Why Medha Patkar loves Americans

Medha Patkar’s foriegn links. She recieves money and award from organisations run by White Christians. It is quite clear that some Indians have walked over to the opposite camp and begun to accept money from enemies of the race. These race traitors are abusing our democratic freedoms. If India was a monarchy, these people won’t have survived for long.

This is last year’s report from Pioneer:

Two Members of Parliament from Gujarat have urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to order an inquiry into the shocking evidence suggesting Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) leader Medha Patkar tried to influence the Government and the judiciary to obtain a favourable verdict in a case against her NGO in the Supreme Court.  

Senior Congress leader Urmilaben Patel and Ratilal K Verma of the BJP, both MPs, have submitted identical evidence to the Prime Minister to establish that Patkar was in touch with a foreign agency, who wanted to oblige even a judge of the Supreme Court after he, along with another judge, dismissed a PIL against NBA. The PIL was filed by the National Council for Civil Liberties, a Gujarat-based NGO alleging that NBA was engaged in anti-national activities.

The MPs have enclosed email correspondence between Patkar and Patrick McCully, former director of the International Rivers Network at Barkley in the US. The correspondence shows Patkar claiming she had put pressure on the UPA Government, which was also served a notice by the court to respond to the charges of NBA’s involvement in anti-national activities to stop construction of work at Sardar Sarovar Project in Gujarat.
The sequence of email correspondence between McCully and Patkar is revealing. Minutes after the SC dismissed the NCCL’s PIL on July 10, 2007, McCully was informed of it by one Phillip through Patkar’s email address.
Next day, McCully wrote back to Patkar, “You have mentioned in your message (email) that Judge Thakkar (CK) is ex-chief justice of Gujarat and anything can happen. How you manage this. What was the second judge?”
In reply, Patkar wrote back on July 13, “Phillip made a mistake in quoting Thakkar as the ex-chief justice of Gujarat. He was initially judge there. Justice Altamas Kabir wrote the judgement.”
Patkar also wrote that many eminent persons wrote to the UPA Government and her advocates supported them. “We dealt with the press very selectively and ensured that pressure was kept all through.”
“Along with this, the petitioner’s case was so weak. Its triviality was obvious. Legally it was non-maintainable,” she added.
To this, McCully responded on July 17, “I was keeping a constant watch on this case. I was actually disturbed after reading written submission of Saxena (VK Saxena, chairman NCCL, the petitioner), which he had posted on his website. Not a shred of reference in the judgement. You have managed it very effectively.”
McCully’s email underlines the fact that Saxena’s petition had disturbed him and he was happy to see that the charges levelled against him were not even touched upon in the judgement. The reference to “managing” the whole thing is significant.
McCully added they would like to honour those people who supported Patkar in the case. “You can send a list of 5-6 people with their very brief background in 2-3 lines. The function can be organised in London instead of the US through other groups. With his strategy these people could be more committed to your cause.”

And then he added this bit of shocking offer: “We must honour Judge Kabir for supporting you. Please explore the possibility. He will retire in 2013 — a very useful man for your further battles.”

It is well known that Justice Kabir is a respected judge with impeccable career record. While there is nothing to show he obliged Patkar, McCully’s mail clearly showed a sinister design to woo him to help NBA in future.

In her reply sent to McCully on July 22, Patkar felt that openly obliging her benefactors would be counter-productive. “Thanks a lot. Other than advocates, no one would like to be acknowledged for writing to pressurise the Government. That might boomerang.”

Referring to the email, both the MPs asked the Prime Minister to order an inquiry into the whole episode.

Verma has pointed out to the Prime Minister that the exchanges between Patkar and McCully are “explosive and dangerous to the extent that they show foreign interest and support to a group that is indulging in obstruction to the country’s development. It carries blatant suggestion that July 10 Supreme Court judgement was managed.”

Urging the Prime Minister to order an inquiry to identify those who tried to put pressure on the UPA Government and the judiciary to favour NBA, Verma asked, “When even the thought of influencing the judiciary at any level is contemptuous, is it not a case of sedition against the NBA — a group working with foreign aid?”

Echoing similar views, Urmilaben Patel has asked the Prime Minister that “the Government should immediately inquire as to how Medha Patkar managed a favourable verdict And take appropriate action against Patkar for bringing disrepute to the Government and to the Hon’able Supreme Court and halting the process of national development with foreign support.”

Here is the website of National Council of Civil Liberties of Gujarat which filed the case against Medha Patkar’s NGO. It was a case filed by nationalists against anti-nationals who send reports of their activities to people in other countries.


Predictably, this case was dismissed too by the Supreme Court judges without much ado. It does seem that left / liberals and NGO-types are treated with kid’s gloves by some Indian high court and supreme court judges. There is something rotten with India’s higher judiciary. Something doesn’t seem right.



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17 responses to “Why Medha Patkar loves Americans

  1. Bharat Nair

    More details of Patrick Mccully can be seen from


  2. Rohan Shah

    Now it is an open fact that Medha Patkar is an anti national element working in unison with patrik mccully of international river network and laurry udal of earth justice legal defence fund USA, popularly known as berkeley mafia’s, to create impedment in the development of India.Thanks to Ahmedabad based NGO which has exposed her fully. It is really strange to know that such anti national people can even manage favourable orders in the Supreme Court also.

  3. student

    I am a public policy student who has spent an entire term studying the issue of the Sardar Sarovar. I think it is absolutely shocking that commentators on this blog can call Patkar “anti-national.” There is zero evidence for this claim, and the volume of worldwide research and literature on the Sardar Sarovar comprehensively shows that it was ill-conceived, poorly planned, and badly executed. Even the World Bank, which absolutely loves big development projects, had to pull out because it could not longer support the dam in good conscience. The blogger and commenters on this blog are either ignorant of the facts or seriously delusional.

  4. Bharat Nair

    Please read why Patkar is being labelled as a traitor. Please note that this person is a “certified secularist” himself.
    “I was reminded of Ambedkar’s remarks when reading a news report about some testimonies in the US Congress by prominent human rights activists from India. Among those who spoke out, in this American official forum, against caste abuses in their own country were the Bahujan professor Kancha Ilaiah and the Dalit union organiser Udit Raj. This was not, of course, the first occasion on which an Indian activist
    has travelled to Washington to testify before the US Congress. About 15 years ago, Medha Patkar went before a congressional sub-committee to
    speak about the problems, social as well as ecological, with the Sardar Sarovar Dam being built on the Narmada river…….”

  5. Bharat Nair,

    If she goes on forums of foreign countries talking against something in her own country, it is a traitorous act! No matter how right or strong your case may be, you simply cannot justify going in front of an outsider to browbeat your own people, no matter who much in the wrong they may be!!!

    • Anonymous

      @Dinesh Chanchalaniji,

      I think what you have written is something what Bharat Nairji, has also highlighted. However, you seem to have misinterpreted him by missing out the inverted comma ” ” in his message. I think Nairji has passed on to us what Dr. Ambedkar had said by putting his statements in inverted commas.

      Anyways, Both of you are right and saying the same thing.

  6. chidananda mohapatra

    It is now an open an secret that a large number of NGOs are engaged in subversive activities.The book “NGOs ACTIVISTS AND FOREIGN FUNDS An Anti- Nation Industry” edited by Smt. Radha Rajan and Shri Kishen Kak and published by Vigil Public Opinion Forum ,Chennai, throws light on the anti- national character of Ngos like Sandeep Pandey’s Asha and individual like Harsha mander. It is a must read for every nationalist.

  7. Madhuresh

    Our Prime Minister can go and talk at World Economic Forum, WTO, World Bank and so many other places, work on policies which brings disaster for everyone. Then what do you have to say about this. Government of India signs Free Trade Agreements which are against Indianlaws and then we are faced with situations where companies like Vodafone, Telenor and others are dragging us in international courts and our country’s sovereignty is at stake. See this link http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/Vodafone-issues-notice-to-Indian-government-over-tax-proposal/articleshow/12703066.cms

    Should we just stand and say that Manmohan Singh is doing a wonderful job. No we have to stand up and demand that we can’t sell our sovereignty to these foriegn powers. You guys have problems with Medha Patkar going and making a submission to US Congress Committee that too on the role of World Bank rather than the Government of India but what about GoI seeling the resources of country to foreign multinational corporations like POSCO, Russian and French Nuclear reactors. What do you have to say when the BEML trucks and are not favoured and the dalas in the government make us buy Tatra trucks. You can all see that we don’t need Medha Patkar, Sandeep Pandey we have many of anti nationals sittng in the govenrment in important positions and serving the interest of the capital and corporations. You will be blind to see what is at stake here..

    • Indian Realist

      You look like a part of the Jholawala gang which, like your pal Medha Patkar, is on the pay rolls of the Anglo Americans. We need activists, but we don’t need activists funded by other countries to run protest movements in India. Which part of this is not clear? Try getting a productive job rather than running NGOs which are experts at spending other people’s money.Start earning your bread for a change.

  8. Madhuresh

    ‘Indian Realist’ I thought you will have something thoughtful to say. Anyway let us see so you have problems with Jholawallahs funded by Anglo Americans, but what do you have to say about governments funded by World Bank, IMF, EXIm Bank, OECD, JICA and so many other companies and where does where your money come from all multinational corporations, Indian money, foreign money… It’s money stupid which governs you. Do you know that all these jholawallahs when started competing for the jobs which you have then they will give you a run for your money. THey choose to earn less to live on peanuts and still toil hard to make this country better. So, that the Indian gorws and shines but with everybody, your riches will not be safe if you have 90 percent of people running after you chasing you. Get a life man and think a little deeper. Propaganda like this will not work.
    You love foriegn Direct Investment but not the money which criticises you. Mind you it is not the money which fuels dissent it is ideas which fuels dissent and driticism. During Anna Andolan they were not paid to come on the streets, so what are you complaining about ?
    Next time have better arguments rather than dismissing by labels. It is fun to engage with people who have solid facts and figures and arguments rather than fake identities like ‘Indian Realist’… Huhhh

  9. ANON.

    I have some problems with the stand taken by Patkar and the ilk of Jholawalas [the tag is hilarious], but I do not agree that Patkar is a traitor or any such thing; she is just exercising her right to protest.
    Who knows, maybe she is right, and my shortsightedness does not allow me to see it.
    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” – E. B. Hall

  10. OM

    Then, there is the question of how does Medha Patkar get her finances? Medha Patkar has the Right Livelihood Award, the Rev. MA Thomas National Human Rights Award, Amnesty International’s Human Rights Defender’s Award, and the BBC’s Green Ribbon Award for Best International Political Campaigner. Her Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) is described as a “social movement”. Presumably this social movement handles money, if only for its own expenses. But the Supreme Court has noted the NBA is not a registered entity. So, how does it bank its money? How does it account for its expenses? The NBA, which, as we have seen, has international connections, does not seem to have its own website. Foreign sources fund its support groups. But which foreign sources? Could the American Security agencies, which have no qualms about using a Richard Headley – and still shelter him from the Indian justice – covertly fund Medha Patkar?

  11. I just ask one simple question…why any other country is interested in interfering and funding so much of money for running NGOs in India ….I am forced to come to conclusion there is some thing fishy and have their take away in this act. our thinkers and leader should get on table and take right decisions asap

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