Bangladeshis Go After Bodo Hindus

Translated from “Dainik Jagaran” newspaper. Tarun Vijay looks at the bloodshed and thuggery orchestrated by Bangladeshi infiltrators on Assam’s soil as the Congress governments in the state as well as the center act treacherously against the Hindus. 

Assam on a Dangerous Turn
Tarun Vijay worries over attacks on Bodo tribals by Bangladeshi infiltrators

On the one hand, we saw a huge outburst of joy among the chattering urban classes of India and the West-oriented English media about the victory of Barak Obama. On the other hand, there was a criminal silence about the slaughter of over 100 Bodo tribals by Bangladeshi infiltrators and unfurling of Pakistan’s flag on Assamese soil. About 96,000 Hindus have since then been forced to take refuge in 50 refugee camps in the state.

The genesis of this violence lies in the expulsion of Bangladeshi infiltrators by the government of Arunachal Pradesh from its territory. It has been reported that the Arunachal government expelled about 10,000 Bangladeshi aliens and pushed them into Assam. As a reaction to this, various student organizations of Assam, which are already outraged at the rampant Bangladeshi infiltration into their state, started a campaign in July and August to identify the Bangladeshi infiltrators living in Assam.

Surprisingly, instead of opposing the infiltration of foreign citizens into Indian territory, some Muslim organizations of Assam fiercely opposed this campaign to identify Bangladeshi infiltrators! The Assam Minority Student Federation and Muslim Student Federation gave a call for a total shut-down (‘bandh’) of Assam on 13th and 14th August, respectively.

These shut-down calls proved totally ineffective. These were especially resisted by the Bodo Hindus of Udalgadi and Darang districts. As a reaction to this, the Bangladeshi infiltrators attacked the Bodos with conventional weapons and burnt their shops. This violence and attacks on Bodos continued for many days during which entire Bodo villages were burnt down by the Bangladeshis. The Bangladeshi attackers unfurled the Pakistani flag at five places and shouted slogans in favour of Pakistan.

What is surprising is that the Assam government as well as one of the state’s ex-ministers belonging to the Congress, Mahibul Haq, gave protection to the Bangladeshi thugs and claimed that the talk of Pakistani flag being unfurled in Udalgadi district was a mere rumour spread to discredit the Muslim community. But neither of them could explain that if it was a mere rumour then why did this news get printed in “Daily Pakistan” newspaper published from Islamabad? The headline the paper gave to this news was: “Assamese Salute the Green Flag Carrying Star and Moon.”

The newspaper explained in its report that Muslims of Assam were tired of Indian government’s oppressive policies and have thus begun to consider the Pakistani flag as a symbol of their freedom. The paper also mentioned that local journalists saw Pakistani flags hoisted at Para and Mohanpur villages and clicked their pictures. Seeing this event, the Indian bureaucrats were shocked.
The patriotic citizens of Assam and the rest of Indians are stunned that instead of protecting them from the killings orchestrated by Bangladeshi infiltrators, the Indian government has been defending the infiltrators instead!

In many north-eastern states there are insurgencies going on already. Even during NDA government’s rule, four senior functionaries of RSS were kidnapped by Tripura terrorists and killed after one year of captivity. In Nagaland, even Mahatama Gandhi’s statue cannot be erected anywhere in the state. In Manipur, the singing of national anthem and showing of Hindi films are banned. In Assam, about 42 constituent assemblies are now controlled by Bangladeshi infiltrators.

Now these thuggish infiltrators have been emboldened to such an extent that whichever patch of land they covet in Assam, they simply attack it, burn Hindu villages to the ground and start their businesses in the area even as the Hindus flee for their lives. Bangladeshi infiltrators have so much power and influence that the Congress government of Assam claimed that these attacks on Bodos have been engineered not by Muslims but by ULFA and National Democratic Front of Bodoland!

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi after attending the National Integration Council in Delhi talked to reporters. He claimed that there is not a single Bangladeshi in Assam and people who talk about Bangladeshi infiltration want to discredit the good name of the state. After this statement from the Chief Minister, the Bangladeshi infiltrators have become even more bold and fearless.

The people of Udalgudi and Darang have severely criticized this statement of Gogoi. The All India Bodo Federation has sent a petition to the prime minister explaining the entire chain of events and the chief minister’s shocking statements.

The prime minister of India famously claims that he wasn’t able to sleep at night because one single Indian Muslim was arrested abroad on charges of terrorism. But his office did not see it fit to even acknowledge the receipt of this petition. The Bodos have seen from their own eyes Bangladeshi infiltrators burning down their houses. It is difficult to imagine their anger by the Muslim-appeasing Sultans of Delhi. The Bodos have lost everything. Their houses have turned into ashes. Their land has been occupied by Bangladeshi attackers. Bodos have been butchered. But nobody in India came forward to even express sympathy with them.

The event at Malagaon was sufficient for the entire secular media network as well as the Maharashtra government and defense ministry to start foaming at the mouth in a fit of outrage. A Hindu saint-woman was arrested. Now the secularists are having a party by declaring her to be a Hindu terrorist without a shred of proof. But there is not even a discussion in these exalted secular circles and within the Indian government about what is happening to the Bodo Hindus in their own country. No action is ever taken against the violent thugs from Bangladesh. To rub salt over their wounds, a Congress chief minister says he is going to give priority to Muslims in government jobs.

India’s “secular” politics is acting as a shield for religious bigotry and violence of the worst kind. Will the Delhi Sultanate, which is busy in celebrations of Obama’s victory, see the wounds being inflicted on India by Bangladeshi infiltrators? 


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