United in Delusions: The Hoax of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is one of the most successful creations of the American propaganda machinery of the 20th century. She was a woman who had “greatness thrust upon her” by a gang of American Bible-thumpers and the Vatican clergy, both of whom are in the business of manufacturing Christian saints. However, many people — both Westerners and Indians — refused to buy into the story without any confirmation. They investigated the “Teresa cult” and discovered some ugly truths, including the fact that there was a lot of smoke without fire in Calcutta.

Here is a book written by a Bengali Indian which is simply explosive. You can read its introduction and first three chapters online.  

Mother Teresa The Final Verdict
By Aroup Chatterjee 


About the Book:

Does Mother Teresa deserve her reputation as the kindest, purest person of all time, or was she history’s most over-rated phenomenon?

Media built her up no doubt, but the author alleges that that she herself was the source of much of the misinformation surrounding her. He documents that Mother Teresa used spurious statistics and made exaggerated and unfounded claims throughout her life, including in her Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

An entrenched hatred of artificial contraception and abortion (for any reason, including rape, child-abuse and incest) was her psychological driving force. She used the poor as pawns in her ambition, much of it being political, and driven by the Vatican. She has been called a lover of poverty, rather than the poor. She glorified poverty and suffering, but for others. She herself received the best medical care possible; in Calcutta she used the exclusive Woodlands Clinic and Birla Heart Institute. But residents at her home for the dying in Calcutta received neither treatment nor dignity.

Mother Teresa maintained an obsessive secrecy about her accounts and declined to publish them, possibly because most of her money was spent on religious rather than charitable activities. She wrote a letter to an American judge to exonerate Charles Keating, the biggest documented fraudster in US history. Keating gave her millions and also lent her his private jet.

The author says that Mother Teresa harmed Calcutta irreparably and seriously damaged the city’s economic prospects. The city’s dent in reputation through her association is not compensated by the modest level of charity she performed there. Chatterjee maintains that a large section of Indians, especially the rich and powerful was enthralled by and connived with her. Indians generally, still burdened with psychological colonialism, capitulated before her. Calcuttans did not protest at their city’s calumny because of the Indian pusillanimity before the white man, and the fear of ruffling Western feathers.

Although professing to be tolerant towards other religions, she has been captured on video (at the Scripps Clinic, California) gloating about secretive conversion of dying people.

This book reveals the REAL Teresa. It is also a vivid account of the power of the media, of East-West interaction – to do with the syndrome of the white man’s burden and Eastern vulnerability and insecurity.

Aroup Chatterjee now lives and works in England. He has lived in Calcutta most of his life. He is an atheist.

The truth about the Mother Teresa hoax is littered all over the Internet. Look at this story: 


Then, of course, there is the famous book by Christopher Hitchens, The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa In Theory And Practice.

Here is the much-quoted interview of Hitchens: http://www.lipmagazine.org/articles/featpostel_56_p.htm

The deliberate lies, exaggerations, intellectual dishonesty and the wilful participation of American and European elite and intellectuals in the Teresa hoax does give you an insight into the Western mind and Western worldview. The same kind of hoax is perpetrated when Western intellectuals write about the history or social systems of other races. (See “Monkey Business of American Historians” post below.) What is the reason for this kind of intellectual dishonesty by the Western elite that we see in these cases? How can an entire race be so united in delusions of its own making? Truly, it is a tempting case for psychologists.

Talking about hoaxes, here is another one. It seems Hitler also got a taste of the “truth” manufactured by Anglo-Saxons.

Who really snubbed Jesse Owens?




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2 responses to “United in Delusions: The Hoax of Mother Teresa

  1. hari

    “An entrenched hatred of artificial contraception and abortion (for any reason, including rape, child-abuse and incest) was her psychological driving force. She used the poor as pawns in her ambition, much of it being political, and driven by the Vatican.”
    Calcutta has recently renamed itself Kolkata, in line with the Bengali pronunciation and with a renaming in the case of two other Indian metropolises. The touch of colonialism, still felt after its death, is shaken off a little by the gesture, many would say, shrugged free of; but it is only a gesture.
    IN THE SAME WAY it should recover from the Hoax of Mother Teresa.

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