Mischief Money from Other Countries

The “Times of India” newspaper has reported that foreign funding to NGOs in India has seen a massive boost of 56 percent in the last one year. It now totals a staggering 2.5 billion dollars or so annually. This amounts to a mind-boggling Rupees one thousand crores every month– enough to destablise the country many times over. Most of this money from other countries is coming, it is claimed, for the benefit of “cultural and religious” institutions. Our friend to the West, Pakistan, has also begun to fund quite a few NGOs in India.

Considering this massive inflow of foreign funds in the name of “culture,” India should logically have become the most cultured country in the world by now. It obviously is yet to attain this distinction. So the big question is: Where is this money actually going? Is it going into the pockets of Maoists in the jungles of Chhattisgarh to pay salaries to their cadres? (The money is usually routed to them through the churches that dot the jungles.) Is it being used for conversions to Christianity?

Is it being used to build new churches and mosques in every nook and corner of India? Is this money meant for the Christian terrorists of North Eastern states ? Is it being used to take as many resident Indians on the payrolls of foreigners as possible so that the NGOs that these Indians staff can be used to protest against everything from Tata Nano to Narmada Dam to Hindu festivals to arrest of terrorists?

Interestingly, a huge chunk of this money is specifically going to Tamil Nadu. What is the reason? After floating the Aryan-Dravidian theory, are the White Christians now trying to Christianise the “Dravidians”? (Incidentally, the word “Dravidian” was coined by a British missonary, Robert Caldwell.) What is so much foreign money doing in Tamil Nadu?

Why is the Indian government allowing billions of dollars from other races to land in India every year? Russia and China do not allow other countries to fund their NGOs. Is Indian government smarter than the Russian or Chinese strategists or is it actually quite foolish? With regard to this “charity” money being poured into India by hostile races from far away, Indians should get one thing very clear: “In this world, there is no such thing as a free lunch. They will have to pay the bill one day in terms of their territorial integrity.” Capiche?

Foreign funds to Indian NGOs soar, Pak among donors

Statistics released by the home ministry regarding ‘foreign funds to NGOs’ show that India, which has a total of 33,937 registered associations, received Rs 12,289.63 crore in foreign contributions during 2006-07 as against Rs 7,877.57 crore in 2005-06, a substantial increase of nearly Rs 4,400 crore (56%) in just one year.

The US, Germany, the UK, Switzerland and Italy were the top five foreign contributors during 2006-07. These five countries have consistently been the big donors since 2004-05. Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and France are the other countries which figure prominently in the list of foreign donors.

The US has been the biggest donor to Indian NGOs in the last several years. It contributed over Rs 2,971 crore in 2006-07 alone. As far as Pakistan is concerned, the country contributed Rs 43.28 lakh in 2004-05, Rs 71.70 lakh in 2005-06 and Rs 21.99 lakh in 2006-07. ………..

Among the states, Tamil Nadu has the distinction of having the highest number of registered associations (3,009) and getting the highest amount of foreign contributions in India.


Here is an example of the mad rush among the NGOs in India to get a slice of the funds pouring in from abroad.

NGOs ‘hijack’ tribal kids to fill orphanages




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9 responses to “Mischief Money from Other Countries

  1. I believe this typical of India, every third person I meet propose an idea to open an NGO and transfer foreign funds…not only the system is corrupt, but it’s as kislay put…disturbing.

  2. Here is the link to the actual report … http://www.mha.gov.in/fcra/annual/ar2006-07.pdf

    As expected, overwhelming majority of funds are from Christian Missionaries for Christian Missionries in India.

    Here is analysis from Last Year’s Report http://www.sanghparivar.org/blog/sjain/hpi-christian-institutions-top-list-of-ngos-operating-in-india-in-2007

  3. sanjaychoudhry

    Sanjeev: All foriegn funds to religious and cultural institutions should be banned. Foriegn funding should strictily be restricted to manufacturing sector, like China does. The outsiders should be told to open factories in India and create employment with their money. There is no need for them to strive to empower Indians culturally. We are doing just fine, thank you.

    The money of White Christians pouring into India is the source of all insurgencies and social strife, from North East terrorists to Maoists of Central India. This money goes straight into the coffers of churches stituated in the tribal areas of Chattisgarh, Andhra, Orissa, etc, from where it is handed over to the Maoists to buy arms and pay salaries to their cadres, or is used to bribe poor people to convert and then make them hostile to fellow Hindus. There is not a single benefit of this money for Hindus or India. It is essentially subversion money.

  4. Sanjay, how true is the fact that the major English media channels are funded by the kind of organizations you mentioned ? Like CNN-IBN and Southern Baptitst Church ?

  5. sanjaychoudhry

    The funding sources of English media in India is nothing less than a cloak-and-dagger story. I heard that deals were sturck some years ago in posh London and New York hotels by Indian media barons (who are nothing but Westernised, rootless scions of some business families enjoying inherited wealth) with American funding organisations. The Indian media houses do not tell clearly how much stake is owned in them by which foreign agency and how it influences their editorial policy. They operate like a mafia with wheels within wheels and layers upon layers.

    I did not write that CNN-IBN is funded by Southern Baptists, but the author of the article I quoted did. However, by editorial coverage of media houses of India, there is a strong circumstantial evidence of evangelical funding.

    How to identify these scoundrels who have accepted foreign funding from questionable sources and are now acting like modern-day Trojan Horses? Well, look out for English newspapers published from Delhi and Mumbai and a sensationalist monthly magazine which keep carrying fake news about “dalit persecution” and BJP bashing, and employ more than the usual number of Christian reporters and editors. This is a tell tale sign of church funding.

    Also, look out for the Johnny-come-lately “media barons” who were ordinary news anchors some years ago in some English news channels, but suddenly started news channels of their own and overnight became owners from being mere employees. These people most certainly have White Christians as their god-fathers.

  6. I think the idea is good but you need to modify it a little.

    • Aashish Singh

      Namaskar all,

      How about Rakhi Sawant in the recently concluded “Rakhi ka Swayamvar” on NDTV imagine. She kept on blabbering that she believe in Jesus. Jesus Jesus and Jesus. Well having faith in anyone is fine. But when a Hindu by birth changes his/her faith or propose to do so then there’s really something fishy about it.

      Let me state this clearly, if you find someone in this world changing his/her faith, its fine, and you should not be amazed as long as that person is not an Hindu. Anyone, ANYONE in this world shifting his faith to some other is fine except when an Hindu does. You know why? See Hinduism has given you choice of 33,000 Crore devi-devtas to choose from, pick anyone and start worshiping, get bored worshiping one switch to another. Why change faith.

      Secondly, you won’t find a religion as subtle, pure and so open as Hinduism in whole of the Universe. You can’t create any better religion than Hinduism. Hinduism is like open source operating system, Linux, you add you own sensible stuff, experiment with it yourself no one will mind. Follow it your way or don’t follow it that’s also fine, no one cares. You won’t find any faith as simple to follow without even following it and still people want to quit it? Something really fishy?

      You switch from complete freedom to slavery of some sort (or to less freedom) and you then give me some damn reason for doing that. Doesn’t make sense to me? That’s why i say when someone switch from Hinduism or atleast pretend to do so, something really fishy about it.

      About Rakhi Sawant, NDTV imagine must have paid her few crores at least in saying that several times during the course of the show. Who knows. It’s just another propaganda by the missionaries. “Hey look even the celebrity is changing her faith, there must be something really good about it”.

      And then as the modern Bhartiye society has been raised. Read English, speak English, wear English, listen English music do whatever they do, follow them completely they are your masters. Being English defines what perfection is.

      Once this has been feed in the mind and people see it happening all around them, and find everyone else following the same thing for decades their original faith gets diluted and then its easy to break them apart. Ultimately this process will speed up exponentially and will be hard to stop.

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