Look Out for the Eastern Seaboard

The grip of the church is tightening over Andhra. Now, it is Naidu’s turn to fall.

Naidu promises separate corporation for Christians

A separate corporation will be opened in the State to provide protection to all the Christian properties, renovate churches, and provide amounts to larger number of Christians to travel to Bethlehem, said Telugu Desam Party President Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Addressing a gathering of more than a lakh of people on the inaugural day of the Bible Mission Annual Conventions opposite Acharya Nagarjuna University, the TDP leader said that the attacks on Christians all over the country had increased multi-fold and were never seen during his regime.

Promising to scrap the new Government Orders 746 and 747 amid loud cheers, as the GOs were allegedly being used to attack Christians, Mr. Naidu promised to provide additional land for the burial grounds.

I was speaking to one of my learned friends in Hyderabad. He said it is now impossible to get a driver or maid who is not a Christian. Do these poor Hindus converting for a sack of rice and a motorcyle have any idea what they are getting into? Do they realise the significance of leaving the democratic anarchy of Hinduism to place themselves under the dicatorship of the bishops? Have they read about how the Europeans managed to free themselves from the clutches of the church after 500 years of horrors, Inquisition, tortures and burnings on the stake? 

Explore www.jesusneverexisted.com to see what genocidal maniacs these bishops can turn into. Ignorance and cluelessness of the average Hindu Gangadeen is the greatest strength of the church in India.

The entire coastal area from Kanyakumari (already a Christian majority district) to Chennai to Andhra Pradesh to Orissa is being Christianised at a very rapid pace. In the next 25 years, the entire Eastern seaboard may secede and spin out of our control to become an East Timor like colony of Anglo Americans. 

The danger is very real. If you look at the latest Home Ministry report on NGOs, you will find that the Westerners are heavily concentrating their funding on only two states: Andhra and Tamil Nadu. If you dig a bit deeper and put two and two together, their game plan of slicing away the Eastern seaboard becomes quite clear.

After looking at the serving chief ministers or the chief ministerial candidates of the Congress in states such as Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh, there is no doubt in my mind that this party has become the Trojan Horse of the church to execute its Operation Eastern Seaboard. Orissa, Andhra and Tamil Nadu will go if we are not careful.

It is beyond the ability of the bishops to plan an operation of this magnitude. They are getting strategic guidance and field support from some Western intelligence agencies. If you want me to take names, then here they are: US, UK and Norway. The dirty tricks of the former two are well known, but what most Indians do not know is the involvement of Scandanavian countries in the ongoing Christianisation of India.

Norway, Denmark and Sweden are acting as the side-kicks of Anglo Americans. Watch out for the visits of their royalty and diplomats to Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Norway’s involvement in the affairs of LTTE and Sri Lankan Tamils is not a mere coincidence.


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