Here is the official press release about the three-day International Conference on Indian History, Civilization and Geopolitics (ICIH2009) that is being organised from January 9 at New Delhi. It will be a major event. Its website is http://indicstudies.us/icih_conf  

Kosla Vepa of the Indic Studies Foundation is the main force behind this Conference and I have been helping him in any way I can to make this event a success. Once the conference is over, I will be giving on this blog a synopsis of the interesting papers presented by scholars about ancient Indian history and challenge some “facts” about ancient Indians that are still being taught to our school students to deliberately twist their minds about the formidable cultural heritage they all have inherited.  

International Conference on Indian History, Civilization and Geopolitics 2009 (ICIH 2009) to be a landmark event in the interpretation of ancient Indian history

The three-day Conference to host over 100 distinguished scholars and historians from India and all over the world

Scholars to challenge many aspects of ancient India history as it is taught today and expose various myths that have been presented as facts by the Raj historians of the 19th century

 New Delhi, January 6: Over 100 distinguished historians and scholars from India and abroad are gathering here for a three-day conference beginning January 9 which seeks to challenge many aspects of ancient Indian history as it is taught today and expose various myths including the Aryan Invasion Theory that have been presented as facts by the Raj historians of the 19th century.

 The three-day International Conference on Indian History, Civilization and Geopolitics (ICIH 2009), organized by the US-based Indic Studies Foundation and the Akhila Bharatiya Itihasa Sankalana Yojana (ABISY) at the Indian International Centre, New Delhi, from January 9 to January 11, would also discuss India’s modern geo-political landscape and strategic affairs.

 According to Kosla Vepa, Executive Director of the Indic Studies Foundation, “the purpose of the Conference is to decolonize various aspects of ancient Indian history and its chronology which were deliberately distorted and mis-dated during the British Raj with a view to cause confusion and a sense of inferiority among Indians. ICIH 2009 aims to contribute toward correcting this mangled historical narrative of the Indian civilization. Much of the ancient Indian history taught to our youth today has absolutely no basis in fact and is not supported by modern research. This is causing terrible cultural damage to our society and has to be set right urgently by taking a more rational view of the past.”

 The Conference also aims to increase awareness of strategic thinking in India and to show that a strategic approach based on long-term objectives is essential to ensure a safe and secure future for the ancient Indian civilization and lead it to still greater heights, Vepa says.

 Dr. Jagmohan (former Union Minister) will be the Guest of Honour at the inaugural session of the Conference. The inaugural address will be delivered by Prof. B.B. Lal (former DG, ASI) and Chaired by Prof. Shivaji Singh (Former HOD, Ancient History, Gorakhpur University).

 The valedictory address will be delivered by Dr. Subramanian Swamy (former Union Minister) while Prof. J.S. Rajput (former Director, NCERT) will be the Guest of Honour.

 The plenary sessions spread over three days will be divided into various categories dealing with subjects related to the main Conference theme of ‘Distortions in Indian History,’ such as:

 •           Geopolitics and civilization issues

•           History chronological aspects

•           The development of the arts, science and technology beginning in the ancient era and their possible transmission to the west

•           The era of the ancients and the beginning of river valley civilizations

•           Education of future leaders of the Indic people

•           The era of conflicting paradigms (1000 CE to 17th century)

•           The clash of civilizations

•           The Indic renaissance (16th century to present)

•           The age of colonization

 The historians and scholars attending the conference will include internationally well-known names such as Bharat Karnad, P.C. Dogra, Kanwal Sibal, Uday Bhaskar, Rajeev Srinivasan, Tarun Vijay, J.S. Rajput, A.K. Mittal, K.N. Dixit, Bharat Gupt, Balram Singh, Bhudev Sharma, R.S. Bisht, Devendra Swaroop, S. Kalyanaraman, Madhav Nalapat, S.C. Mittal, G.T. Panse, K.C. Sharma, C.K. Raju, Shivaji Singh, T.R.N. Rao, Sharada Sugrthirajah, Shashi Tiwari, Susantha Goonatilake, Vibha Tripathi, Vikram Sood, Aruneshwar Gupta, Shashi Shekar Sharma and Leena Mehendale.

 Many scholars from abroad will also be presenting their papers, such as Kyrillos Nikolau (Greece), Oleg Perzashkevich (Belarus), Yvette Rosser (USA), Susantha Goonatilake (Sri Lanka), Sharada Sugirthirajah (UK), Madan Lal Goel (USA), Bhu Dev Sharma (USA), Balram Singh (USA), Narhari Achar (USA), Jagat Motwani (USA), Mohan Gautam (Netherlands), Koenraad Elst (Belgium), Basudevlal  Das (Nepal) and Kosla Vepa (USA).

 About Indic Studies Foundation ( www.indicstudies.us )

The Indic Studies Foundation, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA, is a not-for-profit, public-benefit Corporation. It seeks to propagate a more accurate approach based on reason and rationality for the study and dissemination of the Indian civilizational ethos in the world, particularly to the USA and India.

The Foundation undertakes a series of seminars and conferences annually which exclusively focus on Indic history, with a view to research its distortions, to investigate and assess the consequences of such distortions and try to remedy the situation by facilitating impartial and professional research into Indic history. It also conducts programs to correct the distorted Indian history in the academia, media and public perception and to develop an education program to produce future Indian leaders.



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2 responses to “ICIH2009

  1. Is it open to all? If so, would love to attend this.

  2. sanjaychoudhry

    It is not open for all. But an invitation can be arranged for you. Are you in Delhi?

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