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The Coming Storm

The “Ulemas” (Muslim clerics) from Uttar Pradesh have come to Delhi to demand a separate set of criminal laws for India’s Muslims that are in tune with the Shariah. (Presumably they are hankering for the same laws of the seventh-century Arabia in which women are stoned to death for the crime of getting raped.) The bearded clerics came riding a special train called the “Ulema Express” (arranged by railway minister Lalu Yadav, no doubt).

It may be recalled that the Muslims of India already enjoy separate civil laws in India in terms of marriage, divorce, maintenance of divorced wives and property inheritance, but Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs are denied this luxury. They are subject to one and the same common civil and criminal law as imposed by the Indian constitution.  

Muslims now want to be tried under separate law

What the Muslim clerics are now demanding is that even the Indian Penal Code should not be applicable to the Muslims. Instead, they should have their own criminal law. All Muslims should be tried in their own courts which would run according to this new criminal law that will be in tune with the Shariah. The judges in these courts will, of course, be the Muslim clerics themselves.

If you agree to this demand, the next demand of these Ulemas from UP will be separate electorates, like in the British times. This is nothing but seeds of separatism and eventual secession that are being sown now. History has begun to repeat itself. These kind of demands had begun to be made by the UP Muslims around 1910. Now, in 2009, almost a century later, exactly the same demands from Muslims of the very same state (United Provinces) are again being heard.  I had read in a newspaper article that the ISI has great hopes from the “Musallmans of Hindustan” and that these people will rise again in the service of their ‘Deen.’ (‘Hindustan’ is the north Indian heartland of UP and Bihar.)

Inverted Indian Flag

Interestingly, Muslims at this particular rally in Delhi were flying the Indian flag upside down, with Green (Islam) situated over and above the Saffron (Hinduism). Does this hint at what political vision these people have in mind for India?

See the picture here.

Flying an Indian flag upside down is a grave insult to Indian nationhood and our constitution. If these people have done this deliberately to mock the Hindus, they are traitors and belong in jail. Instead, it seems the “seculars” are busy serving them biryani and understanding their “pain.”

As the Muslim population expands (due to high fertility and Bangladeshi infiltration) and acquires a critical mass in pockets of Bengal, Bihar and UP, the demand for another partition will be made by these Ulemas once again. I give it only a period of 25 years before an armed ‘partition movement’ begins in all earnest in the name of “Mughalistan.”  And, as the last time in 1947, this time too it will be the Muslim clerics of UP, Bihar and Bengal who will be leading the charge of the faithful.

Gandhi did a disservice to fellow Hindus by not allowing full transfer of population between India and Pakistan despite handing over 1/3rd of the Indian landmass to Muslims who simply refuse to live with non-Muslims as fellow citizens and brothers-in-arms. But Gandhi’s vision was based on closing one’s eyes, ears and mouth to dangers that surround you. It could have come only this far where the reality has now begun to overtake it. With another partition, Hindus will be cured of Gandhian delusions for ever and finally begin to call a spade a spade. But the price they will have to pay will be heavy, just like the last time in 1947.

Anglo-Americans: The Behind-the-scenes Instigators of Muslim Separatism 

One thing I have been noticing for the past several years is that Muslim separatism in India is being shrewdly promoted by the White Christians as a way to Balkanise this country. (So what’s new? They did the same in 1947.) All the Western literature, history books, news reports and movies (including ‘Slumdog’) are being engineered by them to deliberately instigate Muslims of India against the Hindus. This is simply a repetition of what the British did in the decades leading up to Independence and Partition. The establishment of Muslim League in 1906 was called by an Indian Muslim scholar himself as a “command performance” on the directions of the Viceroy. The Whites think they can repeat the trick.

Be careful of Americans and Britishers and their designs on India. They are the real enablers of Muslim separatism. From their international support to Hurriyat Conference to the demand of Muslim reservations in the Indian army, the people who are organising this command performance are the Whites. They are driven by the urges of White supremacy and pagan hatred.

The “Muslims are victims of Hindu persecution” messages in the “Slumdog Millionaire” have to be seen in this light. There is a lot of strategy that goes into these things. They are not simply a product of ignorance of the White director. These anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim messages are actually psyops against our race to deepen internal divisions and create hatred between social groups.

That is why I laugh at these innocent babes-in-the-woods who are praising ‘Slumdog’ and telling me to “simply enjoy the movie” or appreciate the “marvellous camera-work” or “Hey, chillax, dude! It’s just a movie, yo!” They have no idea about the serious games being played by very established and sinister international players. The real masters of this command performance of Muslim Ulemas have to be identified. They live outside the borders of India.



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Here is Why They Hate Blogs

Have you heard about the NDTV-Chyetanya Kunte episode that is setting the Indian blogo-sphere on fire?

Chetan runs a blog called

He wrote a post on NDTV’s coverage about the terrorist shootouts in Mumbai. Here is the Google cache of his article called Shoddy Journalism (scroll down to the very bottom of the page).

This is what happened to him: Withdrawl and apology.

Sandeep B. has written about this entire episode. Read it here: Barkha Dutt and NDTV, the Joke is on You!

Day in and day out, she shrieks like a banshee on prime-time TV about “Hindu Taliban, ” “mass murdering fascists,” “progroms,” “Gandhi killers,” “hate mongers” and other swearwords lifted from the ready-made vocabulary of the slimy Indian communists. And then she collapses in a heap and sends legal notices if someone answers back and calls her an “idiot”! Ouch!!

If she cannot take the same medicine that she dishes out to other hapless people who cannot hit back, maybe she can take up employment  more suitable to her temparament, become a school teacher or hair dresser or insurance salesman, and leave us all alone. We have had enough of the dishonest and biased tripe that she inflictes on the TV screen.   

It is really a crying shame how these English-media journalists think that free speech is only a one-way traffic.

What is the reason for their paper-thin skins? They pass comments on the whole world but if someone as much as judges the quality of their work, they start breathing fire and issuing legal notices. Shame on these two-bit “journalists.” But their days of privilege and celebrity status are numbered.

Blogs are a very potent medium with a global reach, and they are not going away anytime soon. In the US, the blogosphere is taken very seriously. It is giving a serious competition to the traditional ink-on-paper media.

Blogs are nothing but citizens of a country exchanging information with each other directly without the services of a middle man (in this case, professional journalists). This is the reason for these over-rated  journalists to breath fire. They are feeling the same rage about blogs as the ticket touts felt when the Indian railways introduced e-booking. No middle-man likes a technology that will make him irrelevant and allow customers to side-step him.

As the world of blogs continues to grow  and expand, the media houses have begun to hear their own funeral march of irrelevance. It is only a matter of time before they are seriously impacted as the customers flee to cyberspace. This is already happening. In my home, the newspaper remains unopened and the TV remains switched off, as everybody logs on early morning to Google news and visit various forums to discuss events. 

Mark my words: In the next five years, blogs will emerge as a formidable challenge to the traditional media and put its financial survival at stake. I would say good riddance to them and their shady deals, leftist biases, fact manipulations, hush-hush political and church funding and backroom linkages!

Here is a laugh riot: The Further Adventures of Hark! DaButt

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Genetic Studies Support “Out of India” Theory

A paper by Michel Danino. It discusses nine major genetic studies. All of these disprove any mass movement of people into India. On the contrary, they clearly point to the movement of people FROM India into Europe. This is another proof of ‘Out of India’ theory for the so-called Aryans.

Michel Danino

Another Indian biologist, Sanghamitra Sahoo, headed eleven colleagues, including T. Kivisild and V. K. Kashyap, for a study of the Y-DNA of 936 samples covering 77 Indian populations, 32 of them tribes.18 The authors left no room for doubt:
“The sharing of some Y-chromosomal haplogroups between Indian and Central Asian populations is most parsimoniously explained by a deep, common ancestry between the two regions, with diffusion of some Indian-specific lineages northward.”

So the southward gene flow that had been imprinted on our minds for two centuries was wrong, after all: the flow was out of, not into, India.

Several experts, such as Lluís Quintana-Murci, Vincent Macaulay, Stephen Oppenheimer, Michael Petraglia, and their associates, have in the last few years proposed that when Homo sapiens migrated out of Africa, he first reached South-West Asia around 75,000 BP, and from here, went on to other parts of the world. In simple terms, except for Africans, all humans have ancestors in the North-West of the Indian peninsula. In particular, one migration started around 50,000 BP towards the Middle East and Western Europe: “indeed, nearly all Europeans — and by extension, many Americans — can trace their ancestors to only four mtDNA lines, which appeared between 10,000 and 50,000 years ago and originated from South Asia.”

Oppenheimer, a leading advocate of this scenario, summarizes it in these words:
“For me and for Toomas Kivisild, South Asia is logically the ultimate origin of M17 and his ancestors; and sure enough we find the highest rates and greatest diversity of the M17 line in Pakistan, India, and eastern Iran, and low rates in the Caucasus. M17 is not only more diverse in South Asia than in Central Asia, but diversity characterizes its presence in isolated tribal groups in the south, thus undermining any theory of M17 as a marker of a ‘male Aryan invasion’ of India. One average estimate for the origin of this line in India is as much as 51,000 years. All this suggests that M17 could have found his way initially from India or Pakistan, through Kashmir, then via Central Asia and Russia, before finally coming into Europe.”


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Look Out for the Eastern Seaboard

The grip of the church is tightening over Andhra. Now, it is Naidu’s turn to fall.

Naidu promises separate corporation for Christians

A separate corporation will be opened in the State to provide protection to all the Christian properties, renovate churches, and provide amounts to larger number of Christians to travel to Bethlehem, said Telugu Desam Party President Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Addressing a gathering of more than a lakh of people on the inaugural day of the Bible Mission Annual Conventions opposite Acharya Nagarjuna University, the TDP leader said that the attacks on Christians all over the country had increased multi-fold and were never seen during his regime.

Promising to scrap the new Government Orders 746 and 747 amid loud cheers, as the GOs were allegedly being used to attack Christians, Mr. Naidu promised to provide additional land for the burial grounds.

I was speaking to one of my learned friends in Hyderabad. He said it is now impossible to get a driver or maid who is not a Christian. Do these poor Hindus converting for a sack of rice and a motorcyle have any idea what they are getting into? Do they realise the significance of leaving the democratic anarchy of Hinduism to place themselves under the dicatorship of the bishops? Have they read about how the Europeans managed to free themselves from the clutches of the church after 500 years of horrors, Inquisition, tortures and burnings on the stake? 

Explore to see what genocidal maniacs these bishops can turn into. Ignorance and cluelessness of the average Hindu Gangadeen is the greatest strength of the church in India.

The entire coastal area from Kanyakumari (already a Christian majority district) to Chennai to Andhra Pradesh to Orissa is being Christianised at a very rapid pace. In the next 25 years, the entire Eastern seaboard may secede and spin out of our control to become an East Timor like colony of Anglo Americans. 

The danger is very real. If you look at the latest Home Ministry report on NGOs, you will find that the Westerners are heavily concentrating their funding on only two states: Andhra and Tamil Nadu. If you dig a bit deeper and put two and two together, their game plan of slicing away the Eastern seaboard becomes quite clear.

After looking at the serving chief ministers or the chief ministerial candidates of the Congress in states such as Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh, there is no doubt in my mind that this party has become the Trojan Horse of the church to execute its Operation Eastern Seaboard. Orissa, Andhra and Tamil Nadu will go if we are not careful.

It is beyond the ability of the bishops to plan an operation of this magnitude. They are getting strategic guidance and field support from some Western intelligence agencies. If you want me to take names, then here they are: US, UK and Norway. The dirty tricks of the former two are well known, but what most Indians do not know is the involvement of Scandanavian countries in the ongoing Christianisation of India.

Norway, Denmark and Sweden are acting as the side-kicks of Anglo Americans. Watch out for the visits of their royalty and diplomats to Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Norway’s involvement in the affairs of LTTE and Sri Lankan Tamils is not a mere coincidence.

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‘Slumdog’ and Malignant Western Narcissism

 One more review of Slumdog from another forum. I don’t know who wrote it, but it is quite scholarly.

“Slumdog Millionaire” belongs to the genre of movies like “city of joy”, “fire” and “Mr and Mrs Iyer.” It is another reinforcement of the western “manifest destiny” or “white-man’s-burden” view of India – the constructed image of the “other” that the narcissistic civilization that is the “west” needs in the process of defining its own self.

Colonized peoples in all cultures and all times in history, (whether politically colonized or remaining colonized at the psychological level after the political colonization has ended) must be constructed in terms that the colonizer can comprehend and control: in the case of India and Hindus — as irrational, obscurantist, superstitious, primitive, divisive, territorial, violent, destructive — and therefore, poverty-ridden, downtrodden, immoral, corrupt — and therefore — in the ultimate analysis, unfit for self-determination or self-rule.

This basic process of imagining the other remains the foundation for present-day economic-cultural imperialism via “manifest destiny” as it was during the euro-colonial era via the “white-man’s-burden.”

Such dialectical image lies at the nexus of a complex game of representations and imaginary projections. It is a play of mimesis. ‘Mimesis’ is the fundamental human capacity and subconscious tendency to imitate and mirror what is different from one’s self, or rather, what is one’s self-understanding of oneself.

Mimesis is to imitate and mirror, in other words, one’s “disowned-self” – the opposite of one’s ego ideal, individual or collective. This assumes more intense forms when different cultures are confronted with one another, often in unequal, exploitative circumstances.

The colonizing power, which in this case is also a narcissistic power, feels the compulsion to construct a variety of imaginary representations of the “other”. Projecting their own deepest fears and the most disowned aspects of their collective subconscious, the narcissistic west (which itself is devoid of a sense of self, and which is a guilt-ridden civilization) has to project an “anti-type” of themselves (as they love to see it) in the mirror of the “other,” which is the “Orient” – and more specifically – India.

Therefore — as was in the days before the age of electronic media, when Katherine Mayo pioneered this whole process by her “Mother India,” followed by a truckload of works to the same ultimate aim and purpose – the film medium, with a more instant and wider reach and many times more visual, verbal and vital effect, must be put to full use – either by the west itself, represented by likes of Dominique lapierre, Richard Attenborough, or — now — Danny Boyle, or by the “native informants” of the west — the purchased cultural prostitutes in the form of Deepa Mehta, Aparna Sen, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya and the like. And the “money” used for the purchasing are typically “critical acclaims”, “awards”, “reviews” and “film-festival-entries.”

Seen in this light, it can now be understood why the very predictable and very expected ingredients will be brought out and used too in very predictable and pre-practised ratios, whenever one needs to cook up yet another dish that serves the narcissistic palate of the west, for it to gratify itself with “narcissist supply” and reinforce its narcissistic sense of grandiosity.


(1) The slum — the foremost basic ingredient, complete with lepers, beggars, naked urchins, goons, horribly amputated sub-human humans begging by singing Surdas or Meera bhajans (read: in the name of Hinduism) etc. – must be first used in liberal amounts.

Subliminal message and image-reinforcement no.1 — (a) India = slum, India = poverty, (b) India = hunger, India = primitive/barbaric inhumanity (amputated child beggars) and finally (d) India = Hinduism = obscurantism /superstition / regression = poverty/hunger (begging with Hindu bhajans), therefore, Hinduism is the culprit and the source of depravity, and so it is the “advanced west’s” burden to “rescue the heathens” from it and replace it with its own value system and morality and religion.

The other “ingredients” or “components” can then easily complete the recipe:

(2) Muslims = the victims and Hindus = unprovoked aggressors;

(3) Muslims = secular and suffering and Hindus = the powerful hostile majority;

(4) Authorities (policemen) picking on Muslims = Hindu = Hindutva misrule and minority oppression;

(5) Riot victims = always Muslims (to be shown as always in panic or running mode) – thereby successfully reinforcing Hindu India into a hostile, savage jungle where minority lambs and sheep have to spend their entire lives constantly running and trying to hide;

(6) Christian nuns = benevolent rescuers, selfless servers and constantly in the risk of getting raped anytime. “Confirming” that Hindu-majority India can have no decent human rights performance, and Christianity (read: western helping hand) has no welcome or appreciation from the barbarians;

(7) Blue-bodied Rama = Hindu icon = inspiration behind the violent, fanatical, irrational, insensitive, dehumanised Hindu; inspiration behind “Hindu communalism” (the Sangh parivar — Rama connection established) = a dark (“blue” — as also in Kali) symbol that can even turn a pre-teen kid into a raging bloodthirsty hate-filled fanatic;

8. Bombay police = the authority, the ruling power, the law-keeper of Hindu India = always picking on the Muslims = intolerant and suspicious of help from outside = helps the Hindu fanatics with the power of their uniforms, therefore making the prevalent law-and-order situation, human rights records and civic/public life and insecurity of minorities under Hindu majority rule “very obvious”;

(9) The Christian church = the white, Christian first-world western “helping-hand” trying to make things better for the Hindu masses, trying to rescue, humanize and enlighten them, but constantly hounded by the hostile, savage heathens, who cannot go on with their evil if the church is allowed to flourish and people are made “aware” and “emancipated”;

(10) Amnesty International = another form of the white, Christian, first-world western hand, extended to the downtrodden dehumanized Hindu India, but which is not allowed by the authorities, law-keepers and the public (the powerful and unrestrained Hindu majority) to do its work for the poverty-ridden heathen Hindus in peace, but is constantly harassed and forced to try to work under very “challenging and hostile conditions.”

With these ingredients — the essential ‘masalas,’ the great Indian feast of cow-caste-curry (to use the phrase coined by Rajiv Malhotra) is served before the champagne-caviar-and-red-carpet circuit at Cannes film festival.

The narcissist has his fill of his essential narcissistic supply. In fact, he satiates himself with it, gloating over the fact that only his modern, advanced, first-world, Christian west holds the key to the emancipation, humanization and the enlightenment of Hindu India via foreign direct investment, globalization, evangelization, Amnesty International, Deepa Mehta, and Miss Teresa (Saint of Gutters).

After the cooking is done, carefully suited to the palate of the targeted customer, the terms and phrases can be pulled out from the ever-ready stock-in-trade pile of high-sounding “critical-review” argot — “intricate and cleverly structured,” “breathless,” “as drama and as a look at a country increasingly entering the world spotlight,” “a modern fairy tale,” “a sensory blowout”, “one-of-the most-upbeat-stories-about-living-in-hell-imaginable”, “bright, cheery, hard-to-resist movie”, “a high-octane-hybrid-of-Danny-Boyle’s-patented-cinematic-overkill-and-Bollywood’s-ultra-energetic-genre-conventions,” “sprawling-madly-romantic-fairy-tale-epic-is-the-kind-of deep-dish-audience-rouser” …. and so on.

The more a film on India is pessimistic, dark, pejorative, and dehumanizingly objectifying, the more thrilling for the narcissist is his ego-masturbation. For now, he is done constructing an image of the “other” vis-a-vis which he can feel very good about himself and can gather a sense of grandiosity — by way of the film being more “breathless” and “a sensory blowout” and “bright, cheery hard-to-resist” – with the occasional self-reminder that it is still after all a movie on the “other’s” “living in *hell*”.

It is really as simple as that. There is no mystery at all, and there is no reason why you or anyone else should miss it and wonder why “contemporary film making seems to have appreciated little of these ground realities” and why “instead we find a rehash of the old and improbable rags to riches story in an ultra-regressive style.”

It is also not at all a question of whether any side got the *historical records and facts* straight, so that we need to ask: “When was the last time in Indian History when an unprovoked Hindu population took to violence?” The things is, this kind of a thing is not refuted or controverted in the first place — never is it attempted — it is only and simply *evaded*.

But there is the other side to it — the side that is always up to us to actualize. Colonized peoples — the “other” — in all cultures, are never just passively informed by Western representations of it, even when they are made to internalize that representation over a period of time. They too, remain creative agents, who retain the freedom to rethink, reshape and redeploy themselves in new ways in response to and even in subversion of the pecking order.

The Hindu diaspora in the west exemplifies that in many ways, big and small. As was in the previous century, Indians today do not by any means have to remain passive and unreflective (save only being reactionary and touchy), merely restricting themselves into a two-options-only perimeter of consciously or subconsciously accepting/internalizing the projections and representations imposed on them, or reacting to them in ways that play into the hands of the “other” and reinforce their constructions in their minds even more.

On the contrary, we too have (in fact, more than any other colonized society and culture anywhere) the potential, the ideas, the creativity and the resources to engage in a variety of appropriative and subversive strategies. Mimesis is always a two-way street, and peoples colonized or targeted for colonization have their own forms of mimesis, their own ways of returning the favour by imaginatively representing the colonial other — through mimicry, parody, and satire they can seize upon the narcissistic imaginings of the narcissist themselves, by turning them on their heads and manipulating them as a source of “counter-hegemonic” discourse. And I will say that we have failed to do that, to make use of that opportunity so far, right from the time of the “City of Joy” through “Fire” through “Slumdog Millionaire”.

But one fine example of a start in that direction will be – for instance — a Madhur Bhandarkar film. Tasting, sounding and feeling the way only a Madhur Bhandarkar film can taste, sound and feel – with perhaps, a title (in tune with those like “Fashion” or “Page 3”) like …. “Secular.” Or “Foreign Aid.”

And that should be entered for the Cannes film festival. And that would be a very fine and deadly example of holding a mirror up to a narcissistic civilization.


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The Emperor’s New Clothes

Arindam Chaudhuri’s review of ‘Slumdog.’

Don’t see “Slumdog Millionaire”. It sucks!

A phony poseur that has been made only to mock India for the viewing pleasure of the First World!!

The emperor’s new clothes! That’s “Slumdog Millionaire” for you… Five minutes into this celebrated patchwork of illogical clichés and you are struck by the jarring dialogues. The cumbersome delivery in a language which doesn’t come naturally to most of the actors sounds like someone scratching on walls with one’s finger nails; it ruins the possibility of a connection… Had this film been made by an Indian director, it would’ve been trashed as a rotting old hat, which literally stands out only because of its stench, but since the man making it happens to be from the West, we’re all left celebrating the emperor’s new clothes.

The film borrows an undoubtedly interesting narrative style – from films like “City of God” – but then uses it to weave in a collection of clichés from the Third World’s underbelly for the viewing pleasure of a First World audience. The real slumdog in the movie is not the main protagonist but India as a whole… The makers and those celebrating this movie’s hard-to-spot brilliance are actually serving up India as the accidental millionaire, which in fact happens to be a slumdog… and like shameless fools we are gloating over its success without realising that it makes a caricature out of India.

The film does not have the sincerity and honesty of a “Salaam Bombay” or a “City of Joy” and nor does this slime covered fairy tale have the integrity or the rootedness of the above mentioned scripts, or even a “Shantaram” for that matter; the soundtrack and the performance of the child actors are the only bits in the film which live up to the hype. The real slumdogs who’ve hit the jackpot after wallowing in acres of human waste are the makers of this film who are now raking in millions while those court jesters who’ve critiqued the film and showered tributes and awards need to ask themselves why, scores of years after our independence, they still feel the need to suck up to the gora sahibs.

It’s not a question of xenophobia… it’s definitely a well cinematographed film… but the film has no soul, especially after little Jamal has jumped off the train and become a teenager… The rest of the film is just a modern version of the West’s view of India where slums, slumdogs and Bollywoodian clichés have replaced the elephants and snake charmers. It’s a well made caricature of a country and a caricature can never be a Mona Lisa, for a masterpiece can’t be one dimensional juxtaposition of sadistic extremes… and that’s my grouse with the celebrations…

And I say all this not because I don’t know what is India. I know its poverty and the real statistics around it a little better than most others – especially the Indian film critics who have given “Slumdog…” an average of 4 to 4.5 stars! But the fact is that the film’s entire narration seems like the germination of a terribly sadistic and complex mind with the sole aim of satisfying the western idea of India – and its new found growth instincts at their cost – and it is done through a combination of illogical happenings in order to show everything in a disgustingly negative vein. Not that it doesn’t exist, but it surely doesn’t exist in this fictitious manner.

While “Salaam Bombay” had realism, “Slumdog…” is just every scrap of dirt picked up from every corner and piled up together to try and hit back at the growing might of India. And the awards almost seem like a sadistic effort to show the world – look we knew that this was India, and these are the slumdogs we are outsourcing our jobs to.

It stinks of racial arrogance and it’s such a shame now on second thought to see the Indian faces – including that of the undoubted master, AR Rahman – celebrating its success. There is nothing positive about the film and it seems that a deranged sadist has painted his insecure negative self in each and every character of the movie. It illogically shows every negative thing about India happening in the protagonist’s life… slums, open-air lavatories, riots, underworld, prostitution, brothels, child labour, begging, blinding and maiming of kids to make them into ‘better beggars’, petty peddlers, traffic jams, irresponsible call centre executives… everything apart from western pedophiles roaming around in Indian streets!!

And its winning of so many awards and nominations only goes on to prove strongly that the paradigm of cinema and recognition of films are in the hands of a few retarded imperialistic minds. It’s a crying shame that our media hasn’t seen through this ruse and is touting “Slumdog’s” nominations to claim that India is shining at the Oscars, while in fact it is lauding a film that mocks and ridicules the idea of ‘India’, pigeonholing its identity into the straitjacket of depraved poverty for a global audience.

When the West wanted Indians to embrace them and their companies to come to India and capture the lucrative markets, suddenly we had all the Indian women, some very beautiful and some not necessarily so, winning all the Miss Universe and Miss Worlds. Today, they are in a crisis and India is looking unstoppable despite its slums and poverty, and they are losing their businesses to us. Isn’t it the best time to paint India as the Slumdog Millionaire??

All in all, the film is nothing but an endorsement of an erstwhile imperial mindset of the West and its blinkered vision of India. An English master has made an Indian slumdog. Don’t even waste your time watching this film in the theatres. It sucks and there is nothing great in it as a film too. Amitabh Bachchan was spot on when he said that Bollywood has made far better mainstream films. Take out a DVD of one of his old films instead…


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“Great Insights” of P. Chidambaram

Did you hear the latest “Chindambaramism” from our newly installed home minister P. Chidambaram? He has liked “Slumdog Millionaire” and now is asking all Indians to feel “inspired” by it.

Chidambaram gives Slumdog Millionaire a thumbs up

I am surprised he has seen nothing wrong with the movie, its racial prejudice and its stereotyping of India as a land of unspeakable poverty, horrors, oppression, squalor and crime. The movie shows this as the “reality” of India. And to rub salt into our wounds, Chidambaram is asking us to feel “inspired” with this image of our country that has been projected to the whole world!

But then, Chidambaram is the same “leader” who had this to say about India:

India was never a rich country, says FM

India was a country where rivers of milk and honey used to flow, is a great historical myth, believes Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram.  “The poverty has always been there in India and whoever propounded the myth about India being a rich country is wrong,” he said. 
The old teaching that India was a country of milk and honey about five centuries ago was factually incorrect, Chidamabaram said. “Poverty was there and is still there in India, though prosperous pockets existed here and there,” he said. 
The finance minister said the books that propounded the glorious past of India were liable to be burnt.  

Arun Shourie said Chidambaram is the most over-rated finance minister ever. I agree. He has managed to run the economy into the ground in the last four years.

But, pray, why is he always trying to project that India is and always was a country of beggars and that the Britishers did all of us a favour by ruling us? There is something wrong with Chidambaram’s psychological make-up. I can smell a deep-rooted inferiority complex about his identity that simply refuses to go away. The more someone pisses on India and its civilisation, the more this man applauds.


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