The Alleged Massacre at Mohenjo-daro

 The Aryan Invasion Theory is allegedly based on “linguistic evidence” (which incidentally can merely point out some similarities in words between two languages but cannot tell if the migration of Aryans was out of India to Europe or the other way round).

One of the major props for this theory has been the “massacre at Mohenjo-daro.” According to this “theory,” the Aryans supposedly came riding on their horses swinging their iron swords and masssacred the hapless “Dravidian” inhabitants of Mohenjo-daro (the ancient city of Indus Valley Civilisation).

How do we know there was a masssacre? Because, we are told, many skeletons have been found at this ancient site which conclusively prove the Aryan invasion. Well, B .B. Lal (ex-Director General, Archaeological Survey of India) in his paper presented at the International Conference on Indian History, Civilisation and Geopolitics 2009, has this to say about the alleged massacre at Mohenjo-daro which is the “proof” given to us for the Aryan invasion:

Adding fuel to the fire was the famous declaration of my revered guru, Sir Mortimer Wheeler. In 1946, after having discovered a fortification-wall around one of the mounds at Harappa and on learning that in the Vedas Indra has been described as puraÅdara (i.e. destroyer of forts), he lost no time and announced (1947: 82):

“On circumstantial evidence Indra [symbolic of the Vedic Aryans]
stands accused [of destroying the Harappan Civilization].”

This was the second major distortion. The hands of the Vedic “invaders” were sullied with the blood of the so-called ‘Dravidian-speaking Harappans’ who were said to have been massacred by the former, and whose territories were usurped by them driving the latter all the way down to south India.

In support of the (supposed) massacre, Wheeler cited some skeletons met with at Mohenjo-daro. However, an in-depth analysis of the provenance of these skeletons shows that they occurred in different stratigraphic levels – some in the middle, some in the late and yet some others in deposits which had accumulated at the site after its abandonment.

Had an invasion been the cause of these deaths, one expects that the skeletons would have been found in one level which also would have been the uppermost, after which the inhabitants are taken to have deserted the site and migrated to south India. Further, all the skeletal remains came from the Lower Town which was occupied by the commoners, but none from the Citadel area which was the seat of the government.

Are we expected to believe that the ‘invaders’ killed the commoners and carefully spared the high-ups? The doubt about the deaths having been the result of an ‘invasion’ is also supported by that fact some of the skeletons bore cut-marks which had been healed – a process which must have taken quite some time. There would have been no healing had the deaths been due to a ‘massacre’. I am in full agreement with George F. Dales who captioned his paper (1964): ‘The Mythical Massacre at Mohenjo-daro’.

In this context, it also needs to be added that no site of the Harappan Civilization has yielded any evidence of ‘invasion’, much less of ‘massacre’. Nor is there any evidence of an alien culture overtaking any of these sites. On the other hand, the data show a continuity of occupation and only gradual cultural transition – such as into what has been labeled as the Jhukar Culture at Chanhu-daro or Cemetery H Culture at Harappa or the Rangpur Culture in Gujarat.

Sometimes I wonder if these Raj-era historians and the modern communist historians of India have been inhabiting a cuckoo-land all along. What is the reason for these people to be so determined to teach our children this history of India and simply refuse to change it despite the laughable arguments and day-dreaming on which most of its conclusions rest?

 And to think that an entire “Dravidian” movement was created in Tamil Nadu based on this fantastic proof of Aryan invasion of India! Those old Dravidian war-horses are still grazing contentedly in the south, I have heard, and have managed to rule the state for many years in the bargain.

The Aryan invasion theory is a political theory created with a certain political objective in mind (detaching south India from rest of India and turning it into a Christian land). This is why the lack of a historical proof for this theory is treated as a minor irritant and brushed aside with contempt by Anglo-Americans and Indian communist professors. It is the now the turn of Indians to brush these people aside with the same contempt.



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7 responses to “The Alleged Massacre at Mohenjo-daro

  1. This is pretty funny. A “political theory created with a certain political objective in mind (detaching south India from rest of India and turning it into a Christian land)”.

    India has been independent for quite some time now. Its time to grow up and act like real scholars instead of this nonsensical politicization of history.

  2. VoP

    Johan or John?
    ok, I get it!

  3. Aditya

    Many says “ancient nuclear warfare” or “invasion” or “alien attack” and so on…
    But nobody suggest a single logical reason except “Dravadian community” and their link to Rooster ! Well, shortage of water or food supplements/drought/plague/lack of rain or may be the change of course of river on which they were highly dependent, lead them to evacuate the city !

  4. Sarcasm

    Dark skinned never killed each other. It was the Aryans who killed dark skinned Indians. Dark skin Indians would never betray another dark skin Indian. Dark skin Indians would never become corrupt or lust for money more than their people. We’ll blame our ills on Aryans and other invaders because we were perfect and peaceful people who live in Harappa and Mohenjodaro.

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