The Coming Storm

The “Ulemas” (Muslim clerics) from Uttar Pradesh have come to Delhi to demand a separate set of criminal laws for India’s Muslims that are in tune with the Shariah. (Presumably they are hankering for the same laws of the seventh-century Arabia in which women are stoned to death for the crime of getting raped.) The bearded clerics came riding a special train called the “Ulema Express” (arranged by railway minister Lalu Yadav, no doubt).

It may be recalled that the Muslims of India already enjoy separate civil laws in India in terms of marriage, divorce, maintenance of divorced wives and property inheritance, but Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs are denied this luxury. They are subject to one and the same common civil and criminal law as imposed by the Indian constitution.  

Muslims now want to be tried under separate law

What the Muslim clerics are now demanding is that even the Indian Penal Code should not be applicable to the Muslims. Instead, they should have their own criminal law. All Muslims should be tried in their own courts which would run according to this new criminal law that will be in tune with the Shariah. The judges in these courts will, of course, be the Muslim clerics themselves.

If you agree to this demand, the next demand of these Ulemas from UP will be separate electorates, like in the British times. This is nothing but seeds of separatism and eventual secession that are being sown now. History has begun to repeat itself. These kind of demands had begun to be made by the UP Muslims around 1910. Now, in 2009, almost a century later, exactly the same demands from Muslims of the very same state (United Provinces) are again being heard.  I had read in a newspaper article that the ISI has great hopes from the “Musallmans of Hindustan” and that these people will rise again in the service of their ‘Deen.’ (‘Hindustan’ is the north Indian heartland of UP and Bihar.)

Inverted Indian Flag

Interestingly, Muslims at this particular rally in Delhi were flying the Indian flag upside down, with Green (Islam) situated over and above the Saffron (Hinduism). Does this hint at what political vision these people have in mind for India?

See the picture here.

Flying an Indian flag upside down is a grave insult to Indian nationhood and our constitution. If these people have done this deliberately to mock the Hindus, they are traitors and belong in jail. Instead, it seems the “seculars” are busy serving them biryani and understanding their “pain.”

As the Muslim population expands (due to high fertility and Bangladeshi infiltration) and acquires a critical mass in pockets of Bengal, Bihar and UP, the demand for another partition will be made by these Ulemas once again. I give it only a period of 25 years before an armed ‘partition movement’ begins in all earnest in the name of “Mughalistan.”  And, as the last time in 1947, this time too it will be the Muslim clerics of UP, Bihar and Bengal who will be leading the charge of the faithful.

Gandhi did a disservice to fellow Hindus by not allowing full transfer of population between India and Pakistan despite handing over 1/3rd of the Indian landmass to Muslims who simply refuse to live with non-Muslims as fellow citizens and brothers-in-arms. But Gandhi’s vision was based on closing one’s eyes, ears and mouth to dangers that surround you. It could have come only this far where the reality has now begun to overtake it. With another partition, Hindus will be cured of Gandhian delusions for ever and finally begin to call a spade a spade. But the price they will have to pay will be heavy, just like the last time in 1947.

Anglo-Americans: The Behind-the-scenes Instigators of Muslim Separatism 

One thing I have been noticing for the past several years is that Muslim separatism in India is being shrewdly promoted by the White Christians as a way to Balkanise this country. (So what’s new? They did the same in 1947.) All the Western literature, history books, news reports and movies (including ‘Slumdog’) are being engineered by them to deliberately instigate Muslims of India against the Hindus. This is simply a repetition of what the British did in the decades leading up to Independence and Partition. The establishment of Muslim League in 1906 was called by an Indian Muslim scholar himself as a “command performance” on the directions of the Viceroy. The Whites think they can repeat the trick.

Be careful of Americans and Britishers and their designs on India. They are the real enablers of Muslim separatism. From their international support to Hurriyat Conference to the demand of Muslim reservations in the Indian army, the people who are organising this command performance are the Whites. They are driven by the urges of White supremacy and pagan hatred.

The “Muslims are victims of Hindu persecution” messages in the “Slumdog Millionaire” have to be seen in this light. There is a lot of strategy that goes into these things. They are not simply a product of ignorance of the White director. These anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim messages are actually psyops against our race to deepen internal divisions and create hatred between social groups.

That is why I laugh at these innocent babes-in-the-woods who are praising ‘Slumdog’ and telling me to “simply enjoy the movie” or appreciate the “marvellous camera-work” or “Hey, chillax, dude! It’s just a movie, yo!” They have no idea about the serious games being played by very established and sinister international players. The real masters of this command performance of Muslim Ulemas have to be identified. They live outside the borders of India.



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5 responses to “The Coming Storm

  1. Bhakti

    Anwar Shaikh, a Pakistani Muslim who converted to Hinduism, predicts another partion. This guy should know. He also says Islam teaches hatred of non-Muslims and that Hindus are extraordinarily tolerant despite being forced out of Pakistan and Kashmir.

    Watch “Islam can’t co-exist with other religions”.

  2. VoP

    Jesus starts dancing in India …while the Hindu temples are getting destroyed

  3. Bharat

    There are more such instances of temple disfiguration.

  4. Bhushan

    Muslims have played the minority card for very long now. While they keep on saying that they are patriotic, it is well known what madarssas teach about Hindus and what they do in real life with hindus. All benifits must be withdrawn and they must be asked to follow India’s law like Hindus, masjids and waqf propoerty must be brought under the endowment dept like hindu temples are. Cameras must be fit in masjids and the congregatiosn must be telecast live. Particularly in Aligarh, Kerala, Kashmir and Hyderabad.. These steps must be taken immediately and if someone protests must be kicked out.

    Rahul and Cong pparty is playing the white’s role superbly by offering quotas. Hindus must tolerate such nonsense any longer.

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