Monkey Business of American ‘Historians’

I received an email a few days ago from a group of Indian nationalist historians based in the US. This group has been waging a lonely struggle against the machinations of mischievous White Christian historians of American universities.

In the latest assault, an American professor, Dr. Karen Carr of Portland State University, has written a “Ramayana Project for the Kids.” In this, she has claimed that Ramayana is merely a north Indian book that accuses South Indians of being sub-human “bad monkeys.”

Here is what she originally wrote on the University website:

The Ramayana is partly about the Aryans trying to invade the people of southern India. It’s an Aryan story, and they show the people of southern India as bad monkeys – not even human. How should we feel about this? Should we not perform the play? Should we try to show that Hanuman and the monkeys are people too? How could we rewrite the play from the point of view of the southern Indians?

Predictably, this outraged all Indians — whether from north or south — and a flurry of emails was sent to the professor and the head of the history department of the University. You can follow this exchange on this link: After rebuffing the Indians for some days, the reference to “bad monkeys” was quietly removed from the website. Now, it reads something like this:

The Ramayana is partly a metaphor for the Aryans trying to invade the people of southern India. It’s a North Indian story, and it shows the North Indians as the good guys and the South Indians as the bad guys. How should we feel about this? In South India, some people tell this story with the good guys and the bad guys reversed. How would that change the story?

This is still not good enough. Though direct abuse has been removed, it still drips with poison against the Indians. It is effectively saying that: (i) Aryan invasion theory is correct (no proof is required). (ii) Ramayana is essentially a north Indian story. (iii) It is a story of how the Aryans from north India subjugated the South Indians. (iv) It shows north Indians as the good guys and south Indians as the bad guys. (v) How should the world feel about this terrible way the north Indians have been treating the south Indians? 

Is this lesson about history or politics? The political agenda of this White Christian professor is clear: create hatred among South Indians for North Indians and show Hinduism as a north Indian import that is a symbol of their slavery. Essentially, it is one more step in the long-term agenda of Anglo Saxons of establishing South India as an independent Christian country. The moves they  have been making over the years to achieve this are quite sinister. About 90 percent of all funding sent to India by churches of Anglo Saxon nations is being focused exclusively on Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The big question is: Why? I have also observed that somebody is going around planting articles in the media — including in a weekly news magazine of “secular dispensation” — about how north India is totally different from south India in terms of culture, traditions, people, economic progress and language. North Indians and south Indians are being subtly brainwashed against each other.

The Indian government should keep an eye on American professors (most of whom are Bible-thumping White supremacists), especially in the fields of history, sociology and anthropology. These academicians usually work in tandem with the church and CIA and their “scholarship” is geared toward creating mischief and civil unrest in countries around the world to pursue the political agenda of the White race. These charlatans prostitute their profession and will deliver any kind of research that they feel is the need of the hour for pursuing Christianity’s and White man’s agenda of expansion in any part of the world.

What Happened in Rwanda

The same racist game was played by these White Christian “scholars” in Rwanda where they managed to create a civil war between Hutus and Tutsis by propagating the Rwandan version of Aryan Invasion Theory. They claimed (without any proof, of course)  that Tutsis were a foreign race (Aryans) that had invaded Rwanda thousands of years ago and subjugated the Hutus (the Dravidians) who were the original inhabitants of the land.

The Rwandan churches and missionaries spread this racist ideology through their schools. Missionary “historians” wrote books about this. Seeds of hatred were patiently sown in a hitherto-peaceful land where Hutus and Tutsis had lived peacefully throughout history with absolutely no history of conflict. Once sufficient poison was injected into national discourse by White Christians, the tinder box was lit, the country degenerated into civil war and hundreds of thousands of Tutsis got massacred by Hutus alleging that the Tutsis were “outsiders” to Rwanda. (The nuns and church priests are reported to have helpfully supplied gasoline to Hutus to burn down Tutsi houses.)

Tribal conflict was unknown in Africa before the White Christians arrived swinging clubs and subjugated the Blacks. Now, tribal hatred is the norm in that hapless continent. Africa was a land of peace and prosperity that turned into the Dark Continent after the White man arrived. This tribal warfare and social hatred is the gift that White Christian sociologists and historians and vendors of the Religion of Love gave the Africans.

The same “gift” is now being offered to Indians through the Aryan Invasion Theory and by brainwashing impressionable kids that Ramayana is a north Indian book written by invading Aryans who call south Indians as ‘bad monkeys.”  Indians have to be very careful of this mischief of American professors. The White man and his church have always loved a good genocide in pagan lands. This is how they make gains in the world — by roiling the waters of heathens. We have to be wary and on our guard. 

Is the Indian government watching? This is what it should do:

1. Put these professors on the visa black list and bar them from entering India. They can vend their racist theories of hatred elsewhere. They are social arsonists, and should not be given access to one’s country to light up fires.

2. Make it a criminal offense to propagate Aryan Invasion Theory in India. This theory then and now has only one purpose: to lead north Indians and south Indians to a civil war with the ultimate objective of turning south India into a separate Christian country which will be a “major non-Nato ally.”

3. Ask for proof of Aryan Invasion Theory from these so-called academicians. The same “proof” that they offer of similarities between Indian and European languages (Celtic has 200 Sanskrit words in it even today) that is used to “prove” Aryans came to India from Europe can be easily used to “prove” that Aryans went from India to Europe. Why should one conclusion be entertained and the other conclusion banned? This is most likely what happened when the Saraswati river dried up. One branch of those people went eastward toward the banks of the Ganges. The other branch moved westward to Iran and then on to Europe. 

This is the “Out of India” theory ( that was originally propounded by White scholars, but hastily abandoned when they realised that this would mean that Indians have seeded the European civilisation.  This common-sensical theory was beyond their tolerance levels and notions of White Supremacy. So they turned the story around and began to claim that it was actually the “White” Aryans who came to India from Europe and seeded Indian civilisation. How convenient!  “Indology” studies are the only branch of history where happily no proof is ever required. It is the happy hunting ground of all White racist professors with a fertile imagination. It is the duty of every Indian — “Aryan” or “Dravidian” — to cook their goose.



Dr. Karen Carr has kindly emailed me her reply to this blog post. It is reproduced below.

You might want to correct your impression that I’m a Christian; I am not a Christian, nor is my heritage Christian. I’m sorry you got the impression that I think North Indians today are racists; that is not my intention.

The website is about India before 1500 AD, and that particular page refers to the time when the Ramayana was written, about 300 BC. Surely we can agree that people living in 300 BC might have been racists, without that saying anything about people today? I have similar things to say about other long-ago people on these pages:

As for the suggestion that the Indian government should make it illegal to have free and open academic debate in your country, I can only hope that you will see that to convince people of the truth, a logical argument with evidence is more useful than a police crackdown.

Karen Carr
2007 NE 25th Avenue Portland OR 97212 USA



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22 responses to “Monkey Business of American ‘Historians’

  1. anonymoustruthwriter

    Well, the real intention of American academicians is to portray India in the following light: There are a group of genetically superior and culturally advanced, “Hindu North Indians” who are similar to Whites(Aryans) and look similar to them (white/pale skin and European features) and their is a subjugated and inferior race of “south Indians” who look like Blacks in America i.e dark skinned and more native features. And that North Indian Aryans keep feeling superior and are racist towards South Indian Dravidians, and that everybody in India, especially the dark-skinned inferior south indians want to look white and attain white features. They keep playing this BS in Indian media and though the darker featured Indians might be buying the idea of looking paler because of the media hype and just because it is a little “exotic to them”,”the try to look white” is pure BS. I don’t know why Indian media and industry keeps allowing this shit to flout across the country. Its up to the good sense of the Indian to consciously avoid such divisive stuff. Basically what white academicians and professors are trying to say is that “you have your own racists in India like we do. They are called Hindu North Indians and they look like us North American Whites (or European Whites)”. They would try to sell this idea as much as possible in the name of “academic debate and intellectual freedom” or whatever buzzwords they can come up with to spread lies in the name of truth, research and debate. Now it is up-to to Indian government and sensible Indians to keep this propaganda in its place or face the consequences of allowing seeds of hatred and prejudice to be sown in the country.

    • somesh

      So,you are Christian communist.

    • Nagbhatta

      So,you think that you are well informed ,we Hindus are not.

    • Nagbhatta

      So,you want to introduce ethnic clashes

    • Nagbhatta

      So,you want to break India into mutual hostile camps,as your masters have been done in Rawanda.

    • Nagbhatta

      So,you want to repeat the history of Hutu tutsi massacre in India.

    • niraj

      So ,you want to Christianize India ,that is nothing but surrogate westernization.

    • niraj

      So,you are silent….your silence exposed the motive of western ideologists.

    • niraj

      So,you are the traitor …..want to fall India under thousand year of slavery.

    • shankar

      • An Indian tragedy: Aryan invasion theory:
      Scientists had long ago dismissed the idea of the Aryan race .
      All this makes abundantly clear that theories based on the Aryan myth are modern European creations that have little to do with ancient India. The word Arya appears for the first time in the Rig Veda, India’s oldest text. Hitler did not invent it. The idea of Aryans as a superior race was already in the air— in Europe, not India.
      • An African tragedy: Tutsi invasion theory:
      When we look at the map of middle Africa, we see two little countries named Rwanda and Burundi, bordering on Zaire (or the Democratic Republic of Congo). As reported in the Western media, these countries are inhabited by two supposedly different ethnic groups, the so-called Hutus and Tutsis. The ethnic composition of these two countries is as follows.
      Rwanda: Hutu 84%, Tutsi 15%, Twa (Pygmies) 1%
      Burundi: Hutu 85%, Tutsi 14%, Twa 1%
      In other words, their compositions hardly differ at all. But according to Western anthropologists, mainly colonial bureaucrats and missionaries, the Tutsi are supposed to be a Hamitic people, a race that was often intermixed with the whiter races of the North, notably from Ethiopia and Egypt, which in their turn were intermixed with some West Asiatic people, mainly the Hittites, by repeated invasions from the North. These people, the Tutsis, are supposed to have arrived from the North and not native to Rwanda.
      This in essence is the Tutsi invasion theory, the African version of the Aryan invasion theory. The similarities are startling, even to the extent of the Dravidians in India being preceded by earlier inhabitants, the aborigines (the so-called adi-vasis), who have their African counterpart in the Pygmies. So we have the African Pygmy-Hutu-Tutsi sequence corresponding to the Indian aborigines-Dravidian-Aryan scheme.
      As with the Aryan theories and their various offshoots, this Tutsi-Hutu division has no factual basis. They speak the same language, have a long history of intermarriage and have many cultural characteristics in common. Differences are regional rather than racial, which they were not aware of until the Europeans made it part of their politics and propaganda.
      The explosion came following independence form colonial rule. Repeated violence after independence fueled this hatred driven by this supposed ethnic difference and the concocted history of the Tutsi invasion and oppression. Some 2.5 million people were massacred in this fratricidal horror of wars and genocides.
      Why did India not go the way of Rwanda-Burundi? Not for lack of trying but because the cultural foundation of Hinduism proved too strong. It defeated the designs of politicians and propagandists masquerading as scholars. It is no coincidence that Rwanda and Burundi had been converted to Christianity, preparing the ground for sectarian conflict. Several church figures, including priests and nuns have been found guilty of complicity in the Tutsi massacres. As in India, Christianity was a colonial tool and missionaries little more than imperial agents.

    • niraj

      So,you are not only supporter of Liberation theologists or Christian communists (also called Christian terrorists) ,but also supporter of Han (tribe) imperialists or pseudo-communists(also called Chinese) to Balkanize India.

      So, Christianize India means Balkanize India ,through discovering fault line with available data of Josue Project(including 150 million Christian computers) ,spreading mis information about history,introducing ethnic clashes,conducting civil war,genocide, homicide , financed by western countries including U.S.A.with the help of supplied arms and ammunitions by China and after all breaking India give one part to China.
      If you are Indian,then (only) you are a traitor.

    • niraj

      Actually you are neo-Christian ( non -christian) after adopting Liberation Theology…..biggest threat of world.
      We have a good name for you …”Asura.”

  2. anonymoustruthwriter

    oh, forgot to add, what would follow is the claim that disgruntled suppressed “black South Indian dravidians” must embrace Christianity and rebel against the racist North Indian Hindus in order to gain respect and acceptance in society, which would directly contribute to the cause of evangelization of India; Racial stereotyping is more or less a british phenomenon and originated to protect their elite, see this excerpt from wikipedia,

    “Historically in Great Britain and Ireland whiteness may have been associated with social status. Aristocrats may have had less exposure to the sun, and therefore a pale complexion may have been associated with status and wealth. This may be the origin of “blue blood” as a description of royalty, the skin being so lightly pigmented that the blueness of the veins could be clearly seen.[57] The change in the meaning of white that occurred in the colonies (see above) to distinguish Europeans from non-Europeans did not apply to ‘home’ countries. Whiteness therefore retained a meaning associated with social status. During the nineteenth century, when the British Empire was at its peak, many of the bourgeoisie and aristocracy developed extremely chauvinistic attitudes to those of lower social rank. Edward Lhuyd discovered that Welsh, Gaelic, Cornish and Breton are all part of the same language family, which he called “Celtic,” and were distinct from the Germanic English; this can be seen in context with nineteenth century romantic nationalism. On the other hand the discovery of Anglo-Saxon remains also lead to a belief that the English were descended from a distinct Germanic lineage that was fundamentally (and racially) different to that of the Celts. Early British anthropologists such as John Beddoe and Robert Knox emphasised this distinction, and it was common to find texts that claimed that Welsh and Irish people are the descendants of the indigenous more “primitive” inhabitants of the islands, while the English, are the descendants of a more advanced and recent “Germanic” migration. Beddoe especially referred to Welsh and Irish people as Africanoid, and it was common to find references to the swarthyness of the skin of peoples for the west of the islands, by comparison to the more pale skinned and blond English. For example Thomas Huxley’s “On the Geographical Distribution of the Chief Modifications of Mankind” (1870) described Irish, Scots and Welsh peoples as a mixture of “melanochroi” (melano – dark coloured), and “xanthochroi”, while the the English were “xanthochroi” (xanthro – yellow). Just as race reified whiteness in the colonies, so capitalism without social welfare reified whiteness with regards to social class in nineteenth century Britain and Ireland; this social distinction of whiteness became, over time, associated with racial difference. For example George Sims in How the poor live (1883) wrote of “…a dark continent that is within easy reach of the General Post Office… the wild races who inhabit it will, I trust, gain public sympathy as easily as [other] savage tribes”[58] and Count Gobineau in The Inequality of Human Races wrote the following:

    Every social order is founded upon three social classes, each of which represents a racial variety: the nobility, a more or less accurate reflection of the conquering race; the bourgeoisie composed of mixed stock coming close to the chief race; and the common people who live in servitude or at least in a very depressed position.[59]”

  3. Alexwebmaster

    Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here

  4. Padmanabhan

    So,you are powered by bush doctrine and informed by Jesua project.

  5. niraj

    Assault on Indian democracy and the unity of India by Christian
    communism (Liberation Theology), financed by china banks ( church tax collected rom western countries) ,sophisticated arms supplied by China powered by Bush doctrine(just war theory), controlled by Baptist church of India ,a new version of crusade (the so called holy war)

    (1)Shocking Stories from Assam – Gun Point Conversions by Christian Terrorists by Manmasi National Christian Army
    This group of miscreants, dressed in black with a red cross on their back, along with arms, enter from Tipaimukh through Barak river by boat and mount Bhuvan Pahar. They threatened and asked the Hindu people of Tezpur village, including the priest of this famous Hindu temple, to convert into Christianity.
    (2)Atrocities On Hindus of Meghalaya(North-East India)
    More than 25 thousand Hindu(belonging to Rabha tribe) has been forced to leave their villages and took shelter in Assam
    (3)In Tripura:
    For decades Tripuras indigenous tribal population has been dragged out of their homes and forced to convert to Christianity under threat of violence. Whenever any of the tribals organize Hindu festivals or rituals, the terrorist groups attack to desecrate and kill the participants. There have been incidents of issuing a ban on the Hindu festivals of Durga Pooja and Saraswati Pooja. The NLFT manifesto says that they want to expand what they describe as the kingdom of God and Christ in Tripura. The hill tribe Jamatiya worship in the month of March their traditional god Gadiya, who is supposed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The terrorists have issued an order that the Gadiya be prayed on the Christmas day instead.
    Another church official, Jatna Koloi, who was also arrested, admitted that he received training in guerrilla warfare at an NLFT base . It is now apparent that the pattern of forced conversions at gunpoint are irrefutably linked to the Baptist Church in Tripura. The NLFT is accused of forcing Tripura?s indigenous tribes to become Christians and give up Hindu forms of worship in areas under their control.
    In Tripura, there were no Christians at independence; there are 120.000 today, a 90% increase since 1991.
    Hindu Genocide in Tripura
    Thirteen Years of Killings in Tripura by the NLFT

    (The National Liberation Front of Tripura)
    By S. Aravindan Neelakandan
    (4) In Arunachal Pradesh:
    The figures are even more striking in Arunachal Pradesh, where there were only 1710 Christians in 1961, but 1,2 million today, as well as 780 churches!
    The Nagaland Rebels is a coalition of rebel groups operating in
    Nagaland, northeastern India. The largest of these is the National
    Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM), which is fighting
    for the establishment of a “Nagaland for Christ”. The NSCN-IM
    have carried out numerous acts of terrorism against the Indian Army,
    other ethnic groups, and opponents within their own ethnic group.
    The insurgency has been waged since the 1947 Indian declaration of independence, and has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths.

    Baruah writes that “Christianity is an essential part of Naga
    identity”; the NSCN-IM estimate that 95% of Nagas are Christian.
    (6)India is losing Manipur due to Christian terrorism
    A couple of years ago, media was shouting about ‘Hindu Terror’. Somehow, they do not speak about ‘Christian terror’ which has been present in India’s North-eastern states for a long period. Tribals who converted to Christianity are equipped with weapons and made to fight a ‘war of independence’ against India. Manipur is a unique state where about 60% of the people (mostly in Inner Manipur district – around Imphal) are ethnic Manipuris who are Meitei Vaishnavas. The Nagas (who form the rest of the population) live in Outer Manipur district and they have been converted to Christianity en-masse. Meitei Vaishnavas are proving to be a tough nut to crack for the Christian missionaries and have been targeted by Christian terrorists through the decades.
    (7)In Odisha:
    In February 2012, the Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda confessed that it was the Maoists(Evngelaicalist Christians )who indeed killed Odisha MLA Jagbandhu Majhi in September 2011 and Swami Laxmananda Saraswati in 2007. The killing of the latter was motivated by the religious discourse in Maoist terror that has pervaded Kandhamal district.
    As per a member of parliament of the Congress party from Odisha,India about 70 MLAs and 10 MPs are under constant Maoist threats. This constitutes half the elected members from the state, the total number of MPs being 21 and MLAs 149.
    (8)In Chhattisgarh:
    Maoist rebels extort up to Rs 300 crore every year in Chhattisgarh from traders of forest products, transporters and iron ore mining firms, Maoists extort at least Rs.250-300 crore annually and their extortion business runs from the state’s southern tip of Bastar to the northern Surguja district.They mainly extort money from traders of ‘tendu’ leaves, iron ore mining firms, small and big contractors and transporters,
    Tendu leaves, which are used to make bidis (leaf-rolled cigarettes), are one of the most important forest products of the Bastar region that has been considered the centre of Maoist terrorism in India since the late 1980s.
    The restive region spread across 40,000 sq km has deposits of about 20 percent of the country’s total iron ore stocks and owners of the mines regularly face extortion demands from Maoists. The traders, businessmen, contractors and others who pay extortion money hardly have the courage to report it to the police because of the fear of Maoists and their own business interests in the region..
    Of the 1,500 casualties in Maoist violence since the state came into existence in November 2000 after splitting from Madhya Pradesh, 90 percent have been from Bastar.
    (9)In Andhra Pradesh :
    In Andhra Pradesh, churches are coming-up every day in far flung villages and there was even an attempt to set-up one near Tirupati.
    (10)In Maharashtra:
    Many Christian action group cadres have also been inducted into prominent naxalite groups under the garb of liberation theology activists. For instance Vernon Gonsalves @ Vikram, a state committee member of Maharashtra unit of CPI (Maoist) who was arrested by the ATS, Maharashtra, in August,2007 and another top Maoist leader Arun Ferreira, r/o Bandra, who was arrested by Nagpur police have both confessed to the police that they are activists of liberation theology movement.

    A number of human rights activists including Dr.Binayak Sen,Vice President of PUCL, have also been arrested in the recent past for their close links with the Maoist movement in the country confirming the close links between the Maoist movement and NGO and human rights net-work. Since the Christian action groups in the country are all controlled by various church agencies, many church leaders in India are also now directly linked with the naxalite movement.

    Today, with the full support and all possible assistance from the networking NGOs and also with the systematic induction of a large number of NGO activists into major naxalite groups, the naxal movement in the country has now become very powerful and it continues to make inroads into more and more new areas, especially in the remote and tribal regions.

    About 170 districts in 15 states in the country are now reportedly considered as naxal-infested. This unprecedented growth of naxalite movement in the country can be attributed to the support and encouragement it receives from the action group movement of networking NGOs which has got a strong and wide network all over the country.

    The irony of the situation is that the naxalite movement which proclaims to be the greatest crusader against the imperialist lobby is presently controlled by the action group movement which in turn is promoted, financed and controlled by the same imperialist lobby.
    NATO,CIA and Evngelaicalist Christians (Maoist) are same.
    They are doing everythings against democracy and human liberty.
    To control over the resources by destabilize the region is their geopolitical goal.
    For them Jesus is nothing but an ‘artifice of aggression’.
    Villages are being terrorised to ‘donate’ at least one child from each family to the cause of Maoist terror.
    One of the Italians, Paolo Bosusco, had visited the area several times before and enjoyed the hospitality of the Maoists. His being taken hostage was a staged drama to humble the Indian state. Paolo is a member of an Italy based Ultra-Leftist organisation, Party of Committees to Support Resistance for Communism (CARC). In December 2011, the Maoist Communist Party of Manipur in a press release had acknowledged its association and support of some foreign based ultra-leftist outfits. They are: Communist Party of Philippines, Association for Proletarian Solidarity, Italy (ASP), Maoist Communist Party of France, Revolutionary Communist Party Canada (PCR – RCP), and Party of the Committees to Support Resistance for Communism (CARC), Italy. Some of the western countries had played a very dubious role in fanning Left Wing Extremism (LWE) in Nepal to facilitate religious conversion. Kandhamal district of Odisha suffers from the same paradigm. Nepal’s example should not be lost out on India.
    As far as military prowess of the Maoists goes, there is evidence of AK-47s being supplied by the United Wa Army in Myanmar. The AK-47 manufacturing facility has been provided by China to the said insurgent outfit. The Maoist-ISI-LeT-militant groups nexus in Kashmir and the North-East is fairly well established. The Chinese, according to a national television channel, have also begun to supply sophisticated signal equipment with encryption capabilities to the Maoists.
    The top two non-governmental donors to India were U.S.-based missionary organizations, World Vision International at ~$155 million and Gospel for Asia ~$99.5 million — together that’s $255 million into India in just one year. Overall, an astonishing 18,996 organizations in India, a disproportionate number linked to Christian missionaries, received donations totaling $2.4 billion in 2007 alone. And the inflow has been growing rapidly. 2007 showed contributions more than double of 2002. With these numbers, how can we say the concerns are unfounded?
    The war is on. In this war the adversary has a deadly cocktail of ideology, foreign support, religious agenda, armed cadres, criminal financing and terror. It would be anti-national to treat it as a law and order problem. The assault is now on Indian democracy and the unity of India. Let us unite and fight because now in question is the very air-of-freedom that we are breathing.

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