even if it has to empty the coffers. This is the same government which now finds spending an amount of Rs 700 crores a year “unthinkable” but it has no problem in spending Rs 330 crores every year in maintaining its lavish bungalows in Lutyen’s Delhi.

This behaviour is nothing but subversion of our state where each and every item of government spending is decided not according to the needs of the nation, but to further the electoral prospects of a particular political party. The state treasury and tax revenue are being held hostage by courtiers who want to come back to power again. They do not allow any expense that will not help them in the next elections. Such greed for holding on to power that the Congress courtiers are exhibiting is beneath contempt and I spit on these people, the worst scum that our civilisation has ever produced.

Army Veterans to Return Medals

Soldiers wear their medals with great pride. But a “large number” of ex-servicemen will return their gallantry awards and distinguished service medals to the President after a protest rally at Jantar Mantar here on Sunday to protest the non-implementation of the “one-rank, one-pay (OROP)” principle and the “raw deal” given to armed forces by the 6th Pay Commission.

The ex-servicemen feel they have been taken for a ride by successive governments on OROP despite virtually all political parties promising its implementation in their manifestos, election after election. The governments, in fact, have even brushed aside recommendations by parliamentary committees to swiftly resolve “the disparity of pensionary benefits between pensioners of the same rank” without much ado. 

The UPA government, on its part, has rejected the OROP demand, holding that it will entail huge financial costs – well over Rs 3,500 crore, with annual liabilities of around Rs 700 crore.

Here is another story:

Army veterans to return medals over pension row

“Over 300 general rank officers along with 10,000 officers and jawans have decided to return their medals to the Government. Why should we keep our medals with us when the establishment does not have any respect for us?” said Vice Chairman of the Indian Ex servicemen Movement (IESM) Maj (Gen retd) Satbir Singh said.

He said the protesting ex-servicemen will gather at Jantar Mantar here and pack their medals in sacks and surrender them to the President.

Since Independence, the Congress party has for some strange reason adopted a posture of hostility and animosity toward the armed forces. The army is held in contempt and barely tolerated as a necessary evil. This policy is a result of the “strategic thought” by that imbecile Nehru whose most famous quote as a prime minister immediately after independence was: “Disband the army! We don’t need it. We have no ill-will towards any country. The police is sufficient for our security needs.”  

Somebody forgot to tell this “enlightened international thinker” that “My dear friend, it is fine if you do not have any ill will toward any country, but what if a neighbouring country has ill will toward you? Are you going to send the local beat constable to tackle its soldiers when they invade us and their armour begins to roll across our plains?”

The Great Leader Nehru even took an objection to the presence of army commanders in the North Block complex. He once flew into rage when he spotted some officers in uniform near his office. “What are these people doing here?” he roared in disgust. As a result, the army men working in the defence ministry tried to make themselves invisible by operating out of dingy back rooms so that they are not spotted again by the “Renaissance Man.”

Another incident I remember is when a missile manufacturer gave a presentation to Nehru about a surface to air missile. In the clip, as the missile blew the aircraft out of the sky, Nehru stormed out of the room, shouting “I will not have anything to do with such a violent device.” The missile manufacturer, taken aback, could only murmur: “What a remarkable man!”

Nehru’s bosom pal Krishna Menon as India’s defence minister turned humiliating army officers into a fine art. He forbade ordinance factories from manufacturing arms and ammunition. Instead, he directed them to produce something for “social good.” So, when the Chinese invaded in 1962, our ordinance factories were busy manufacturing pressure cookers and petromax lanterns!  

This deranged Nehruvian policy was adopted as it is by the band of Congress courtiers and opportunists who followed the Great Leader. This is the reason for this hostility and humiliation of armed forces in India even today. Congress courtiers do not like the armed forces. They dislike the soldiers and consider them as carriers of sinful violent weapons.

Didn’t Gandhi, their patron saint, forbade Indians from fighting back? The armed forces of India are an insult to Gandhi, or so the Congress courtiers think. They are doing everything to rub the soldiers’ nose in the mud. Congress government is not a government of Indians but of “South Asians.” These courtiers are “internationalists,” not nationalists.

Indians should be careful of them. These courtiers are unable to defend the country. They will flee the land when the push comes to shove, leaving the citizens behind to face the music of the Chinese or Pakistani occupation army. I just wish when they flee, they take their dhotis and spinning wheels with them.

Chanakya must be turning in his grave seeing the state our armed forces have been reduced to by the deranged Gandhians and Nehruvians. No wonder, Indians keep dying right left and centre in insurgencies triggered by neighbours who stopped fearing the country long ago.


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