Myths of Gujarat Riots

Myth 1: 2,000 Muslims were killed in the Gujarat riots
Myth 2: Muslims were ‘butchered’ in Gujarat
Myth 3: Whole of Gujarat was burning
Myth 4: The Gujarat police turned a blind eye to the rioting
Myth 5: Gujarat police was anti-Muslim
Myth 6: Gujarat riots were the ‘worst ever massacre’ in India
Myth 7: Only Muslims were rendered homeless and suffered economically
Myth 8: The Gujarat government was involved in the riots
Myth 9: Gujarat riots were like the 1984 anti-Sikh riots
Myth 10: Gujarat became a dangerous place to live in, in 2002
Myth 11:  In Ehsan Jafri’ case, women were raped
Myth 12: The photo of Qutubuddin Ansari is genuine

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