AMT theory peddled again in TV show

So Aryan Invasion Theory is passe. Now a new era begins of Aryan Migration Theory (AMT). But what is the agenda of the Westerners? What are they trying to achieve? Why do they keep peddling this theory but refuse to give any evidence that the migration of Aryans was from Europe to India, and not from India to Europe? We are not going to accept that Aryans came from Europe to India just because — umm — it would be nice for the white man. We want proof of the direction of migration. How do the Westerners know that Aryans did not go from India to Europe?

 Hindu group in US objects to ‘The Story of India’

 US-based Hindu advocacy group has taken strong objection to historian Michael Wood’s documentary ‘The Story of India,’ being telecast on public television, describing its presentation of the Aryan Migration Theory (AMT) as ‘agenda driven.’
Rejecting the theory, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) said India has always been the cradle of Hindu civilization and there is no debate about it.

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The AMT theorises that in 1500 BCE pastoral tribes that came to be known as Aryans, migrated from Central Europe to Northwest India eventually dispersing indigenous people and imposing their own culture.

“This theory, that is not supported by archaeological evidence, was first posited by European Indologists and British colonialists, eventually finding support from a section of India’s politically motivated linguists and historians such as Romila Thapar, and famously, controversial Harvard linguist, Michael Witzel,” she said.

This theory, the HAF believes, is ‘agenda-driven’.

In his documentary, HAF says, Wood holds that the early Hindu practice of worshipping devas, or demigods representing elements, ‘somehow implies that these practices were imported from Central Asia.’

While referring ‘obliquely’ to the Aryan Migration Theory as controversial, HAF said, Wood fails to present contrary evidence that many scientists believe refutes the claim that the progenitors of Hindu civilisation came from west of the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan.

“There is no debate that India was always the cradle of Hindu civilisation, and the Vedas, the Hindu’s holiest scriptures, are the recorded history of our ancestors,” said Suhag Shukla, HAF’s Managing Director.

“We strongly oppose the insulting theory–advanced by agenda-driven activist historians — that our rishis, the great sages who composed the Vedas, were foreign to India, and Wood does viewers a disservice in not presenting both sides of the coin, in an otherwise admirable work,” he said.

The AMT is reviled by many Hindus, he said, due to its implicit proposition that a tribe of ‘Aryans’ migrated into the Indian subcontinent, subjugated an indigenous people dispersing them to South India and established a caste system where the highest castes are comprised of ‘Aryans’ in an ethno-religious apartheid system.

This ‘explosive theory’ that narrates that Aryans were only the first colonizers — followed by Greeks, Mongols, Turks, Persians — was used by European historians to justify the last foreign claim on India, the British Raj, he added.

However, he asserted, it is the latest genetic evidence, based on chromosomal and DNA analysis, that scientists believe definitively discredits the AMT. 



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15 responses to “AMT theory peddled again in TV show

  1. i may point oout that Lokmanya Tilak,known as father of Indian Unres and great Saskrit scholar, propounded the theory of Arcic Home in the Vedas.Dr.RG.Bhandarkar, the greatest Indologisfgt produced byI ndia,also suppoted supported the migration theory.
    It is unfair to tarnish researchers like itzel wsho hve served tghe cause of ndia


    • SK

      Mr. Desai,
      Witzel serves only one person’s interest – his own. Letely, I have started to doubt that as well – as he has gotten “insane”. If you want to serve the cause of India, I am sure you can find better candidates to learn from. That’s the only friendly advice I can give you.

  2. Satender

    Mr Desai, mentioning Tilak and Bhandarkar doesn’t make weasel witzel right. They (Tilak etc) did not have the evidences which are there now. A man is known by the company he keeps and you can check who are his supporters (third rate parrots aka commies, christian fanatics) peddling racist and divisive wet dreams as theories. Do mention his service to the cause of India like his opposition to HAF. Bhed ki khaal mein giddar hai weasel.

  3. I believe Lokmanya Tilak was attempting to expose the dangerously blind and one sided perspective of Western racist, imperialist historians. Whenever I read an English text about AIT, Lokmanya Tilak is always, without doubt, cited as saying that Aryans came from the North Pole. I believe this statement is full of sarcasm rather than a belief that this is the truth. Nothing else is ever mentioned about Lokmanya Tilak in these English texts, not even the fact that he was an Indian nationalist who fought against British rule. All they care about it that he supported the Western view that Aryans invaded India. It is often the case that Western historians look for Indians who support their racist, imperialist views such as Chetan Bhatt (2001), who wrote Hindu Nationalism: Origins, Ideologies and Modern Myths. But unlike the religious traitor Chetan Bhatt, Lokmanya Tilak should be regarded for his far-sightedness, because out of Western self-centeredness, he is still remembered in Western texts and circles as saying something so preposterous and absurd yet they remember it because it supports their view and comes from a respectable Indian.

  4. JGN

    Mr Desai, it is now more or less proven that modern humanbeings (homo spaien sapien) originated in Africa and spread to other parts of the world. So there are some similarities between the customs and practices of different tribes across the world. In Egypt, the Pharoah ordered killing of all male children and the same order was given by Kansa at Dwaraka. Gautama the Buddha had a handicapped lamb so also Jesus Christ. The Lady of Samaria had five husbands so also Panchali in Mahabharat. There is no reason to assume that those who had written the Old Testament were knowing what Veda Vyasa had written in Mahabharat or vice versa!! How you explain these coincidences?

    Where are the Aryans now? Does the UP CM Ms. Mayawati or her mentor the late Kanshi Ram qualify to be considered as an Aryan? Or can we consider Farooq Abdullah and Asif Ali Zardari as Aryans (they or their ancestors converted to Islam much much later as the Religion itself came into existence about 1400 years back only).

    • Sanjay

      “There is no reason to assume that those who had written the Old Testament were knowing what Veda Vyasa had written in Mahabharat or vice versa!! How you explain these coincidences?”

      Indians went from India to Europe after Indus river dried up, and they carried their tales with them.

  5. Sandeep

    “Gautama the Buddha had a handicapped lamb so also …”
    Max Muller towards his fag end of life had spoken about this aspect.

  6. JGN

    My dear Sanjay, Indus River did not dry up. Total length of the river is 3,180 kilometers and it is Pakistan’s longest river merging with the sea at Karachi Port!.

    It was the Saraswati (the existence of which is still doubtful) that is supposed to have dried up. I do not care for what Max Muller and JNU intellectuals say.

    • sanjay

      Yeah, I meant Saraswati — I wrote in a hurry.

    • bluelotus

      1. Satellite pictures have already proven the existence of the Saraswati river bed. Google for satellite pictures of the Saraswati river basin.

      2. Marine excavations off Gujarat coast have already revealed a 9000 years old city believed to be Dwaraka which got flooded in a deluge. Archeologists are saying that as they excavate at this site further into the sea, they expect that some of the artifacts in this area are 30000 years old.

      3. Aryan Invasion theory is already obsolete

  7. gajanan

    This is an excellent book by MDanino on River Saraswathi

    This book has been given very good reviews by many.

  8. JGN

    @ gajanan, there are so many such “studies”, not only about Lost River but even about a Lost Continent (MU) but who will vouch for its authenticity? We have still not been able to decipher Harappan Seals. Iravatam Mahadevan had spent considerable time and efforts for the same but he could not succeed.

    @ Sanjay, the Egyptian civilization is also as old as the Indian civilization but they could not withstand the onslaught of Abrahamic Religions. Some Scholars believe that Moses was a fictional character created by the Israelis jealous of Egyptian civilization. Search for RA or Egyptian civilization for more details.

  9. bluelotus

    AIT and AMT are obsolete theories. Infact research shows that right from Ireland to Britain to Iran to Combodia to Latin America – the nature of ancient cultures was Vedic. And the centre of it all was India. 230 ancient sanskrit scriptures still exist *inspite of millions of books having being burnt at Nalanda university- a fire that burnt for 6 months a thousand years back.

    Nomads from central Asia could not have given birth to a knowledge as advanced as the Vedas. Impossible. The Vedas had to originate from a settled, highly refined society.

    And in any case, the greatness of Vedas has been very grudgingly conceded by the West.

  10. som

    AMT should be incarporated in acadamics of India.

  11. karan

    AMT should be studied in schools.

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