Here is Why They Hate Blogs

Have you heard about the NDTV-Chyetanya Kunte episode that is setting the Indian blogo-sphere on fire?

Chetan runs a blog called

He wrote a post on NDTV’s coverage about the terrorist shootouts in Mumbai. Here is the Google cache of his article called Shoddy Journalism (scroll down to the very bottom of the page).

This is what happened to him: Withdrawl and apology.

Sandeep B. has written about this entire episode. Read it here: Barkha Dutt and NDTV, the Joke is on You!

Day in and day out, she shrieks like a banshee on prime-time TV about “Hindu Taliban, ” “mass murdering fascists,” “progroms,” “Gandhi killers,” “hate mongers” and other swearwords lifted from the ready-made vocabulary of the slimy Indian communists. And then she collapses in a heap and sends legal notices if someone answers back and calls her an “idiot”! Ouch!!

If she cannot take the same medicine that she dishes out to other hapless people who cannot hit back, maybe she can take up employment  more suitable to her temparament, become a school teacher or hair dresser or insurance salesman, and leave us all alone. We have had enough of the dishonest and biased tripe that she inflictes on the TV screen.   

It is really a crying shame how these English-media journalists think that free speech is only a one-way traffic.

What is the reason for their paper-thin skins? They pass comments on the whole world but if someone as much as judges the quality of their work, they start breathing fire and issuing legal notices. Shame on these two-bit “journalists.” But their days of privilege and celebrity status are numbered.

Blogs are a very potent medium with a global reach, and they are not going away anytime soon. In the US, the blogosphere is taken very seriously. It is giving a serious competition to the traditional ink-on-paper media.

Blogs are nothing but citizens of a country exchanging information with each other directly without the services of a middle man (in this case, professional journalists). This is the reason for these over-rated  journalists to breath fire. They are feeling the same rage about blogs as the ticket touts felt when the Indian railways introduced e-booking. No middle-man likes a technology that will make him irrelevant and allow customers to side-step him.

As the world of blogs continues to grow  and expand, the media houses have begun to hear their own funeral march of irrelevance. It is only a matter of time before they are seriously impacted as the customers flee to cyberspace. This is already happening. In my home, the newspaper remains unopened and the TV remains switched off, as everybody logs on early morning to Google news and visit various forums to discuss events. 

Mark my words: In the next five years, blogs will emerge as a formidable challenge to the traditional media and put its financial survival at stake. I would say good riddance to them and their shady deals, leftist biases, fact manipulations, hush-hush political and church funding and backroom linkages!

Here is a laugh riot: The Further Adventures of Hark! DaButt


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