Treason of the Elites

Beware of the Hindu elite — political leaders (Jaichands),  businessmen (“baniyas”) and westernized intellectuals (professors, writers, journalists, historians, activists). In Hindu society throughout history, subversion has always started from the top, never from the bottom. The ordinary people, especially the villagers and the urban poor, are the ones where Hinduism truly resides. They are the foot-soldiers who are fiercely loyal to Hindu traditions and the salt of the land. Unfortunately, a large chunk of the Hindu elite — residing in a cocoon of greed, desire for personal advancement or alien ideology — is easily subverted.

I read a report sometime back in which an Indian intelligence official recounted some agents of Western intelligence agencies openly laughing about how easy they found it to subvert and corrupt Westernized Hindus and make them work against the interests of their own country and people. The Hindu business elite, the ruling elite and the intellectual elite — all three sooner or later tend to pose a threat to the ordinary Hindus. This is a fact testified by history.

When the British spread all over India in the 19th century, they made the following observation about the fatal weaknesses in the character of the people they encountered in battle: “The weakness of Muslims is women. The weakness of Sikhs is alcohol. The weakness of Hindus is money.”

The Hindu elites will always fall for money and personal gain and disassociate themselves from the rest of the Hindus and shrug off all responsibility to them and to their land and culture. In India, the wheel has turned and we have now again begun to see the treason of the Hindu elite.

There are rich Hindu businessmen today in India who have the motto of “business at all costs.” They carry forward the tradition of the Calcutta moneylenders who loaned millions of Rupees at a good interest rate to the East India Company to finance its early war campaigns in India. Some such businessmen now pay millions of dollars to American politicians while others donate money to American universities so that they can start South Asian study centres to scrutinize the Indian society and its weaknesses and fault-lines even more closely. A businessman from Banglaore tried to persuade the prime minister of India some years ago not to fight with Pakistan over Kargil because his American business interests would be hurt.

There are Jaichands today among the ruling elite who walk over to the other side. A former UP chief minister is accused of being an ISI agent in an IB dossier. A scion of the ruling family married a White Christian without understanding the implications for the country of turning his children (potential future rulers) into half-Christians and half-Whites. A prominent Mumbai Hindu politician even today is running a business empire in collaboration with Dawood Ibrahim. Ram Vilas Paswan gives speeches to Muslims that he will not allow Hindu pandits to resettle in Kashmir at any cost. Nehru declared Hinduism to be “false spirituality.”

The Westernised Hindu intellectual (Nehru being a prominent exhibit and his copycats today) looks for wisdom and inspiration outside the borders of India and considers this country as the Dark Continent of Asia.

Most communists and left / liberals of India carry Hindu names, but it is difficult to find a class more rabidly anti-Hindu and more vehemently wishing the destruction of India as these people do. These “intellectuals” sitting atop the “dung-heap of text-books written abroad” have no problem in shouting slogans in favour of countries which invade India and kill Indian soldiers (“chairman Mao is our chairman”) or take money from White Christians to start news channels of their own under their editorial supervision. The journalists with Hindu names work in BBC and American newspapers and are ready to carry out psyops against their own country and project it as a land of “cow, curry, caste” as long as their visas keep getting extended by their employers.

Reading the blood-soaked history of India, I couldn’t help but notice that every couple of centuries or so, some elements of Hindu elite turn traitor and become the most serious threat to Hinduism and to the security of the ordinary Hindus who have been looking up to this elite for protection and leadership. And then miraculously someone arises from among the masses of India who purges the Hindu elites of their anti-Hindu elements, re-establishes the harmony and balance of dharma and saves the Hindu society from tilting over.

The French call this phenomenon of the cream of the society turning sour as “la trahison des clercs” — the treason of the learned or the treason of the elites.

As seen in the article below, the Hindu elites of Tamil Nadu and Andhra have now begun to convert on the sly without telling other Hindus about it, and then quietly forward the agenda of the church even as the ordinary clueless Hindus continue to be their “supporters.” This is a common strategy of the church. It starts from the top by first converting the ruling family of the area and hiding this fact from the masses.

If you see the history of Europe, in almost every country the church has first converted the royal family and then started its work upon the common people. This is how Europe was Christianised and this is the way the Roman empire became a Christian empire overnight. The same strategy the church is now following in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The Bhutan king may be the next in line.

If you have to protect the people of a land from the moves of the white man’s church, you first have to protect the traditional ruling family and prevent it from getting Christianised. This Christianisation of the ruling family is achieved by the church through coercion, inducement or inserting a White Christian into the royal household through marriage so that the heirs to the throne carry an element of Christian heritage.

Driven by the Vatican Whites, the brown bishops of India have truly stepped on the gas. The non-Muslim countries of South Asia are seen as low-hanging fruits by the Church because they together offer about one and a half billion souls to harvest and comprise a huge land mass, but lack the fundamentalism of Muslim and Christian societies which can radicalise people enough to thwart the church’s aggression and predatory moves.

The church and a couple of Western intelligence agencies working in tandem with it pose the most serious threat to India’s integrity today. One of the main problems for India is its liberal visa policy which allows an army of White Christians to enter India and run amock all over the country, even to its most remote villages. The Whites shrewdly exploit this “special relationship” that their countries claim to have with India.

Religious dyarchy threatens Hindu polity        
Sandhya Jain

The Pioneer yesterday carried a photograph of Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu being solemnly blessed in a Hyderabad church by Archbishop M. Joji. The natal families of the TDP boss and his wife, daughter of late Chief Minister and TDP founder N.T. Rama Rao, have hitherto had an unbroken Hindu lineage. Hence Dr. Naidu’s sudden decision to invoke the blessings of the Archbishop on Christmas Day arouses deep misgivings.

To begin with, it is a new perversion in Indian politics. Far from being an expression of respect for all religions, it makes a mockery of faith for a man or woman professing (and practicing) one faith from birth, to suddenly start joining in the religious traditions of another. This is particularly so when adherence to this ‘new’ cult involves rejecting all other traditions and forms of worship.
Hitherto, Hindus have greeted other communities on their respective festivals, sharing ‘sevaiyan’ on Id with Muslim friends and respecting spaces like dargahs and pirs. Hindus have not felt called upon to observe the Bakr Id (nor were they expected to); nor it is possible for them to undertake Hajj. At Iftaarparties which are becoming a political tradition, non-Muslims do not join the communal prayers (at least so far!) Similarly, Hindus with Christian friends shared Easter and Christmas parties, and these exchanges did not cross boundaries to involve participation in the religious rites of another tradition. 
Hence Dr. Naidu’s decision to seek and be photographed receiving the Archbishop’s blessings in church on Christmas day is a sharp departure from the practice of sending greetings to Christian brothers and sisters. It is disturbing because it brings an already heavily political Christian clergy directly into Andhrapolitics; it also apparently confirms persistent rumours of the secret conversion of close members of his family some years ago. If such conversions are true, they should be made public forthwith, and the reasons for keeping them secret revealed.
Worse, this opens the door for the further influx of Western-Christian funds into the state, with grim consequences for the Hindu community. Already, among all Indian regional Diasporas in America, the Andhradiaspora is the most active in trying to entrench foreign citizens as legitimate stakeholders in India – in the best interests of America, of course. This new-rich class is arrogant and cocksure, and I personally have no doubt that these attitudes are behind the otherwise inexplicable murders of bright Andhra students in the United States.
Simultaneously in Chennai, AIADMK general secretary Ms. Jayalalithaa also celebrated Christmas at her Poes Garden residence. It was no ordinary cake-and-tea-and-mistletoe party for Christian friends and party workers – they should anyway have been at home or with their community.
No, Ms. Jayalalithaaorganised a proper Christian service, with Rev Raja Prabhakaran leading the prayer, followed by Churchill Joseph reciting from the Holy Bible. Then the choir troupe Christ of Every Soul sang special Christmas songs, and in the end, Bishop Samuel Sudhakar drew the curtains []
Why would a Hindu lady organise a Christian service at her home, and why would Christian priests agree to leave their own church and conduct a service at the residence of a non-believer? The question deserves an answer, especially as whispers have not yet died down about the complicity of certain nations and faithcommunities (with the complicity of the native Mir Jaffar’s and Benedict Arnold’s) in the tragedy that struck the Kanchi Matham in November 2004.
It is truly shocking that even the colossal tsunami that followed this heartrending depravity has not brought moderation to the lady’s antics. Perhaps she is too deeply compromised to withdraw from paths laid out for her to walk – out of the gates of Dharma and into the deep. The Mahabharata is full of stories of rulers who brought about the ruination of their people…
Foreign funds are now a real threat to the sovereignty and integrity of India. In Tamil Nadu, four NGOs ranked among the top 25 recipients of foreign funds in 2006-07, and foreign funding of NGOs itself rose a colossal 56%. This is deeply unsettling and calls for a complete political scrutiny of the organisations towards which the funds are diverted; the districts in which they operate; and the connection (if any) between the presence of foreign-funded NGOs and rise in conversions or Naxal activities.
Tamil Nadu alone received Rs. 2244.25 crore, making it the highest recipient state (nearly 20% of the all-India receipts) in 2006-2007. According to the recent report of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, World Vision, India (an evangelical body that was involved in the recent unrest in Orissa) got Rs. 256.06 crore; the Board for Integrated Rural Development, Tiruvannamalai received Rs. 106.99 crore; the Society for Rural Education and Development, Arakkonam Rs. 106.92 crore and Om Sakthi Narayani Siddar Peedam Charitable Trust which administers the Golden Temple at Sripuram, Vellore, Rs 59.7 crore
The VelloreGolden Temple, with its sudden wealth and suddenly-arrived Swami, caused considerable misgivings in traditional Tamil society. Apart from the fact that the temple violates the Agamas in its obscene display of wealth, there has to be a larger, and political, purpose to directing such huge wealth from abroad towards a temple in Tamil Nadu.
Amidst whispers that LTTE cadres abroad were parking their wealth in India in this safe and open manner, came the astonishing revelation that on 16 April 2008, Mrs. Priyanka Vadra, daughter of former prime minister RajivGandhi, used the temple for an illicit meeting with Nalini Sriharan, one of those convicted of the assassination!
Priyankaconfirmed the meeting after it was leaked by Nalini’s lawyers with a view to bring it on record, but jail authorities were at a loss to explain the illegal departure of Nalini from jail, without the knowledge of the court. As the DMK regime was complicit in arranging this highly irregular meeting, it simply covered up the matter. 

Religious dyarchy – the overt practice of two faiths with the intent to undermine one – is the new and ugly mask of Indian secularism. Its purpose is to undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India. Can India wake up to the challenge before it is too late?



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    Pastor I am doing independence ministry and church. Brother if you give a small project, we shall do it and give our full co-operation.
    Thank you brother.
    Apostolic Glory church Trust

  2. Thomas

    Great article!
    And what a bizarre comment from ‘Rev. Timothy’!!
    Another source of treason is ‘economic reforms’ – one should look into the big Indian companies today such as ICICI Bank and Bharti Airtel – they have Indian management – but I suspect they are becoming fronts for foreign ownership.

  3. Bharat Nair

    A lot has been written about foreign funded projects of Anthropological survey of India.(Dr.K.S.Singh). It is believed that the data of this project was extensively used for the infamous “Joshua project”.

    But nobody seem to be aware of another “grand project” conducted in Centre for Development studies.(
    Please see
    ( Kerala Research Programme on Local Level Development (KRPLLD).
    “KRPLLD, implemented with the institutional support of the Centre for Development Studies (CDS), Thiruvananthapuram, forms part of an international Country Research Programme (CRP) funded by the Netherlands Government through its Directorate General for International Co-operation. “

  4. A Gokhoola

    Nice article
    Happy new year 2009

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