Flush White Man’s awards down the toilet

“Slumdog Millionaire” is an insult to all Indians. The movie is the work of a White supremacist-cum-Christian fundamentalist who wants to throw dung on the pagans. The message is: “You dirty stinking brown animals worshipping grotesque gods, this is your reality. Screw you for not accepting our church!” There is a strong undercurrent in the movie that tries to provoke Muslims of India against the Hindus. It is nothing but one of White Man’s psychological operations against an entire race whome he loathes.

Needless to say, Macaulay’s children “brown in appearance but White in taste and temperament,” are already frothing at the mouth about the White Man’s awards being showered on the movie. These voluntary slaves of White Man are saying: “Look!! The White Man has patted our backs! He has recognised us! Our worth has finally been proven in our own eyes! The white man has took notice of us. How lucky we are!”

Till how long will this elite class of shallow, rootless Indians keep taking pride in sending their women to warm the beds of the White Men? Till how long will it wear White Man’s medals with pride and sing “Sala, mein to sahab ban gaaya”? I can only see these frothing-in-the-mouth Indians crawling on the ground and licking White Man’s boots, though they pretend to be sophsticated and try to speak English very fast  

Wake up, you Indian slaves putting on false American accents! The slavery has ended. White Man has gone back to his own homeland. Stop dancing like monkeys whenever the White Man whistles. Stop craving for his approval and recognition. You are free now. Nobody is going to whip you if you thumb your nose at the White Man and take pride in yourself and your culture.

It is disgusting to see the spectacle of Indians cheering their own funeral. The strategy of the White Man has become all too familiar now. He will catch hold of some Indian (usually a leftist / rabid India hater) who writes against India and Hindus. The White Man will throw an award at this person, with the same contempt as you throw yesterday’s leftovers to a dog.

The rest of the Indians then will go into a frenzy of cheering and congratulate each other that one of their own has won the approval of the White Man. This is exactly what is happening now in this “Slumdog” saga. Don’t be fooled by the expensive suits and perfume of these types of Indians. They are just slaves in disguise selling their country short in the flesh market of White Man.

This movie carries forward the tradition of “Indian Jones: The Temple of Doom” that showed Indians eating raw brains of monkeys. That movie was banned by the Indian government. But it seems Indians have fallen further downhill. Instead of banning such movies, they have now begun to dance to their tune. This problem cannot be solved till we review the kind of education we are giving to our children in schools. As long as our children keep reading text-books written by Indian communists, we will keep churning out generations of slaves to the West.

Gutter inspectors           

‘Slumdog Millionaire’, a film made by British director Danny Boyle based on the novel ‘Q & A’ authored by Indian diplomat Vikas Swarup, won four top awards this year at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony in Beverly Hills, California.
The film has won Best Dramatic Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Original Music Score awards and India has gone berserk over A R Rahman’s win.

Rahman has become the first Indian to bag the ‘prestigious’ Golden Globe Award! Though Vikas Swarup is an ‘Indian’ diplomat, he seemed to have no hesitation in ‘selling’ India for his self-interests.

No doubt Rahman’s musical track record has been phenomenal and he has been tasting only successes right from his first film ‘Roja’ in 1992 and he has never looked back since then. India has a great tradition of music and it has produced great musicians of all sorts since time immemorial.

Indian history has enough evidence to highlight its grand musical tradition, which has evolved with its magnificent cultural heritage.

Even in the present contemporary music, India has stalwarts in the industry and Rahman is one among them. It is rather unfortunate that the Golden Globe authorities have taken so many years to recognise an Indian Composer.

While wholeheartedly appreciating Rehman for his achievement, it is imperative to view the issue in a different perspective and analyse the ‘western attitude’ in awarding people, who denigrate India.

The fact of the matter is that, the award has been given to Rehman for scoring the music for a film, which has shown the ‘ugly’ side of India in an ‘exaggerated’ manner.

Had Rehman scored music for a movie, which has shown India’s brighter side, he might not have got the award at all! The film has denigrated India right through from the ‘title’, picturising as if India is poverty-stricken and violence-prone.

The word ‘slumdog’ itself seems to be intended to insult the children living in Indian slums and the film is supposed to have projected them in an insulting manner. 

The history of awards and accolades given to India by the western world, particularly in the literary and entertainment arena, shows that the projects, which have attempted to denigrate India’s time-tested civilization and culture and tried to project the poverty and illiteracy, have won the awards and accolades.

The recent example has been the awarding of ‘Man Booker Prize’ to Arvind Adiga for his book ‘White Tiger’. Here again, the book has depicted India in a very poor light and all nationalistic Indians have condemned the author for his ‘attitude’.

Also the ‘secular’ media in India too follow this tradition set by western ‘worthies’, as evidenced by NDTV awarding ‘Indian of the year award’ to M F Hussain, who portrayed Indian Gods and Goddesses and Bharat Matha in the nude!

Similarly film maker Deepa Mehta has always projected India and her culture in a very bad light and her films like ‘Fire’ and ‘Water’ are worst examples.

She never bothers about the Indian people and their sensibilities and sentiments, but mainly focuses on western audience and their accolades, apart from making money, and for that she never minds defaming her own mother nation.

Likewise Mira Nair is another example and her films like ‘Salaam Bombay’ and ‘Kama Sutra’ belong to those categories of ‘selling’ India.

The most disgusting fact is that, all these film makers and authors, who portray India as the worst third world country, are ‘Indians’! And the government of the day never bothers to restrain them from spreading falsehoods about India by distorting history and concocting stories.

And most of these ‘intellectuals’, who wax eloquent on the so-called freedom of speech and freedom of expression, never speak about ‘nationalism’, for they are married and have western spouses and are mostly settled outside India.

They simply follow the trend set by Katherine Mayo, who depicted India in the worst possible manner in her book ‘Mother India’, but was rightly snubbed by Gandhiji as ‘gutter inspector’.
Indians must follow Gandhiji in this particular regard and condemn people like Vikas Swarup, Arvind Adiga, Deepa Mehta, et al and that is what Amitabh Bachchan has done! He has protested the bad depiction of Bombay in the book ‘Q and A’ and the government must ban such books and movies, so that, India is not insulted in future.




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2 responses to “Flush White Man’s awards down the toilet

  1. Nam

    Excellent post. I still haven’t seen the movie, because it is not out yet where I live. I was planning to go to the cinema hall, but I will not contribute to Boyle’s insult of India; instead will download it free online, just out of curiosity.

  2. Bhakti

    Good post sir, I agree that this film is filled with veiled anti-Hindu symbolism. It’s subtle but it’s there. There is a theme of Hindus persecuting Muslims throughout.

    One thing I noticed was that the Who Wants to be a Millionaire host play by Anil Kapoor was a Hindu (Prem Kumar) who was extremely cruel to the Muslim protagonist Jamal. In real-life it is Amitabh Bachchan who hosts that show, was the idea to make a grotesque misrepresentation of someone who is a Hindu ICON? This is perhaps a good way to slam a community. That’s how I interpreted it. Maybe Bachchan did too, hence his comments when it was released.

    Also Muslims were presented negatively only as being criminal underworld types (Javed and his goons). But the negative spin on Hindus is on their religion (Ram), their cultural icons (see above), and their ideology (the riot scenes obviously hinting at Hindutva).

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