How NGOs are Being Used by Missionaries

There are billions of dollars being sent by white Christians to India for “development work.” This money is what empowers missionaries and allows them to bribe poor Indians for conversion and build infrastructure such as churches, prayer halls, “community halls” and “Jesus wells.” (Jesus wells are wells in villages dug by missionaries from which you are allowed to draw water only if you agree to convert.) Every penny of this money being recieved from abroad has only one aim: convert Indians and uproot all native faiths and culture.

Without this funding from abroad, the missionary machinery will grind to a halt. The Indian government says this money is not a threat to national security. Well, it sure will be once enough number of people get converted. Is there any place in India where Christians or Muslims are in a majority and not fighting for secession from India, from Kashmir to North East states to Maoists of central India (90 percent of whose cadres are Christian converts)?

This money is nothing but “secession” money that is being sent to India by White Christians and must be stopped at all costs if Hindus still love their land. China and Russia do not allow this money from the West to enter their countries for “development” or “culture” or whatever excuse the White Christians can think of. It is only the “liberal” Hindus who do this good turn to them and allow their own feet to be cut slowly.

Once the missionaries manage to create a critical mass of Christian converts, their godfathers in the West will immediately trigger an armed terrorist movement against “Brahmanical oppression” of the flock and stake claim over the land on behalf of Jesus. (The same game White Christians have played in Nagaland.) Their strategy is: first convert, and then arm the converts. Indians better be careful. 

Have you heard of the Niyogi Committee report about activities of Christian missonaries? It had warned exactly the same thing. Read it here:

Here is an article about how NGOs are being set up by missionaries to carry out conversion rackets.

The operations of the Christian missionaries need to be diagnosed in order to understand the Kandhamal phenomenon. One may be surprised to note that the Christian community is not unanimous on conversions. There are more than 500 denominations among the Christians in India. Out of this, mainly three groups – Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal – are living in Orissa.

 The Catholic and Penticoastal missionaries are mainly active in Kandhamal. They run Churches by name such as Assembly of God or Church of God. There has been virtual rivalry between these two denominations and they follow the principal of business chain in attracting people to their fold. For example, each visitor to the Church will be asked to bring minimum one or two new persons in the next visit to the Church. They allegedly take care the daily wages of the financially weaker visitors to the Church. They stress on the constant human touch in maintaining relationships with the people of their denominations.

These Christian missionaries are very cleverly using Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to reach unreached people. They allegedly either sponsor the NGOs or ask their own men to form NGOs under the Registrar of Societies Act or Indian Trust Act.

These Christian funded NGOs have constructed Community Halls in Kandhamal. The ventilators of these Community Halls are made in the shape of Cross symbol. After people start gathering to have meetings in these Committee Halls for the issues related to the concerned areas, they gradually place either cross symbol or photograph of Jesus in the main hall. And, a pastor starts teaching them about the Bible both in morning and evening in these Community Halls.

The pastor is shown as a social worker on the official records of one these Christian sponsored NGOs. The academically poor, backward caste and downtrodden youth are targeted to join as pastors. They are moulded emotionally, psychologically and mentally with a free food, lodging and medical facilities for one year.

One should understand the modus operandi of these missionaries. The Catholic and Pentecostal missionaries enter an areas in the name of helping children or destitutes. They identify the children of the poor families in a village. Based on these children, they chalk out the community development programme of that area up to 15 years. They target the tender hearts to bring them into their fold. They are more interested in children homes instead of building old age homes.

Well, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and the Westerners sure love their money as much as anyone else. So why are they willing to send billions of dollars to India every year for “development”? Do Hindus have any idea what the bill for this free lunch will be? The organised religions and the armies of zombies they create are truly a curse on the entire humanity.



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3 responses to “How NGOs are Being Used by Missionaries

  1. Anonymous

    Hinduism has a long history of violence. They made devi dasis of buddhist nuns, started violence in Calcutta during independence and there was Babri Masjid, Godhra and Kandhamal.

    • agnostic Yupp!!!

      Yes, exactly! Hindus are evil, Racist, fanatic, murdurers, rapist, facist and what not! Now that this has been settled, why the hell don’t you get your sorry ass out of our country, go to pakistan and enjoy a typical Paki life? Bon Voyage. Try not to get killed. Be weary of ‘Allah Fuc-kbar BOOM’.

  2. ram

    such a great website and I will promote this website in facebook and everywhere i can..At Least some one knows whats happening in the world!!

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