Congress Secularism: How Does it Benefit the Hindus?

This news report on a Christian website caught my attention.

Church Welcomes Andhra Pradesh Government’s Pro-Christian Moves

Church people in Andhra Pradesh state welcome two programs its government has announced aimed at helping Christians.

On Nov. 13, the government said it was setting up a Christian Minority Finance Corporation and create a separate wing for Christians in the state’s minority welfare department. 

The finance corporation would lend money at an interest rate lower than banks charge, the goal being for beneficiaries to be able to earn a livelihood and still repay the loans. The new section for Christians in the minority department will look into problems the community faces in the state.

 This is the most juicy part:

The Christian section of the minority department will disburse about 52.5 million rupees on various schemes annually: 7.5 million for mass marriages of poor Christians, 20 million for pilgrimages to Jerusalem, and 25 million for renovation and construction of churches.

This is the money that is collected by the government by taxing mostly the Hindus. This money from the state exchequer will now to used to build new churches, get Christians married and send them on trips to Jerusalem. How nice!

But what about the Hindus? The Hindu poor do not get anything from the government to get married. They do not get any money to go to Kailash Mansarovar. Their temples lie in disrepair and the priests remain unpaid because the “secular” government refuses to give them any money due to “secularism.” They are unable to use their own money to open schools and hospitals for the poor. Has India become a cuckoo-land? Will this state of affairs be tolerated by Christians or Muslims in their own countries if they start getting taxed to build Hindu temples or sending Hindus around the world?

What has been going on in this country? What did that juvenile “great leader” Nehru unleash? And why do Hindus keep voting for Congress again and again despite its making no bones about its Hindu hatred? Have Hindus fallen in a fatal love with their oppressor? As someone said, “Hindus are the biggest collaborators in their own persecution.” Is the reason for this state of affairs the Indian constitution, which a disgusted Constituent Assembly member in 1949 called “a document to ensure the enslavement of the Hindus”?

Or is it simply that Hindus lack the basic intelligence to comprehend what they are doing by voting for Congress and other “secular” charlatans? Is it so difficult to identify enemies of one’s own race? Sixty years is a long enough time for even the blind to start seeing the light. But who will teach this basic intelligence to the blind Hindus that Congress is out to uproot everything that they hold dear and that it is their blood enemy. Congress has become the cat’s paw of forces that have their head quarters outside the borders of India.

Essentially, crores of money have been put in the hands of the Church by the Andhra Government to give a boost to conversion of Hindus. Missionaries are out to destroy and decimate Hinduism in its own homeland, the only place in the world where Hindus can live as first-class citizens. Then why would a Congress government give them money from the pocket of Hindus? Any answers?

Secularism in India is another name of anti-Hinduism. It is a shield behind which the most rabid communists, Christian bigots and Muslim fundamentalists congregate. The sooner the Hindus understand it, the better for them. Otherwise their coming generation will have to face the music again in about 30 years from now.

How does Congress brand of secularism benefit the Hindus of India? The Congress politicians owe Hindus an answer.



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5 responses to “Congress Secularism: How Does it Benefit the Hindus?

  1. Why aren’t Hindus doing anything about this ?
    Why aren’t we voting these people out ?

  2. Yupp!!!

    @Indian realist- I love your blog. I would like to shaire some of your posts on my watsapp group. I hope you have no objection. In case you do, let me know. I will refrain from doing so in future.

  3. My rother suggested I might like this blog. He was entirely right.
    This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just
    how much time I hhad spent forr this information! Thanks!

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