An eye-opening list

Here is an eye-opening list of linkages of media people in India. As can be seen, it is an incestuous cabal of communists, Christians and Muslims that is dominating Indian English media. It is a closed group and Hindus are simply not welcome. Only in India with an 80 percent Hindu majority can this kind of nonsense be accepted by the majority.

Most of this gang has arisen due to direct patronage of anti-national and anti-Hindu forces in the shape of Congress and Bengali communists. One interesting trend you will notice from this list is that of Indian communists and left-liberals (or their children) avoiding marrying Hindus, but choosing Christian or Muslim spouses instead. Did Karl Marx tell them to do this?

Another thing that becomes obvious from the following list is that brown-skinned Christian evangelists from India consider White Christians as their own people and Hindu Indians as outsiders who have to be subdued. These evangelists have formed linkages with White Christians and are acting as their franchisees in India and actively trying to subvert the nation. Just like there is a Muslim Ummah (extra-territorial alliances), Hindus should understand that there is a Christian Ummah too and America is its Saudi Arabia.

Suzanna Arundhati Roy is neice of Prannoy Roy (CEO of NDTV)
Prannoy Roy married to Radhika Roy
Radhika Roy is sister of Brinda Karat (CPI(M))
Brinda Karat married to Prakash Karat (CPI(M) – General Secretary)
CPI(M)’s senior member of Politburo and Parliamentary Group Leader is Sitaram Yechury.
Sitaram Yechury is married to Seema Chisthi.
Seema Chisthi is the Resident Editor of Indian Express

Burkha Dutt works at NDTV
Rajdeep Sardesai was Managing Editor at NDTV
Rajdeep Sardesai married to Sagrika Ghose
Sagarika Ghose is daughter of Bhaskar Ghose.
Bhaskar Ghose was Director General of Doordarshan.
Sagarika Ghose’s aunt is Ruma Pal.
Ruma Pal is former justice of Supreme Court.
Sagarika Ghose’s another aunt is Arundhati Ghose.
Arundhati Ghose was India’s permanent representative/ambassador to United Nations.

Dilip D’Souza was member of PIPFD
Dilip D’Souza’s father was Joseph Bain D’Souza.
J.B.D’Souza was former Maharastra Chief Seccretary and activist.
Teesta Setalva member of PIPFD
Teesta Setalvad married to Javed Anand

Teesta and Javed run Sabrang Communications
Javed Anand is General Secretary of Muslims for Secular Democracy { ?? }
Javed Akhtar is spokesperson for Muslims for Secular Democracy
Javed Akhtar married to Shabana Azmi

Karan Thapar owns ITV
ITV produces shows for BBC
Karan Thapar’s father was General Pran Nath Thapar COAS during 1962 war, when India lost under his watch.
Karan Thapar was very good friend of Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari.
Benazir Bhutto was Pakistan’s Prime Minister.
Benazir Bhutto’s father was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
Z.A.Bhutto served as Pakistan’s President.
A.A.Zardar is the current Pakistani’s President.
Karan Thapar’s Mama was married to Nayantara Sahgal.
Nayantar Sahgal is daughter of Vijayalakshmi Pandit.
Vijayalakshmi Pandit was sister of Jawharlal Nehru.

Medha Patkar is a leading spokesperson for Narmada Bacho Andolan.
NBA was helped by Patrick McCully of International Rivers (formerly Internal Rivers Network.)
Angana Chatterjee was on the board of IRN
Dipti Bhatnagar was an Intern/Volunteer at IRN.
Dipti Bhatnagar is an activist at NBA.

Sandeep Pandey co-founder of Asha for education (ASHA)
ASHA endorsed by FOIL
PROXSA mother-ship of FOIL
Dr. Angana Chatterjee part of PROXSA
Dr. Angana Chatterjee is married to Richard Shapiro
Richard Shapiro is Director and Associate Professor of the Grad. Anthropology Prgm at CIIS
Shubh Mathur co-wrote a letter with Angana on ‘Humanitarian Crisis in J&K’
Biju Matthew is co-founder of FOIL.
Vijay Prasad is co-founder of FOIL.
Vijay Prasa co-authored with Angana Chatterjee and wrote against IDRF.
ASHA has association with AID
AID works with FOSA
FOSA started by a Pakistani – Ali Hasan Cemendtaur.
Amitava Kumar associated with FOIL
FOIL & FOSA opposed California Text Book Edits.
California Text Book Edits was opposed by Michael Witzel.
M.Witzel is Wales Professor of Sanskrit at Harvard University.

Rahul Bose is brother-in-law of Khalid Ansari.
Khalid Ansari is the Chairman of Mid-Day Group of Publication based in Mumbai.
Khalid Ansari is Chairman of M.C.Media Ltd.
M.C.Media Ltd. has a join-venture with BBC for FM radio brodcasting.
Khalid Ansari’s father was Abdul Hameed Ansari.
A.H.Ansari was a freedom fighter and active Congressman.

Dr.John Dayal worked as a journalist with the N.Delhi edition of Mid-Day.

Narasimhan Ram is the Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Hindu’.
N.Ram’s first wife was Susan.
Susan, an Irish, was in charge of Oxford University Press publications in India.
N.Ram and Susan’s daughter is Vidya Ram.
Vidya Ram is a reporter in’s London bureau.
N.Ram is now married to Mariam, a Kerala Christian.

N.Ram, Jennifer Arul and K.M.Roy participated in closed door Catholic Bishops Conference of India in Thrissur, Kerala.
Jennifer Arul is the Resident Editor and Bureau Chief in South India for NDTV.
Jennifer Arul is Chief Operating Office for Astro Awani – Indonesian news and information channel.
K.M.Roy was a reporter in ‘The Hindu’
K.M.Roy is the General Editor of the group of the ‘Mangalam’ Publications.
Mangalam Group of Publications was started by M.C.Varghese
K.M.Roy received the ‘All India Catholic Union Lifetime Award’
All India Catholic Union’s National Vice President is Dr.John Dayal.
Dr.John Dayal is also Secretary General of All India Christian Council (AICC)
AICC’s President is Dr. Joseph D’souza
Dr. Joseph D’souza founded Dalit Freedom Network (USA)
Dr.Joseph D’Souza participated in the inaugural Religious Freedom Day
The Religious Freedom Day was attended by former Republican Sentor Rick Santorum
AICC claims Confederation of SC/ST Organizations (India) as a sister organization.
AICC claims Christian Solidarity Worldwide (UK) as a sister organization.
AICC claims Release International (UK) as a sister organization.
Release International states it supplies bibles and literature to meet the need of growth and evangelism.
Dalit Freedom Network’s partner’s with Operation Mobilization India.
OM India’s South India Regional Director is Kumar Swamy
Kumar Swamy is the State President of Communal Harmony Committee.
Kumar Swamy serves with Karnataka State Human Rights Commission.
OM India’s North India Regional Director is Moses Parmar.
Moses Parmar serves as North India Public Relations officer of the All India Christian Council (AICC)
OM seeks to plant and strengthen churches in areas of the world where Christ is least known.
OM ministries work with Dalit-Bahujan people in India.
Operation Mercy Charitable Company (OMCC) grew out of OM India
OMCC works with Dalit Freedom Network.
DFN has Dr. Kancha Illaiah on its Advisory Board.
Dr. Kancha Illaiah is a Professor in Osmania University, Hyderbad.
DFN has William Armstrong on its Advisory Board.
William Armstrong is a former US Senator from Colarado (Republican).
William Armstrong is currently the President of Colorado Christian University.
Colorado Christian University’s one of the strategic objective is to share the love of Christ around the World.
DFN has Udit Raj on its Advisory Board.
Udit Raj claims Joseph Pitts as a great friend of India.
Joseph Pitts is a Republican US Congressman from Pennsylvannia.
Joseph Pitts sent a letter to Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State –USA, requesting USA to deny visa to N.Modi.
Joseph Pitts has led a Congressional delegation to Pakistan & India.
Joseph Pitts is Founder and Co-Chairman of the ‘Kashmir Forum’.
Joseph Pitts along with Congressman John Conyers introduced legislation condemning actions of N.Modi.
John Conyers is Congressman from Michigan’s 14th congressional district.
The 14th district contains Dearbon, a major city.
Dearbon has the largest Arab Americans for a city of its size.
Udit Raj is member of National Integration Council, Government of India.
Udit Raj is National Chairman of Buddha Education Foundation.
Udit Raj is National Chairman of All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations.
Udit Raj leads Dalit International Foundation
Udit Raj leads Lord Buddha Club.
Udit Raj was part of an international Steering Committee on Kashmir
Majid Tramboo promoted the Steering Committee.
DFN has Baroness Caroline Cox on its Advisory Board.
Baroness Caroline Cox is Deputy Speaker, House of Lords, England.

Suhasini Haidar is daughter of Subramanian Swamy
Suhasini Haidar is daughter-in-law of Salman Haidar

Nadira Alvi married V S Naipaul
Nadira Alvi, a journalist, is sister of recently assassinated Maj Gen Amir Faisal Alvi, the ex-chief of Pakistan’s elite SSG

To add to the list:

Tarun Tejpal’s father is a Punjab Congress State Committee member. He and Tarun himself were close to Arjun Singh when he was the governor of Punjab. Tarun Tejpal used to look after the publicity department of Tewari Congress of which Arjun Singh was the president.




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169 responses to “An eye-opening list

  1. Whoa ! What about Times Now ?

  2. Oh Wow!! How did anyone compile such a list.
    Hi new on your blog.

  3. sanjaychoudhry

    Kishlay: No idea about TimesNow. Wait till some more information is compiled.


    I liked your Max Mueller post on your blog.

  4. Rama Krishna

    Thank you very much for all the information you have given in your blog. It will help me immensely in my writing. Please do continue. Ragards and best goow wishes.

  5. Rajagopala Udupa

    Good compilation. No doubt that the english media so biased against Hindu thoughts.

  6. chary

    Be proud that minorities could hold such important positions in India.

    Be proud of our democracy and our secularism.

    I don’t agree with your claim that all these people mentioned above are _dominating_ India. How many of these people make it to the list of top 100 powerful persons of India?

    Just try to make a similar list with people whom you may want to call pure Hindus. imagine how long it would be?

    • Kishan

      The most powerful woman in the world is the Chair-person of UPA and rules over India like an unquestioned and unquestionable queen, she a christian.

      • JGN

        @ Malay Deb, if you are not aware, England was called “nation of shop keepers” and not India. Even the followers of one and only gawd are killing each other. The toll in Syria during the past one year itself has been more than 60,000 deaths and over half-million refugees. More than 15 lakh civilians were killed in Sudan before it was divided into two by the Crusaders and Jihadis. Nearly 30 lakh civilians were butchered by the occupational forces of West Pakistan in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1971 and that was the fifth largest genocide in 20th Century.

      • IndianOcean

        There are rice & wheat, but out of which hundreds of sweets, savourice, and food items can be cooked and all are having different taste, smell, and feelings to satisfy the human being. Similarly we have Shiva & Shakthi, they incarnate into many as per God’s wishes or devotional power of aspirants. There are meaning on this philosophy.

  7. sanjaychoudhry

    “Be proud that minorities could hold such important positions in India.”

    Why is all the burden of secularism on the shoulder of Hindus? What “important positions” are Hindus holding in Kashmir and North East? Hindus were not allowed to even build temporary toilets in Kashmir for Amarnath pilgrims. In Nagaland, Hindus are not allowed to celebrate Diwali. What is this fad of secularism that you want Hindus to follow and applaud?

    Are the minorities secular? If not, then how can they complain that Hindus are not following secularism? Till how long will Hindus keep giving Christians and Muslims rights that they in turn refuse to give to the Hindus? One-way street is nothing to be proud of. It only shows mental bankruptcy of Hindus. It is Indian Christians and Muslims who assembled in the US and raised slogans against India when the Indian prime minister went visiting there. Can people who owe their ultimate loyalty to structures outside the borders of India ever be trusted?

    By your logic, the most “proud” era for the Hindus must have been the Mughal rule and British Raj when all the “important positions” were exclusively being held by Muslims and Christians respectively. Hindus are still beaming with pride remembering those days.

    • Someone rightly said when you don’t have brain, don’t bother to use…. Calm down… still the world is not driven by chauvinistic ideas (like yours)…

      • vatsala

        didn’t need this list,a cursory look on our media tells the tale….n it’s paying off,i used to b e something if anti-hindu in my early teen die to all this biasedf crap.een when i am a brahmin ,but thankfully now my senses have been resued, and i champion india getting declared a hindu state n close scrutiny of minorities,they shudn’t exceed 80%,india’s heritage is hinduism,sanskrit,yog n it’s sprituality…n hindus preserve it best,it’s ourt land n i am not ashamed to claim it

    • shahbaaz

      u just put the statistics here…u dint enter their brains to check out wt they think…..nothing more but i vud lyk to single out ur opinion of minorities…dt is ..u said ” Can people who owe their ultimate loyalty to structures outside the borders of India ever be trusted?”
      wt do u mean by it…u dirty mind………..go to h***

    • Mohammed Kaleem

      Dear brother one question we must ask ourself have we made our own family happy (meaning Just) if yes then all what you said is correct.

    • Mohammed Kaleem

      Dear brother one question we must ask ourself have we made our own family happy (meaning Just) if yes then all what you said is correct.
      Please also check history when Hitler claim supremeacy of Aryan Race then entire racis of the world and Isolated Jews and made holocaust by exterminating 9 million jews what happened to His great Germany thereafter completedly destroyed and Hitler committed Sucide please dont make history repeat for our great and peaceful country No race can dominate any race it is God plan which will happen not people God only support those who are just so be just otherwise entire world will be destroyed by wars let peace continue and differences can be meet by resolving the issues with bringing people who are having wisdom Jai Hind.

  8. JGN

    Mr. Sanjay, The Times of India Group (including Times Now) : Owned by Bennet & Coleman; 80% funding from
    WORLD CHRISTIAN COUNCIL, (and the balance 20% is equally shared by an Englishman
    e) STAR TV: Supported by St.Peter’s Pontificial Church, Melbourne, Australia.

    • Akash

      Can you providde any link to support your claim regarding these funding??? It is hard to trust you without any proof. Please provide any link so that we check it for ourself, till then i dismiss your “allegations” as useless and baseless. Times Now by far has chosen a conservative line and have never found anything anti-hindu there as compared to other news channels.

      • SAGE

        Now there is. Mr. Rizvi, a Secretary in UPA government has prepared a list of NGOs involved in anti-national activities supported by foreign funds. Six of them in Delhi!

  9. sanjaychoudhry

    The tragedy is, it were the Hindu Hriday Samrats who opened Indian media to foreign funding during NDA rule.

  10. JGN

    Dear sanjaychoudhry, first of all we have to stop this division into minorities and majority. Europe progressed only after separation of State from the Churches. My Christian friends were not annoyed when I told this to them; instead they added that was the reason for restricting the Papal authority to just a small area of Vatican City. There is no separation of State from the Churches in any of the Muslim countries and that is the reason for unrest in those countries. Fortunately, there was no interference from the Churches in the Hindu society even before the arrival of Isalmic invaders or European colonizers. So we do not carry that baggage.

    I also do not agree with the Christians and Muslims that there was no place called Indian sub-continent before the arrival of Islamic invaders or European Christian colonizers. I recollect having read in the book, Gods Demons and Spirits by world renowned Rationalist, the late Dr. A.T.Kooovoor that the avowed policy of the Missionaries any where in the world is to create in the minds of the converts an alienation towards their native land and culture.

    At times I even tell those guys that you have not become a European by virtue of having sprinkled some dirty water on your head or an Arab by virtue of having a small piece of a particular organ cut-off!!

    A world based on the principles of neo-humanism can only survive in the long run. No religion has stopped people from committing crimes. No religion is better than the other. It is high time we all got rid of the religious dogmas.

  11. sanjaychoudhry

    I think Yoga is the best religion for all. No need for any dogma. Yoga is sufficient for our physical and spiritual needs. It is the new world religion.

  12. Incognito

    @ JGN,
    never heard of neo-humanism and Sarkar until I read your post and googled.

    It would appear that serious efforts have been made to suppress info on Sarkar.

    Btw, I find Neohumanism to be hardly different from what our ancient scriptures contain.

    Nevertheless, Sarkar was an intellectual giant. What is very puzzling is the way he was falsely accused and jailed for so many years and poisoned.

    Intellectual subversion, it appears, was rampant in India in the recent history. It still continues through the efforts of missionaries, mullahs, media, marxists and the congress party.

  13. Excellent compilations.. we could now understand the linkages b/w different media houses..

  14. I have also heard that Rajdeep Sardesai’s father, former Indian cricketer, Dilip Sardesai converted to Christianity some time. Not sure how far this is true, though.
    And might not be entirely relevant, but I just discovered that NDTV Editor, Sonia Singh’s husband is RPN Singh, a first-time Congress MP from Kushinagar, UP.

  15. sanjaychoudhry

    This is what Wikipedia says about Dilip Sardesai:

    “He is survived by his wife, Nandini, who is a sociologist and a member of the Indian Censor Board for motion pictures. His son Rajdeep earned a blue for Oxford University in cricket. He is now the CEO of the channel CNN-IBN. His daughter, Shonali, is a senior social scientist at the World Bank in Washington DC.”

    It is strange how all these left-liberals of India have some kind of connection with America and most of them are Hindu-hating converts (secret christians or communists). This is a class which ows its orign and subsequent nourishment to White Christians alone.

    • Your myopic view only lets you see the CONNECTION behind every successful individual, but not the merit and the hard work they had to endure. What a looser. How could they succeed, when I couldn’t.
      Get a life.

  16. piedog

    and there’s no mention of louisiana gov. bobby jindal’s famous conversion to christianity? he converted in high school and then forced his wife priya to convert as well in defiance of both their families’s wishes. it was rumored that he had long harbored political ambitions and this was the only way to enter the mainstream politics in america.

    but seriously, who gives a rat’s ass about these confused, troubled, misfit mongrel outliers?

  17. vishal

    very Interesting. stumbled onto this site while googled for some india news channel. Thank you. Eye opner for hindus. should be publicized extensively how India media is against hindus. Best wishes keep up the good work.

    • Its not only Indian media, the whole world is against hindus. Muslims,Christians,Sikhs,Buddhists,Maoists,Communists,Secularists,Liberals,Dalits,OBCs,Tribals and even the neighbourhood dogs who bite only hindus. And as per the latest bulletin even the rapists have zeroed in on hindus.What have we done wrong to earn such universal hatred. No one seems to love us (except our own kind), too bad and sad, I feel like crying in despair. There are only a few of us who are pure and certified hindus.

      How on earth we can save ourselves from these marauding hate mongers with massive numbers? Where are the champions of human rights, minority rights now? Enough is enough. Its time to revolt against the whole world. Joy Sri Ram. Joy Sri Modi, Joy Duryodhan, Joy Bala Saheb.

      • Indian Realist

        Tell that to the Hindus of Kashmir.

        • When you don’t have an answer you retort with an inanity.
          It seems you dont know that the word ‘hindus’ (that I used ) includes kashmiri hindus as well. I was actually trying to explain how bad the hindu’s (I mean real, certified, authorised and registered hindus)
          situation is and calling for revolution against every one else. But you seem to be not interested in saving the always innocent, always beaten hindus from their enemies that I listed (though my list is by no means exhaustive, only indicative). O.K. Now I will go and try to help some other community in danger, may be the jarwas of Andaman or the hutus in Rwanda.

          • JGN

            @ Malay Deb, when you or your relatives become victims of incidents like “Direct Action Day” in 1946 or 1971 in East Pakistan, you will understand. Till then continue to mock all “Hindus”. Nobody is going to issue any “fartwa” against you. All the best.

          • SAGE

            Malay, I thought you would spend your precious time rescuing CPM in Bengal. But here you are fighting pro-Modis. It is the Muslim vote which determines victory or defeat between TMC and CPM. Now Modi has entered in Bengal, and Hindu population is favoring him. Please decide which way to go, TMC or CPM, if you want to vote with Muslim population.

  18. Raven11

    A real eye opener. Keep it up

  19. Surendra

    Its sad that how a few confused Hindus are putting the decency of all Hindus down. Christianity is a religion of love and peace. All the charitable organizations are run by Christians and whenever a tragedy strikes these organizations are there to help. Its nice to know that some Christians are hoilding the important positions and why not. Every Indian has a right to grow and prosper. Most Muslims have their loyalty to India but some muslim maulvis do influence them. Some Muslims might have conducted in a poor manner. BYW most of the people caught for spying or espionage are Hindus. This does not make Hindus bad people, it only shows a part of Hindus can be bought and sold not because they are Hindus because they are human. I can go on and on but the only people reading and praising this article are the confused and abused people by upper class Hindus. Its normally those people who are nothing and they are having identity crisis.

    • Anonymous

      “Its normally those people who are nothing and they are having identity crisis.

      Christian chudas plumbing new depths by using Hindu names but hey we know you inside out fools.

    • VoP

      John Surendra, Christianity is a religion of love only, but Islam is a religion of peace. Don’t take that credit away from Islam. Continue to be fool but spread it!

  20. abhishek k srivastava

    i proud that sonia singh padrauna ki bahu hai

  21. abaks

    dutt sisters?

  22. Its very nice article to unearth some True-relation, that Indians must know.

  23. HA..HAA…HAA….

  24. Hi! this is Prerna Prasad working at CNN-IBN. I am really inspired by your knowledge of personal connections of top media professionals. We all must have noticed that almost all big shots have rich family background. Can you name some well known media professionals who have achieved their present position without big connections within their family. I would also like to know about the author of the write-up.

  25. kingu

    So what, you bloody asshole?

  26. Richa

    you seem to be very upset about religion issues, i’d suggest better leave religion topic; Religion is something very personal choice of any individual, so give a Person the liberty to make that choice, don’t make illogical connections to draw something masaledaar out of it…………..i m sure you have something more productive to do…………..good luck!!!

  27. Panapatti

    why did the patriotic NDA open up FDI in the 4th estate?

  28. Naveen

    This is the most absurd and unworthy blog I have come across.You dont even produce the slightest of evidence in support of your claim.What makes you think that Indian media is controlled by minorities?? Prannoy Roy, Raghav Behl(Network 18), N Ram, Rajdeep sardesai, sagarika ghose are all are all hindus for for your kind information..You drew a bizarre link between Rajdeep and United nations(most shocking)..Just because Arundhati Roy is Prannoy Roy’s niece does not make him anti-hindu or for that matter anti-national.At best they can be called secularist and secularism is one of the pillars of our constitution.
    Do not mislead impressionable minds of ignorant people with your twist with the facts.

    • Indian Realist

      “secularism is one of the pillars of our constitution.”
      Really? Do you even know when the word “secular” was inserted in the constitution, and on whose bidding? Come out of your cuckoo land and do some reading.

    • VoP

      > This is the most absurd and unworthy blog I have come across.

      Really? I check it out EVERY Day 🙂

    • VoP

      > Do not mislead impressionable minds

      impressionable minds are those who are already impressed with “dead arab o a stick” or “child rapist” are gods! No?

    • SAGE

      Mr Rizvi, a Secretary in UPA government has compiled a list of anti-national foreign funded NGOs. I hope you know that now.

    • SAGE

      I think you need to be educated. The some of the people you mentioned may have had Hindu parentage, but most of them are anti-Hindus (Communists or Christians). Is India secular? Are India’s civil laws not based on religion? Do you know any secular democracy in the world where laws are different for different people in the same nation? The word SECULAR carries a different meaning for a person like you in India than it does for citizens in Europe or US.

  29. Suhas

    Mr Naveen, the list may be right or not right, but the Indian media is biased.
    The recent guffaw of Rahul Gandhi on the ashes comment in UP was not covered by the mainstream media. The forensic report says that what Rahul Gandhi said is wrong. The mainstream media kept silent on this. There are many instances like this. You can write a book on these guffaws and bias of the Indian media. It was heartening to see many journalsits getting caught in 2G scandal.
    This a better way to put the message about Indian media.
    The comment on Karan Thapar , about the way he interviews is very right.


  31. Teesta Setalva is granddaughter of India’s first Attorney General M. C. Setalvad.

    But why add communal angle to it, when it is in reality a clear case of upper middle class hegemony

  32. God Loving Indian

    kuchh bhi bakwaas lagayi hui hai! I am reminded of characters dreaming up their own world of paranoia where everything and everybody is set up against them. dudes, and dudettes, why dont you just go out and smell the sunshine?
    I don’t have time to rebutt all the stupid claims on this page. but one that i am willing to bet on, is the ownership of the times of india. It is a stupid mindless piece of tabloid-ness, but it definitely is not owned by italian/englishmen/world christian council (!) (for God’s sake!)
    Mr. Dalmia bought it out around independence from the erstwhile British owners when they left for good. The name of the company was left untouched.
    And by no means Ms Indu Jain (current CMD of the Times group) is a christian or has anything to do with christian lobbyists.

    Now will you please go out and step on the grass, and walk under the rain? Neither the grass nor the rain know your religion.
    So take a break.

    • The Vedic civilisation 5000 years ago was part of a global social order devised by wise men who could go beyond mind and who could rightly understand the laws of nature. As any social order is dependent on political integrity, the vedic civilisation was dependent on kshatriyas with integrity. As long as the committed kshatriyas or the political class could survive political expedient forces, Indian civilisation flourished and achieved great successes in all fields of human activities. Elsewhere in the world i political expediency forces were warring and winning over the committed political classes. Then came colonialism. In colonialism there are only two classes of human beings. The rulers and the ruled. The rulers had absolute power over the ruled. Colonialism was and is based on the theory that whosoever control the global money network rules the world. When the colonial power left India in 1947 , they made it sure that the control of Indian economy was with them. To know how they do this one only need to google NWO or new world order. Every nation on the earth is controlled by the neocolonial powers They employ many tools to sustain their control over each and every country of this planet. Political parties, corporates, media, language, education , religion, ideologies are some of the tools they employ.

  33. Vineet

    No wonder – Media doesn’t talk about a few things such as given below;
    1. Howcome all the historians are Communists or Muslims
    2. Bengal Govt issued a circular to ensure that Muslim rule in India was not shown in negative light.
    3. The fact that Aryan Invasion theory has been proved to be a farce (with finding of Saraswati river)
    4. Congress’s ineptness in punishing rioteers
    5. Good aspects of ancient India
    6. History of Nehru-Gandhi family
    7. How congress did not proceed to act against policemen involved in Bombay riots as suggested by the Commission of Inquiry.
    and many such things

    • Sheila

      Howcome all the historians are Communists or Muslims

      wow REALLY!?
      you dont know many historians in india then do u,

      • ss

        Presumably, you have never read NCERT history books.

      • S Chat

        There have been both nationalist historians and left-wing historians up till 1970’s in the central govt. assisted organization’s like ASI, etc. But it was under Smt. Indira Gandhi, that all the top positions went to left-wing historians and Indian history completely became distorted.
        I would highly recommend you read “Emminent Historians” by Arun Shourie on this,

      • SAGE

        Sheila, not all historians, but the influential ones. Once I travelled to UK with a too westernized historian, significantly older than me, with an ultramodern wife. We both were invited on a Senior Academic Fellowship, but I was in science. On completion of that assignment, Mr & Mrs Historian got prestigious assignments in well known Indian Universities, and distinguished themselves as leading LEFTIST HISTORIANS whom Indian government consulted on historical issues. As there is no leftist or rightist science, I was surprised that such a distinction existed in history in India. I, of course, got no such opportunity, presumably because of my lack of leftist credentials and, may be, association with a nationalist organization. I am known as a scientist, without leftist and rightist adjectives. I have been explained by my Communist colleagues that a nationalist Communist is oxymoron, and, in my own opinion, a nationalist Muslim in India is a miniscule minority. However, I should emphasize that Dr S. Swami is still a Hindu Iyer, while his wife is a Parsi and son-in-law Muslim. Children do not always listen to parents.

  34. Vineet

    One more :

    1. Findings of Wadhwa Commission report in case of Dara Singh of orissa. They did not tell how Commission found that Christian Missionaries were involved in that incident and causind disharmony there

  35. ranjit chettur

    bizarre, that with all the problems that the world has there are people who can look at only the things that divide human beings, race, religion, color, sex….

    • SAGE

      Obviously, Sir, you do not live on this planet. We live in Kaliyuga. The world is indeed divided in nations and sub-nations on the basis race, religion, color, sex.– etc. You may not have noticed that Indian Muslim women have less rights than Hindu women. Or, may be, you would not care. A married Hindu actor had to become Muslim to marry a beautiful Hindu actress who also had to convert. If Indian laws were SECULAR, then religion would not matter. What is bizarre, such Indian laws or complaint against them?

  36. Sarah

    So much hate, so much farce and rumour mongering. Welcome to the modern India? My India?

  37. Sheila

    sour grapes much? u seem a little pissed off. Ofcourse people got married and were born to particular families as part of a conspiracy to the ‘common’ man,

  38. Anonymous

    All bogus…we are still trapped in dogma of religious divide.

  39. Anonymous

    This is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever stumbled upon.You clearly have your knife into minorities.Go get a life!!!!!!!!!!

  40. avinash

    this jalebi tree exhibits a true example of notion that rich will become richer and poor will be poorer day by day .
    this also given an opportunity that y a poor indian brilliant child is not able to make it to oxford or harvard etc ,but this personalities get admissions easily and later by making their resume impressive come to india and dominate the powerfull positions of country…..hats off to this website who unearthed such kinds of relationships and convincing ambitious poor one , not to feel degraded on looking at them .all those people of india and world who are growing without taking any help from their family and followed worst circumstances of their life. then grew …… he/she is a true leader or such person name must be included in times powerfull or inspirational list………….avinash kashyap

  41. z

    You have not done your research properly it seems, N. Ram belongs to a Hindu Iyer Bhramin family (leave alone whom he married) till date if you go to The Hindu office in Chennai, they follow Iyer traditions to the core. Secondly, English media is not biased towards any religion but have very strong capitalist roots, so your very first argument falls flat! As mentioned earlier, please do your research properly and then write shit! Progress of this country is not hampered only by ‘green terrorism’ or Christians as mentioned by you but is largely due to the pseudo ‘saffron terrorism’ inflicted by your like minds. Don’t be frog of a small well, come out and explore the beautiful world. And mind you I am a PURE HINDU BRAHMIN, journalist by degree, do not belong to leftist ideology and nor m I married to a Christian or Muslim and still these are my own views!!

    • aditya

      oh! If you are PURE HINDU BRAHMIN then why you are ashamed of writing
      your full name huh!
      you are another example of pseudo intellectuals hypocrites

    • shiv

      N.Ram belongs to iyengar family,,Hindu used to be called Mount road mahavishnu.It is true Ram lost his bearings by becoming card carrying member of communist party.He and karat are thick chums.The problem is all these in the list are connected within a small world.Now with internet, their back ground gets into public attention.Their double face gets exposed.So Mr or Ms? Z, you have made a blunder.ram does not belong to Iyer caste.So it is time you get your facts right.Hindu is full of card carrying members.It is time they openly proclaim their allegiance, at least their writings will get some credibility

    • SAGE

      Sir, are you sure a PURE HINDU BRAHMIN? This PURE and HINDU adjectives puts some question marks on your assertion. A Brahmin has to be Hindu. My be, in your knowledge, there are Christian and Muslim Brahmins too. But what about PURE? Who are impure Brahmins? If indeed a Brahmin, do you know that Iyengars would rarely have a Shaivite name? And most Iyers, if not all, prefer Shaivite names? No Iyer will accept N Ram as an Iyer. His name Narasimhan is Vaishnavite name, but may suggest an Iyengar heritage. But N Ram has converted to Marxist religion, as that Is the most clever way to speak for poor and downtrodden while possessing a lot of wealth and political clout. Do you know why Communism could not get support from masses, in spite of widespread poverty? One of the important reasons being the wealth, foreign education, capitalistic life style, and ignorance about the society which made masses suspicious of them.

  42. Avinash

    @ Z, have you heard of something called “Paid-Journalism” ??

    :GIVEN the pivotal role played by the media in informing and shaping public opinion, it is natural that ethics and credibility figure so high up on the list of things to be concerned about.

    Professionals working in this field protect their integrity, and thereby their credibility, fiercely — or at least, they say they do.
    In actual practice, though, across the world a number of cases have come to light in which certain professionals have been exposed as writing to an agenda, often for pay – Hajrah Mumtaz in TheDawn” The Hindu should be renamed “Anti-Hindu”!

    Btw why the PURE HINDU BRAHMIN, journalist is ashamed of giving his own name? Do the Brahmins have two horns also??

  43. Zalak

    It really depends on what you consider as Hindu! Secondly, a small correction, it is she and not he! Names have a weird impact, they help you develop a character which letter like z will make it difficult to achieve. Also, I am glad that you know so much about how media works, m sure you yourself will be a journalist. Until and unless you are at helm of affairs in any industry, or atleast have first hand experience of who it works, one should not try giving comments on the same!! But as Indians, we have a right to crib, advise and be cynical about anything and everything, we become experts from from the time we are born, and you sound one such knowledgeable intellect, so I dnt find it apt to argue…

  44. Avinash

    Zalak, I do not care whether you are a he, she or it (third gender). I do not hold any breif to defend any one but nobody can create darkness by closing their eyes.

    Here is the link for you to understand what Press Council of India Chairman Markandey Katju thinks about the “Pen-pushers” in our Country:

    And here is another link:
    From among the political parties, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Sitaram Yechury called the paid news syndrome a negation of parliamentary democracy, while the CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat suggested an amendment to the Representation of People’s Act to declare the paid news an electoral malpractice.

    The PCI report on “paid news,” it is learnt, covers a wide range of practices that have compromised media integrity. Leveraging news content as a direct revenue source is not a new practice. It formally began in March 2003, when India’s biggest media group announced what it called the “Medianet” initiative, professedly part of its effort to stay current with journalistic practices in the rapidly changing times. Subtlety aside, the concept simply sought to institutionalise the corruption of the profession by carrying the paid content with proper acknowledgment.

    In the recorded conversations between Nira Radia and prominent figures, referred to as the Radia Tapes, the following journalists are heard in conversation with Radia:

    JournalistsBarkha Dutt, Group editor, English news, NDTV
    M.K. Venu, senior business journalist
    Prabhu Chawla, editor of India Today magazine
    Rajdeep Sardesai
    Shankar Aiyar, then with India Today Group
    Vir Sanghvi, HT advisory editorial director

    Why the “qualities” of Indians mentioned by you are not applicable toyou also?

    • z

      One can debate and argue only when he/she maintains a certain decorum of your so-called cultural spices! When you debate, you debate against an opinion or an idea and not with a person (in that case it becomes personal) I think I have maintained dignity and expected the same from the other end, but I was wrong! There is no point in saying anything now! As whatever you feel and think you can share it with your like minded people! When you write something in public domain, you put your work for both, criticism and praise, and you should learn to take both in your stride. You could have debated your view rather than getting personal. Anyways wish you all the best for your future

      • Avinash

        @ z,

        Are you telling me that the following are examples of maintaining decorum:

        1) please do your research properly and then write shit………..what can I say about a PURE HINDU BRAHMIN lady using such words in public discussion boards!!!!! I did not find any feminine grace in any of the messages written by you on this discussion board.

        2) I am a PURE HINDU BRAHMIN………………..what is so specail about being a Brahmin? What do you mean by “Pure” Hindu? Are there pure Hindus and “impure” Hindus?

        3) Secondly, a small correction, it is she and not he……………there was nothing related to the gender of a person in my message above. Then what was the need for clarification?

        4) What do you mean by ” cultural spices” ?

        5) But as Indians, we have a right to crib, advise and be cynical about anything and everything, we become experts from from the time we are born, and you sound one such knowledgeable intellect, so I dnt find it apt to argue…………………………….why the same “qualities” are not applicable to you also? Are you not an Indian?

        Did any one invite you to debate on this discussion board?

      • Anonymous

        This has got quite intense. A blog initiated in 2009 still attracting participatory readership, comments & responses. Any statistics on the complete readership (bounce rate, average duration on the blog, etc?).. My assumption is that there are a lot many others who may have been engaged to read through the article (& note some of the comments too) just for the sheer curiosity to know who’s who. The subject itself, while is personal & touches most of us in one way or the other, is also highly opinionated, each of us have an opinion and want to express it.. I don’t care and hence no opinion can also be considered to be a stand for or against!
        Avinash – Your seeming sense of balance despite discussing such a sensitive subject that is bound to bring “heat” to discussion is commendable. I particularly liked your rebut in response to Z’s comment on Nov 4. I am not too regular at reading / writing blogs but landed here when a friend & I google’d to know for sure if CNN-IBN’s Suhashini is indeed Dr. Swamy’s daughter. Your blog was one of the top results only after Wiki.
        Z – This topic is such that is sure to provide for a slippery path. As a pure-play enthusiast of interesting debates, I am curious if and the content of your response to Avinash’ pointers. Will you or not respond? I would enjoy your response, for sure, whatever it is, from a debate/rebuttal point of view.

  45. isse jayada bakwas to mene aaj tak nahi dekhi

  46. gurudev

    It is very sad that descendents of people who were forced to convert to other religions from Hinduism by force or other means such as Jazia have now taken up the role of propagators of those very same religions. Their ancestors would be turning in their graves and their souls weeping to see their descendents arguing against Hinduism, the religion of their ancestors. India was a Hindu country and it’s soul is Hindu. Welcome back to Hinduism.

    • aditya

      I am Totally agree with you.they have forgotten their root.i think this is a result of systematic brainwash done by early foreign invaders either by hook or crook.

  47. Krishna

    I fully agree with Gurudev.
    love all.

  48. Anonymous

    Very convenient to focus on a small section of the media- and even in that to label all the hindus as communists. In other words, any Hindu who doesnt toe the hardline is a communist.
    The funny thing, (which is also quite good), is that at the level of affluence, people interact and get married without much thought to which religion the other belongs to. The same is true of the lowest economic class. It is the middle class which emphasizes purity and tradition. Just because Prannoy Roy and Prakash Karat fell in love with two sisters, doesn’t make them part of the same ideology. And that part about ownership of Bennet Coleman was a real joke.
    The blog post also tells us why people with more balanced view points get accepted in mainstream journalism. Something like the current piece would never get past a discerning editor.

    • Gurudev

      Dear Anonymous,
      It a fact that main stream journalism blocks out any view other than the one propagated by them.Letter sent to editors publish only those which match their view point only.I once received a call from NDTV to participate in a programme and was asked questions about my political leaning.on informing them that i did not have leftist leanings they expressed their inability to include me in the said programme. Try sending a letter with the truth about old Hindu culture and history and be sure your letter would never be published.Bash Hindus and be sure, it would get published.


  49. Urvi Singh

    Dear Indian Realist
    You can’t be further than the truth on one thing–it is from the horse’s mouth itself,yesterday,that I heard that Subramaniam Swamy is anti-communist/socialist.He was addressing a gathering.So there goes ne theory of yours.And it was organised in what appeared to be a fairly right-wing area.So what do you have to say now?:)

    • vikram

      His column provoked a variety of reactions. His house was attacked by people alleged to be Congress party workers. Minorities Council of Maharashtra Vice Chairman Abraham Mathai and National Commission for Minorities chairman Wajahat Habibullah accused him of violating Indian Penal Code Section 153A. New Delhi law student Shehzad Poonawala attempted to lodge an FIR against him at Defence Colony police station, but was disallowed by the officer on duty. DNA published two hostile response columns by Rakesh Sharma and Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr. calling him a “Hindu Taliban”, “maverick”, and “Zionist” in response to his views.

  50. vikram

    We have to grow a leftist movement with Hinduism.

    • Urvi Singh

      Vikram,you are absolutely right–the leftist movement HAS to grow NOT be supressed as Subramaniam Swamy would have–people should have the right to practise their religion of choice–but PRIVATELY.

  51. Avinash

    vikram, you are right; the Hindus should become Communists and Rationalists. It is easy to convert a beleiving Hindu but a Rationalist will just laugh off the cooked up stories of Heaven and Hell of Christians and Muslims. One the one hand the Catholic Church detest the Communists and on the other they praise Joseph Stalin for preventing the spread of Islam in Europe. The Communist China had no hesitation in crushing the Islamic militancy in Uighur and resettling the Han Chinese from the Main Land. Can we imagine the Indian Govt settling Hindus from UP or Bihar in J & K after removing Article 370?

  52. vikram

    For getting power in Andhra Congress took help of armed naxalites. Now Congress develops nexus of Christian Missionaries and Maoists to destabilize BJP-BJD led Govt. To remain in power in the North East provinces Congress shook hand ULFA to come back power in Assam. Congress and Communists are encouraging Bangladeshi infiltrators because they are their solid votes. Congress declared Nagaland a Christian province.
    Congress declared Nagaland a Christian province because there was Christians in the majority and they are growing continuously by conversion. This is the reason on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi there is a minority minister Antuley in the cabinet of Manmohan. She is inventing the ways for making Hindus in the minority.
    They are marking the districts villages where Muslims and Christians are in majority. Slowly and slowing they want to make situation in whole India as Nagaland. Demilitarization by India in J&K

  53. why india is so sickular it is understood when so many traitors are in media.these so called intellectuals dont deserve any mercy sympathy.they must be picked & deported to andamans

  54. mohit

    3 April 2007 Desecration of a Shiva-linga of Sree Siddhadev Temple and Sree Krishna idol
    of Sree Rakhandev Temple. Link
    15 Sept 2007 Desecration of Sree Ganesh idol, Shiva-linga and the Nandi of Sree Shiva-Krishna
    temple at Bambolim. Link
    19 April 2008 Desecration of the huge idol of Sree Ganapati at the entrance of the Shankar-Parvati-Ganapati temple
    situated on the hill at Khadpabandh, Ponda. Also, the mouse in front of the idol, the Sthandevta, the idols
    of Sree Vishnu and Sree Ganapati on the Tulsi Vrindavan in front of the temple and the Nandi in front of
    the Lord were desecrated. Link

  55. mohit

    West BengalThe Central and state governments have no clue why so many mosques and religious institutions are being built along the border. Nor have they tracked down the agencies which are ostensibly funding their construction and maintenance. But the intelligence agency knows one thing for sure: a liberal flow of funds from abroad, which it estimates at Rs 200 crore, is fuelling the frenzied building activity.
    Obviously this has been going on for many years. According to a census report the highest rates of population growth during 1981-91 were registered in seven border districts: among them 24 Parganas (North and South) recorded 30.8 per cent, Nadia 29.8, Malda 29.6 and Murshidabad 28 per cent, when the state average was 24.5 per cent.
    It is not just the smugglers and infiltrators who are benefiting. Most of these border districts elected Left Front candidates, especially Marxists, in the last assembly polls. Not surprisingly there are hardly any measures to tackle the infiltration and clear the doubts that are building up in the border districts.

  56. mohit

    The radical Muslim Cleric, the infamous Anjem Choudary who said Shariah law will take over America, is calling celebration of the birth of Christ the “pathway to hell

  57. sathya

    Mr Z, N Ram is an iyengar and not an iyer. You should just read Hindu to see the hatred against hinduism and hindu values. I remember during the BJP rule it crossed all limits in critizing hinduism (i am telling hinduism and not BJP). This just makes me suspicious to his leanings. All what is written in the blog is plausible explanation to his anti hinduism.

  58. Gandiva

    really??? are you guys kidding me?? what a load of bullshit.

    Indian values? Hinduism? for heavens sake…Hinduism is a way of life. not a “religion”.

    Over the years we have added stories of yore to churn our yarn and turn it into a “specific” religion. And we are all experts at the religion even though the practices and the systems of caste that we propagate our “so called religion” is way different across the vast country.

    Protecting hindu “values” and “beliefs” ? Can someone, without quoting, specific religious texts explain/list them for me (dont quote religious texts coz its often quoted out of context and is contradictory – all religious texts for that matter) …? And when you explain these values can you tell me for sure that these values would be the same across all hindus? You dont have to take the pain – that would never be the case.

    Live and let live ya lot.. dont ya guys even see that our country – which the brits got together to be called and recognized as “India”.. would never have been one country if not for them? We are still a bunch of princely states with high egos and deep rooted love of our mother tongues (100+??) held together by the pseudo-textbook ingrained nationalism and our fear of our losing our livelihoods.

    Each one of us would go back to our respective states, our talukas and brag, defame or pass decisions on issues and people based on their caste – even if they are hindus. shame. and we call ourselves a religion?

    How many gods do we have? we have Shaivas , vaishnavas and a gazillion other gods. Will I be a good hindu if I only believe in one of those or know my mantras and recite them in the morning? What If I prefer praying to Bali, who was an asura, but righteous ? Will I still be a hindu? – I dont think you guys will see , but dont you guys realize that it doesnt matter which god i follow , what path I choose, as long as live my life right – without harming my fellow beings?
    Know what? Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa – unable to attain salvation through the bakti marg – finally broke the idol of Kali to make himself see the big picture. May be that is proof enough?

    Please, Hinduism is a way of life. to do the right thing at the right time, to take responsibility for your actions and to remember that what goes comes around. And after all this , if you have time left, it may also help you understand the mysteries of the universe if you are so inclined. But it is definitely not depended on a cow, an idol or repeating the same verse with reverence everyday before you go and inflict pain on others through your deeds.

    Other than who they (the ones in the list in the OP) married or where these people did their schooling or worked, – what do we know about their lives to even give us the right to comment if they are Indians or not? “Hindus” or not.?? They / anyone from any religion can lead a Hindu life – and you dont even have to be a vegetarian for it. One cannot convert to hinduism (the brahmakumari stuff doesnt even count) – know why? Because its a way of life… not a bunch of scripture you can cram up, or pictures of gods we bend to and suddenly you become a hindu. No.

    By stooping to this level and getting all carried away by religious zeal and nationalistic fervor – please ask yourself , if you really know India and if you know who a Hindu is. I am beset by sadness at the thought of having born a hindu amongst hindus like you.

    When death nears.. and when you are about to get to the end of your run here – then you may realize that all this wouldnt matter one bit. You, who thought yourself to be superior to all will finally return to ashes or to the earth. And that my friends is the only truth. Nations or Religions wont make a difference. Nor will you make any to either.

    • Gandiva, You have written well. However, there is one thing that you are not correct on. You have written we will all one day return to the ashes and this is the only truth. It is not true. Your soul is immortal. You exist even after your body is gone to the ashes. Then you take upon another body. The flesh is mortal, the spirit (you) which animates the body is immortal. What you take along with you are your various habits, character traits (good or bad), your love for your people (you can recognise them from a previous birth), your behaviourial tendencies, and ofcourse karma. These remain with you, and the rest don’t come with you. You have to leave them behind.

      • Gandiva

        I agree sovereignshenanigans..atleast on the karma part. For the rest, I would like to say that am still a seeker so I dont know and I dont have a right to comment.
        Yes, about THE truth – the same applies.
        and.. thx.

        • JGN

          Gandiva, if you are still a seeker, pl read “Freedom From The Known” by Jiddu Krishnamurthi. All his books are free to download.

    • S

      “Indian values? Hinduism? for heavens sake…Hinduism is a way of life. not a “religion”.”

      see and hear Swami Chinmayandanji’s ‘thundering’ words .

      Hope this will clear ‘your moronic views’.

      • Gandiva

        Interesting. And he speaks good.

        But my dear friend… its merely a play of words. My views are a little beyond someone’s translation of sanskrit texts and if you may listen to this Swami’s views with an open mind you will probably hear what he means.

        And I do stick to my “moronic” comment that it is a way of life – but not a religion (according to the definitions one can “infer” from the previous posts on this blog). Atleast not one which follows rules of life which we have come to define by what we presume were laid down by a god with a face or an animal or an idol, but written by a mortal. A sage may be, but still another human being.

        If you have the patience and the time I would suggest going back to the existing and available (there may have been many more books which werent as well preserved) roots of our religion and refreshing your knowledge of the vedas and the upanishads.. and may be also the aranyakas. (I shall leave out other puranic texts like mahabharata and ramayana coz they are basically folklore – which the sages , smart as they were, saw as a brilliant vehicle to simplify the actual texts for the mere mortals like you and me.).

        And if you read them -stepping back and objectively with open eyes – you will see that hinduism also evloved into its current form like how most religions evolved (from paganism – a fear and later followed by the understanding of the forces of nature – vayu, agni et al) .

        But what Hinduism also tells you is that you are free to choose your path to achieve this and that simple sounding notion elevates hinduism and gives it a different meaning other than that of a “religion”. The beauty of it?? Worship anything but worship well – bhakti marga. Do your duties – and do it well – Karma Marga. and the most difficult – through knowledge – jnana marga. Thats all you need. Do you see?When “hinduism” offers you this freedom.. how can we deny it for someone else?

        Devotional hinduism that we keep hounding about – is just bhakti marga – and not the whole Hinduism – which on the other hand, I should add, includes the understanding and experimentation with science and approves debate and asks you to be rational and objective .

        Again, my discourse here is by no means an attack on hinduism and so you dont have to get defensive 🙂

        For it says in the upanishads..
        om asato ma sadh gamaya
        tamaso ma jyothir gamaya
        mṛtyor ma amṛtham gamaya
        om shanti, shanti shantih.

        Let it lead you to light and let it help you question. 🙂

      • SAGE

        Thank you, S. Sorry that I arrived at this site years later than it was posted. Listening to this Sage of modern times is enlightening. I was fortunate enough to hear him personally in a small gathering decades ago, and then sitting around him in a Sikh devotee’s home. Swami Ji’s greatest contribution has been to Hindus living abroad and offering them an interpretation of Hinduism that can bond them to a common source. We Hindus have a precious, ancient heritage that is worth retaining, and for that a proper understanding is useful. Swami ji is essentially talking of Sanatan Dharma. Whether we like or not, and in spite of Gandiva’s definition of Hinduism, it is being labeled as religion and attacked ferociously by anti-Hindus which are mostly West-educated, economically and socially elite Communists and Leftists. Instead of getting tangled into a debate on what being a Hindu means, it is need of the time for Hindus, irrespective of how they define their Hinduism, to stand up against any individual or group of people who are bent upon degrading Hinduism, even those who display Hindu label to justify their attack on Hinduism. They are very like cancers, the tissues nourished by the body trying to kill itself. One who is brain washed by totalitarian religions, such as those originated in Middle East or Marxism, cannot understand a democratic approach of Sanatan Dharma where option of numerous Matas (opinions) and Panthas (mode of observing Dharma) is presented. One can accept what ever suits to his/her nature and environment. But disagreeing with or criticizing a particular Mata or Pantha, is perfectly OK in Hinduism, and that uniqueness is admirable. But that cannot be used as a pretext to denigrate Hinduism. We Hindus must understand the difference, and must stand together to defend our right to follow any Opinion, any Path, any Sage in Hinduism, against the onslaught by dictatorial doctrines of One God, One Book, One knower of God on the planet or No God and One knower of No God. While Hinduism contains the essential elements of all such doctrines, it does not limit a Hindu to follow one or the other. The option to perceive the Reality from all angles is a beauty of Hinduism which needs to be preserved. A beautiful unification or starting point of different religious doctrines is stated in ‘Naasadiya Suktam’ of Rigveda. Just one aspect of that Suktam, ‘In Beginning There Was Nothing. That One was Beyond Existence or Non-existence–. The Sages brought that One into Existence (please forgive my translation). What it means that human description of what is indescribable led to different opinions and doctrines. Our Sage ancestors proposed six Darshans (perceptions) to visualize the Truth contained in Vedas. Vedanta is one of them. But Vedanta needs a certain intellectual level for its appreciation and therefore Ramayana and Mahabharata were given to us by our Sages. I worship Hanuman Ji, and still love to read Upanishads and Geeta. My Hanuman Ji is no different from Mother Goddess Durga. It is based on my choice. Where is contradiction? How can we allow this profound wisdom of Hinduism to be trampled by adherents of one particular description, whether it is One God or No God. And sometime one has to fight at the level or adversary to protect this democratic right of all Hindus. And that is why I find no problem with such blogs.

  59. JGN

    Gandiva, >>>>>>>>>I am beset by sadness at the thought of having born a hindu amongst hindus like you>>>>>>>>> why don’t you get some dirty water sprinkled over your head or get a small portion of your nunni choppped off if you are so sad?? Who is forcing you to remain a Hindu (Pagan/Hathen/Kafir)??

    • Gandiva

      JGN, why so angry?? 🙂

      My sadness – well it is indeed saddening that we hindus give ourselves a bad name. We are blinded by religious fervour that we forget what hinduism is all about. What ever happened to universal love? heard of that?

      We are all eventually people. A tag of a religion doesnt make you any different – most of us follow a religion by virtue of birth, by what we hear and learn as we grow from parents and relatives much before we can take a decision for ourselves. By no means does it make it right cause our folks taught us or neither is the society always correct.

      whatever one does, who ever one becomes – that doesnt take away the essential hinduism in any person (of any religion). So yea .. a Kafir/heathen/Pagan but a hindu nonetheless.

      But something else bothers me (not that it should, but its interesting to be bothered by it)… Let me also tell you that a person who is secure in his belief and understanding of what one calls his religion would be the last to worry about anyone’s comment or view of their religion. Or be bothered or scared of another religion. Are you believer enough??? need to work a bit on your karma? Just kidding.. 😉

      Btw JGN, i ..well .. err.. would say please dont blindly follow something cause you or the people who taught you that thinks its correct. And please question and encourage questioning – instead of diminishing your faith, it actually nurtures it. The absoluteness is beyond our comprehension (atleast for now )

      • suresh

        Well said. Its so tough to convince hindus of the universitality of hinduism and not constrain it by placing it in the narrow framework of other religions and fitting it into that moud.

  60. JGN

    We have been told that all paths lead to truth – you have your path as a Hindu and someone else has his path as a Christian and another as a Muslim, and they all meet at the same door – which is, when you look at it, so obviously absurd. Truth has no path, and that is the beauty of truth, it is living. A dead thing has a path to it because it is static, but when you see that truth is something living, moving, which has no resting place, which is in no temple, mosque or church, which no religion, no teacher, no philosopher, nobody can lead you to – then you will also see that this living thing is what you actually are – your anger, your brutality, your violence, your despair, the agony and sorrow you live in. In the understanding of all this is the truth, and you can understand it only if you know how to look at those things in your life. And you cannot look through an ideology, through a screen of words, through hopes and fears.

    So you see that you cannot depend upon anybody. There is no guide, no teacher, no authority. There is only you – your relationship with others and with the world – there is nothing else. When you realize this, it either brings great despair, from which comes cynicism and bitterness, or, in facing the fact that you and nobody else is responsible for the world and for yourself, for what you think, what you feel, how you act, all self-pity goes. Normally we thrive on blaming others, which is a form of self-pity – from Freedom from the Known by J. Krishnamurti

    • Gandiva

      this, i agree with. completely and this in a way the essence of my comments – being a devoted/religious hindu or a hindu or for that matter of any religion – it can only help you show a path. the walk is yours to take and the path, yours to choose.

      JGN, my disagreement is with the actual premise of this blog entry. And my peaceful passive disagreement is also with anyone who strongly opines that their interpretation of any religion is absolute, only truth and should be the only practiced form. And when you just love people, without prejudice for what they are, warts or no warts, I dont see how religion can rear its ugly head. By blaming others for bringing “disrepute” to hinduism – we are just pointing fingers at ourselves (Mr.Krishnamurti would agree, i reckon).

      • sss

        Obviously you have no clue about monotheism and the world vision of monothiests. Pious homilies will get you nowhere with them. You should be preaching your sermon to monotheists, not to polytheists who are already pluralistic.

        • Gandiva

          Well, not really the gist of my comments.

          • jaipal


            You are an idiot. India always existed as a Hindu
            nation/country with Hindu consciousness.

            The British never unified our country, you dummy.
            It was Sardar Patel’s leadership that brought the country together. Even before the British,
            the Marathas had articulated the concept of Indian
            Hindu nation with the slogan “Hindavi Swaraj”.

            They, the Marathas had successfully brought most
            of the country together on the plank of Indian Hindu

        • suresh

          If I am not mistaken you seem to consider hindus as polytheists ? This is not true hinduism is just as monotheistic as christianity and islam. Hindus believe in one god the one almighty brahman. We worship the millions of manifestation of brahman in all kinds male , female, emotions, energy, nature, every kind. You may have gotten your fact wrong that hinduism is polytheism.

  61. Kailash


    1. Hindus believe in the divinity of the Vedas, the world’s most ancient scripture, and venerate the Agamas as equally revealed. These primordial hymns are God’s word and the bedrock of Sanatana Dharma, the eternal religion which has neither beginning nor end.

    2. Hindus believe in a one, all-pervasive Supreme Being who is both immanent and transcendent, both Creator and Unmanifest Reality.

    3. Hindus believe that the universe undergoes endless cycles of creation, preservation and dissolution.

    4. Hindus believe in karma, the law of cause and effect by which each individual creates his own destiny by his thoughts, words and deeds.

    5. Hindus believe that the soul reincarnates, evolving through many births until all karmas have been resolved, and moksha, spiritual knowledge and liberation from the cycle of rebirth, is attained. Not a single soul will be eternally deprived of this destiny.

    6. Hindus believe that divine beings exist in unseen worlds and that temple worship, rituals and sacraments as well as personal devotionals create a communion with these devas and Gods.

    7. Hindus believe that a spiritually awakened master, or satguru, is essential to know the Transcendent Absolute, as are personal discipline, good conduct, purification, pilgrimage, self-inquiry and meditation.

    8. Hindus believe that all life is sacred, to be loved and revered, and therefore practice ahimsa, “noninjury.”

    9. Hindus believe that no particular religion teaches the only way to salvation above all others, but that all genuine religious paths are facets of God’s Pure Love and Light, deserving tolerance and understanding.

    • suresh

      If only you would have added one more would have a hindu list to counter the ‘Ten commandments’ or the christian nicean creed or the islamic tenets. This is what I am worried about happening in hindu minds when a blog posts like these are made. We hindus immediately start quoting their tenets and beliefs and scriptures from some past that takes everthing to some theocratic debating situation. This really reflects bad on us hindus because I believe ten commandments, sharia and all those things are what divisive and backward and we as hindus should not be throwing vedic arguments instead highlight the pluralism of the dharmic thought that is not-religious but cultural to the hindu ethos. We need to stress that the pluralistic idea of coexistence, secularism, tolerance etc etc is a pan-indian civilizational ethos that applies to hindus, muslims , christians, sikhs in india an is a joint inheritance.
      By quoting what hindus believe in it seems like we are proselytizing hindu religious values which to me is itself anti-hindu. We need to convince muslims christans that they too are custodians of a universal ethos that their own relgion denies them but is something that they receive only in india which may have hindu philosophical roots but is still indian in every sense of the word.

  62. sathya

    Dear Gandiva,

    Every Hindu doesnt read philosophical texts such as gita, upanishads etc. I agree with you most of the texts have contradictory statements and even the mahabharata and ramayana seem to have contradictory views. One thing which is almost common to both the hindu of philosophical bent of mind and a lay hindu is worship of gods and goddesses. I remember during the BJP rule after the pokhran 2 tests, there were string of articles in The Hindu against hinduism. One such article even suggested the hindu worship of gods and godesses carrying weapons being the reason for Pokhran II(I am not talking about BJP at all).You cannot deny that worshipping gods and goddesses (with weapons) is a Hindu value cutting across caste, state,sect etc. I am from tamil nadu and even in interior tamil nadu in every village iyyanars (village gods with weapons) are worshipped as gaurdians of village (I am not even talking about brahminical hinduism(even they worship gods with weapons) ). If this is not hatred against hindu value then what it is. If worshipping gods and goddesses with weapons is the reason for conducting nuclear tests, then what would be the reason for christian countries like America and France (who have a more pacifist god than ours) to develop so many nuclear bombs.And not to forget the regular bashing of philosophical texts like gita and upanishads done by the likes of Gail Omvedts and Bidwais (during the BJP rule.) in the Hindu. If this is not criticism of hindu values than what it is.

    • aditya

      @sathya I am agree with you but want to do emphasis on some points– I want to reply on some of the lines you have written above–“the texts have contradictory statements and even the mahabharata and ramayana seem to have contradictory views”– it seems right in normal view but not at all. All this perceptions arises due to wrong understanding of our religious scriptures by foreign translators like max muller and bunch of other “scholars” and we blindly follow them.however this have other reason too– basically our wide range of scriptures has been explored (other than natives) mainly during “slavery period of india”, so those explorers had certain kind of biasness also with lot of political,ethical,psychological preassumptions.And many of our religious text are present today is not in original form (present partially) due to constant invasion in ancient india (mainly in learning centres– like gurukuls,universities and other culturally importance centres).Leave others,alone our veda is having more than 1300 parts but today only 7 parts are available,that is only due to traditional oral recitation.many ancient texts is also not in their original forms due to constant foreign invansions in should notice one thing in all this is that so called “contradiction” has never arised by any vedantic scholars but only some pseudo intellectuals cries over this and we blindly accept it. if one want to know more the reason of “contradiction” one should read ‘sathyarth prakash’ by Swami Dayanand Saraswati.

  63. Anonymous

    this blog sucks.

    • Bhushan

      …the dirty blood out of bigots who take Hindus and Hinduism for granted. Why dont people say something about those write-ups and politicians who have left Hindus to die for decades? Great blog!

  64. fu

    Sachin Pilot married to Omar Abdullahs sister..

  65. Viola_miff

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  66. Anonymous

    Great job, kep it up …….. Indian media and journalist like Ms. Dutt, Vikram chandra aare all anti hindus, may be not in belief but at least in thier program and approach ……. What has that to say about

  67. Malay Deb


    Forgive me for being blunt.Reading your blog, I now know, why we are, where we are today.It’s not the Christian colonialists, nor the Muslim invaders, it’s you and your likes, including many of our ancestors (mine too) whose, almost genetic inability to have a healthy respect for the ‘other’ (mostly defined by the lowest denominators like;gender race,religion,caste,skin colour and you name it).This ability(dis!) to divide and then identify humans into somekind of inert elements is almost as old as the civilisation.But what is unique that in India (as opposed to the most part of the world) it’s still thriving and with full vigour.
    The diatribe you are peddling here, is the proof.
    Expand your horizon.Read history of the World in general, of the Indian sub
    -continent in particular (and do not shy away if the author is a cristian or muslim ’cause the option of throwing them away is always there).Read political history in conjuction with social history.Be skeptic if the writer is an ideologue in a historian’s cloak. You need to know your past to understand your presnt.
    This might surprise you,still.Get rid yourself of your inferiority complex vis-a-vis christians or muslims.They are no better or worse than you are.
    Stop looking at things through the prism of religion.
    Sincere appology (I mean it) for being patronising but there are a few things in life that doesn’t accomodate ambiguity, one of them is ‘vission’ be it for one’s ‘company’, ‘country’ or the neighbourhood cricket club.

    • Indian Realist

      Gullible, goody-goody Hindus like you are a curse on the Hindu race.

      • malaydeb

        ‘Hindu race’!!!
        Which school you went to, my friend? I thought, ‘Hindu’ refers to a religion. Your knowledge and wisdom are wasted here.
        You should be at places like, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT etc.

    • Deepak

      Tell me what has happenned to the ethnic populations of the continent of Africa, Known as the cradle of mankind>>> Only two major religions exist Christianity & Islam. Both are fighting for supremacy in the continent… hence the neverending strife, poverty etc… in the region

  68. Vikram Sagar

    Its a waste of life when yous pend time of warped topics like this. I hope you invest your energy on improving your own mind set and bring some positivism rather than seeing everything as a grand conspiracy. I really hate to see people like you trying to read evil designs and promote segregatory ideology.

    • SS

      Get rid of your innocence and goody-goody worldview, otherwise you will learn the hard way once you have been deflowered by the nasty forces.

    • Deepak

      If we dont act today, there wont be any hindus left in the world. Our tolerence to conversion practices of monolithic religions like Islam & Christianity have seen Ethnic populations practicing Hinduism being decimated or completely annihiliated in many parts of the country, and so called secular religion christianity with open minded people attaining majority status.

  69. suresh

    As a Hindu its interesting to see these connections though the connection listed don’t seem like a linear linked list but at several place is just ‘insinuated connections”. I also don’t see this as a conspiracy cooked by some establishment or external force to infiltrated Indian media with large share of minority representation. Its seems far fetched to think that these people established conjugal and marital connections for the sake of a larger well thought out conpiracy against a majority Hindu.
    To the contrary I see this as a successful practice of liberal secular democracy where the forces of liberalism and secularism have gravitated to its current state in order to maintain a equillibrium necessary for the counter balance of a hindu majority electorate and socio-economic conditions. While it maybe slightly more tipped towards minorities I believe these things are self correcting and necessary in order avoid turning india into pakistan or third reich or a iran.
    Thanks for putting this list that I am hoping would be unnecessary in another decade as I still see these kind of lists bordering communal overtones that can easily deteriorate to outright discrimination if not taken intelluctually.

    • som

      Who is a “minority” in the present global context? A community may be numerically small relative to the local population, but globally it may in fact be part of the majority that is powerful, assertive and well-funded. Given that India is experiencing a growing influx of global funding, political lobbying, legal action and flow of ideologies, what criteria should we use to classify a group as a “minority”? Should certain groups, now counted as minorities, be reclassified given their enormous worldwide clout, power and resources? If the “minority” concerned has actually merged into an extra-territorial power through ideology (like Maoists) or theology (like many churches and madrassas), through infrastructure investment (like buying large amounts of land, buildings, setting up training centers, etc.), through digital integration and internal governance, then do they not become a powerful tool of intervention representing a larger global force rather than being simply a “minority” in India. Certainly, one would not consider a local franchise of McDonalds in India to be a minor enterprise just because it may employ only a handful of employees with modest revenues locally. It is its global size, presence and clout that are counted and that determine the rules, restrictions and disclosure requirements to which it must adhere. Similarly, nation-states’ presence in the form of consulates is also regulated. But why are foreign religious MNCs exempted from similar requirements of transparency and supervision? (For example: Bishops are appointed by the Vatican, funded by it, and given management doctrine to implement by the Vatican, and yet are not regulated on par with diplomats in consulates representing foreign sovereign states.) Indian security agencies do monitor Chinese influences and interventions into Buddhist monasteries in the northern mountain belt, because such interventions can compromise Indian sovereignty and soft power while boosting China’s clout. Should the same supervision also apply to Christian groups operating under the direction and control of their western headquarters and Islamic organizations funded and/or ideologically influenced by their respective foreign headquarters? What should India do to improve and deliver social justice in order to secure its minorities and wean them away from global nexuses that are often anti-Indian.

      • ravi

        Let’s see the real population of Hindus as per 2011
        India – 67% Hindus
        Kerala – 37% Hindus
        If you go for a census you will not find this figure because most of the lower caste people who converted did not change religion officially for getting the benefits from government.
        Christian Missionaries are doing wide conversion through hooks and crooks

        • abhishek

          just thinking of 2050.when rahul gandhi will be shown as a messiah of india by indian media,just like his other family members.

  70. Anonymous

    Such exaustive and misleading list can only be prepared by a loser and a tosser. If you invest your time in something slightly more worthwhile (even taking your dog for a walk is better off), you might find yoruself imprtoving your lunacy. Thank goodness there aren’t too many others like you in our country.

    • malaydeb

      Thanks, Anonymous.
      Someone had to say this, and you did it.
      Thanks, again.

    • Anonymous

      Just because you want to shut your eyes, and close your ears, doesn’t change the facts. This is a well known fact, that the media in our country (and probably various others) are heavily biased. The nexus between the political parties and the self-proclaimed awakened media is at display here. If you ever had to deal with the media first-hand you would know how corruption and political bias is deep rooted in this industry as well. Radia tapes, Zee News vs Jindal issue. To name a few.

      To call such work useless, is naive, and probably raises questions about your own credentials. Why are you afraid of transparency. The people of the country should see this, and use their own head before believing everything the media feeds them as gospel. You cannot discount such work. If I were to extend your argument, even RTI would be a waste of time, which we know, it isn’t. Transparency should be there in the nation, and I commend the person who has put in the effort. Only thing I would have liked is if the author had kept it factual, without any opinions.

    • Sharm

      Are you right wing, in denying this christian taliban takeover?

      If you are i suggest you go and read history and let me tell you america was not a christian nation, it became one after the killed off all the Indians.

  71. chandra

    This is not surprising thing that most of the english channel news are controlled by American media houses and most of the reports and editors are bengalis or from eastern part of India. And for most of the good and bad publicity english media is the most responsible channels and they should learn from the channels like BBC, CNN or the most recent Al jazira about presenting the news and reports………..our english news channels are like our hindi channels only no difference in them.

  72. Asoka

    A) How come the last comment is more than 6 months old ??? B)Can we see a list of Media personalities who have no connection with non-Hindus??C)Is this an example of the much publicized Freedom of the Press/ Media??D) Dont Indians have the brains to sift news from views???

  73. Anonymous

    Who owns media in India.

    NDTV: A very popular TV news media is funded by Communist organisation in Spain. Indian CEO Prannoy Roy is co-brother of Prakash Karat, General Secretary of the Communist party of India . His wife and Brinda Karat are sisters.

    IndiaToday: Which used to be the only national weekly which supported BJP is now bought by NDTV!! Since then the tone has changed drastically and turned into Hindu bashing.

    Outlook India: is Communist run Organisation

    Th Hindu: Is completely infiltrated by the comunists, as revealed in the papers carried by the defecting KGB agent to UK.

    NDTV and “The Hindu” have teamed up.

    Times group list:
    Times Of India, Mid-Day, Nav-Bharth Times, Stardust, Femina, Vijay Times, Vijaya Karnataka, Times now (24- hour news channel) and many more…
    Times Group is owned by Bennet & Coleman. ‘World Christian Council’ does 80 percent of the Funding, and an Englishman and an Italian equally share balance 20 percent. The Italian Robertio Mindo is a close relative of Sonia Gandhi.

    Star TV: It is run by an Australian, who is supported by St. Peters Pontifical Church Melbourne.

    Indian Express: Divided into two groups. The Indian Express and new Indian Express (southern edition) ACTS Christian Ministries have major stake in the Indian Express and latter is still with the Indian counterpart.

    The Statesman: It is controlled by Communist Party of India.

    Kairali TV: It is controlled by Communist party of India (Marxist)

    Mathrubhoomi: Leaders of Muslim League and Communist leaders have major investment.

    Tarun Tejpal of Tehelka.comregularly gets blank cheques from Arab countries to target BJP and Hindus only, it is said.

    Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle: It is owned by a Saudi Arabian Company with its chief Editor M.J. Akbar.

    Gujarat riots which took place in 2002 where Hindus were burnt alive, Rajdeep Sardesai and Bharkha Dutt working for NDTV at that time got around 5 Million Dollars from Saudi Arabia to cover only Muslim victims, which they did very faithfully…
    Not a single Hindu family was interviewed or shown on TV whose near and dear ones had been burnt alive in Godra, it is reported.

    • Anonymous

      udit raj is a bjp mp from delhi, and m j akbar recently joined bjp, did the bjp compramise on its values

      • Ram Sharma

        Sir, you are using a reverse logic. You should ask if MJ Akbar and Udit Raj
        have accepted BJP values, and not if BJP has changed its values. Small streams do not pollute a large river.

    • Anonymous

      Mathrubumi news paper ,majority of the shares are held by mp veerendra kumar and pv chandran

  74. DK Sharma

    We cannot even trust most of the indian media. modi laao desh bachaao.

  75. Anonymous

    Latest Update : udit raj is a bjp mp from delhi

  76. I’m not sure exactly why but this website is loading extremely slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end?
    I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

  77. agnostic Yupp!!!

    Hinduism is doomed. I know RSS is a stupid organisation, you know those anti-westernisation and all crap but it is the only organisation that can save Hinduism. P.S. I love your blog and will be staying around for a while.

  78. Pingback: What does VK Singh mean when he uses the word ‘presstitutes’? | modigoverment

  79. Anonymous

    OMG !!!! These bastards ! They have to be kicked out 😤

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