Another One Bites the Dust

Translated from “Dainik Jagaran” newspaper:

Sonal Shah Breaks all Ties with VHP

Sonal Shah, who is a member of the advisory panel of the newly elected American President Barak Obama, has broken off all ties with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). The Indian origin Shah took this step after criticism of VHP in the US by some groups.

Disassociating herself from the American branch of VHP, Shah said that if she has known about the role of VHP in the 2002 riots in India, she would never have taken its membership. Sonal had joined the VHP in 2001 and was heading its cultural department.

This Google official in a statement published in National Journal said that the Gujarat “genocide” of 2002 was one of the most terrible occurrences of modern India. In an email sent to her supporters, she has asked for their help in getting out of the accusations being hurled at her because of her association with VHP. She has said in the letter that she is apprehensive she may be told to resign from Obama’s advisory panel due to this.

Is getting appointed “Rai Bahadur” at the court of the White man more important than the salt of one’s land? A hundred years ago, there were many Rai Bahadurs in India, all strutting around like a peacock with their shiny Queen Victoria’s medals and colorful ribbons. Where are those Rai Bahadurs now? All have dissappeared unsung into the dust of history.

It is much better to repay the debt we all have to the salt of our land than refuse to honour it for a few shiny trinkets offered by other races which will be forgotten in a few years. This itch seems to strike only the Indians. How many Chinese Rai Bahadurs exist in the US? How many of them are ready to denounce Chinese cultural and religious organisations and the Communist Party in return for positions of influence in Obama administration? 

Talent and hard work are a fair price to pay for success in a foreign land. But when the Indians are asked to abandon their own beliefs and forced to connive against their own culture and civilisation in return for personal advancement, they should have the guts to show the middle finger to Gora Sahibs.


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  1. Sootradhaar

    Gr8 articulation! Although this was not @ all a surprise! Sonal sure knows which side the bread is buttered… :p

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