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Congress Secularism: How Does it Benefit the Hindus?

This news report on a Christian website caught my attention.

Church Welcomes Andhra Pradesh Government’s Pro-Christian Moves

Church people in Andhra Pradesh state welcome two programs its government has announced aimed at helping Christians.

On Nov. 13, the government said it was setting up a Christian Minority Finance Corporation and create a separate wing for Christians in the state’s minority welfare department. 

The finance corporation would lend money at an interest rate lower than banks charge, the goal being for beneficiaries to be able to earn a livelihood and still repay the loans. The new section for Christians in the minority department will look into problems the community faces in the state.

 This is the most juicy part:

The Christian section of the minority department will disburse about 52.5 million rupees on various schemes annually: 7.5 million for mass marriages of poor Christians, 20 million for pilgrimages to Jerusalem, and 25 million for renovation and construction of churches.

This is the money that is collected by the government by taxing mostly the Hindus. This money from the state exchequer will now to used to build new churches, get Christians married and send them on trips to Jerusalem. How nice!

But what about the Hindus? The Hindu poor do not get anything from the government to get married. They do not get any money to go to Kailash Mansarovar. Their temples lie in disrepair and the priests remain unpaid because the “secular” government refuses to give them any money due to “secularism.” They are unable to use their own money to open schools and hospitals for the poor. Has India become a cuckoo-land? Will this state of affairs be tolerated by Christians or Muslims in their own countries if they start getting taxed to build Hindu temples or sending Hindus around the world?

What has been going on in this country? What did that juvenile “great leader” Nehru unleash? And why do Hindus keep voting for Congress again and again despite its making no bones about its Hindu hatred? Have Hindus fallen in a fatal love with their oppressor? As someone said, “Hindus are the biggest collaborators in their own persecution.” Is the reason for this state of affairs the Indian constitution, which a disgusted Constituent Assembly member in 1949 called “a document to ensure the enslavement of the Hindus”?

Or is it simply that Hindus lack the basic intelligence to comprehend what they are doing by voting for Congress and other “secular” charlatans? Is it so difficult to identify enemies of one’s own race? Sixty years is a long enough time for even the blind to start seeing the light. But who will teach this basic intelligence to the blind Hindus that Congress is out to uproot everything that they hold dear and that it is their blood enemy. Congress has become the cat’s paw of forces that have their head quarters outside the borders of India.

Essentially, crores of money have been put in the hands of the Church by the Andhra Government to give a boost to conversion of Hindus. Missionaries are out to destroy and decimate Hinduism in its own homeland, the only place in the world where Hindus can live as first-class citizens. Then why would a Congress government give them money from the pocket of Hindus? Any answers?

Secularism in India is another name of anti-Hinduism. It is a shield behind which the most rabid communists, Christian bigots and Muslim fundamentalists congregate. The sooner the Hindus understand it, the better for them. Otherwise their coming generation will have to face the music again in about 30 years from now.

How does Congress brand of secularism benefit the Hindus of India? The Congress politicians owe Hindus an answer.



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“Secularists” Don’t Want You to Read This

A press release issued and sent to all newspapers and TV channels, but it was suppressed by secularists. Where does all the liberalism and love of intellectual freedom of secularists dissappear when it comes to news about the other side?

Violation of human rights, dignity & reputation of Sadhvi Pragya & others

A delegation of 81 eminent citizens comprising retired army officers, retired police officers, lawyers, media persons and social workers today marched to the office of the National Human Rights Commission and presented a petition seeking enquiry into the violation of human rights of Sadhvi Pragya and others accused in the Malegaon blast case.

Led by former Punjab Director General of Police, Mr. K.P.S. Gill, the delegation met Justice G.P. Mathur, Member, NHRC and presented a memorandum.

Mr. Gill told the Commission that prima facie a gross violation of human rights has taken place as Sadhvi Pragya was illegally detained for nearly 13 days; physically assaulted and mentally tortured in police custody with no female police officers present; robbed of her dignity by officers who questioned her chastity; interrogated and transferred from one place to another without the presence of female police officers; and worst of all, denied access to her family and lawyers.

The delegation expressed astonishment that despite the affidavit of Sadhvi Pragya being widely covered in the media, and even published in its entirety in one newspaper, the Commission had taken no notice of the case. Justice Mathur assured that the Commission would study the memorandum and follow the due process in the matter.

Other members of the delegation included Mr Balbir Punj, MP Rajya Sabha; Mrs. Nancy Kaul; Brig R.B. Sharma; Mr. Praful Goradia, former MP; Prof. J.S. Rajput; Prof. Makkhan Lal; Mr. K.N. Govindacharya; Mr. Kanchan Gupta, Mr. Jay Bhattacharjee; Mrs. Meenakshi Lekhi, Mr. Rajesh Gogna, Mr. Tarun Vijay, Mr. R. Balashankar; Mr Deepak Rath; Mrs. Jaya Jaitly; Mr. K.R. Phanda and Ms. Sandhya Jain.

Later, a smaller group visited the National Commission for Women and presented a similar petition demanding intervention in the violation of human rights and illegal detention of Sadhvi Pragya, on the basis of her sworn affidavit in a Nashik court.

A copy of the petition to the NCW is attached below.

21 November 2008


Dr. Girija Vyas


National Commission for Women

4 Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg

New Delhi 110001.


Sub: Violation of human rights, dignity & reputation of Sadhwi Pragyan Singh Thakur

Dear Madam,

We the undersigned citizens of India are appalled by the gross abuse of Sadhvi Pragyan Singh Thakur”s human rights, dignity, civil liberties, and reputation, by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad.

We are extremely disturbed about the cavalier fashion in which the ATS ignored the law of the land and various judgements of the Hon”ble Supreme Court while inquiring into allegations against Sadhwi Pragyan Singh Thakur and others who have been arrested and are, since 20 November 2008, being held under MCOCA after repeatedly seeking and securing their remand on charges for which no evidence has as yet been put forward.

Sadhwi Pragyan Singh Thakur submitted a sworn affidavit in the Nashik court on 17 November 2008. Prima facie the affidavit reveals serious violations of her rights and those of others named in her statement.

Some points that should be of concern to the National Commission for Women include:

1. She was illegally detained for 10 days and shifted from one place to another.

2. She was physically assaulted and mentally tortured in custody.

3. She was robbed of her dignity by the ATS which questioned her chastity.

4. No female police officers were present during her interrogation and transfer from one place to another.

5. She was denied the right to contact her family and her lawyer.

So immense was her trauma that she even contemplated committing suicide. She was subjected to narco-analysis and brain-mapping tests without her consent; these methods of interrogation are used to make accused persons incriminate themselves, and they were continued even though they repeatedly failed to achieve this objective.

A copy of her affidavit is attached to this petition. We have also attached a copy of The Pioneer, published from New Delhi, dated November 19, 2008, which has reproduced the text of the affidavit.

We believe the National Commission for Women should inquire into the issues raised in the affidavit, especially as Sadhwi Pragyan Singh Thakur and others have been detained under MCOCA. Not to do so would be to deny her right to liberty, dignity, and reputation to which she and other accused are entitled.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

(The undersigned citizens of India)

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Bangladeshis Go After Bodo Hindus

Translated from “Dainik Jagaran” newspaper. Tarun Vijay looks at the bloodshed and thuggery orchestrated by Bangladeshi infiltrators on Assam’s soil as the Congress governments in the state as well as the center act treacherously against the Hindus. 

Assam on a Dangerous Turn
Tarun Vijay worries over attacks on Bodo tribals by Bangladeshi infiltrators

On the one hand, we saw a huge outburst of joy among the chattering urban classes of India and the West-oriented English media about the victory of Barak Obama. On the other hand, there was a criminal silence about the slaughter of over 100 Bodo tribals by Bangladeshi infiltrators and unfurling of Pakistan’s flag on Assamese soil. About 96,000 Hindus have since then been forced to take refuge in 50 refugee camps in the state.

The genesis of this violence lies in the expulsion of Bangladeshi infiltrators by the government of Arunachal Pradesh from its territory. It has been reported that the Arunachal government expelled about 10,000 Bangladeshi aliens and pushed them into Assam. As a reaction to this, various student organizations of Assam, which are already outraged at the rampant Bangladeshi infiltration into their state, started a campaign in July and August to identify the Bangladeshi infiltrators living in Assam.

Surprisingly, instead of opposing the infiltration of foreign citizens into Indian territory, some Muslim organizations of Assam fiercely opposed this campaign to identify Bangladeshi infiltrators! The Assam Minority Student Federation and Muslim Student Federation gave a call for a total shut-down (‘bandh’) of Assam on 13th and 14th August, respectively.

These shut-down calls proved totally ineffective. These were especially resisted by the Bodo Hindus of Udalgadi and Darang districts. As a reaction to this, the Bangladeshi infiltrators attacked the Bodos with conventional weapons and burnt their shops. This violence and attacks on Bodos continued for many days during which entire Bodo villages were burnt down by the Bangladeshis. The Bangladeshi attackers unfurled the Pakistani flag at five places and shouted slogans in favour of Pakistan.

What is surprising is that the Assam government as well as one of the state’s ex-ministers belonging to the Congress, Mahibul Haq, gave protection to the Bangladeshi thugs and claimed that the talk of Pakistani flag being unfurled in Udalgadi district was a mere rumour spread to discredit the Muslim community. But neither of them could explain that if it was a mere rumour then why did this news get printed in “Daily Pakistan” newspaper published from Islamabad? The headline the paper gave to this news was: “Assamese Salute the Green Flag Carrying Star and Moon.”

The newspaper explained in its report that Muslims of Assam were tired of Indian government’s oppressive policies and have thus begun to consider the Pakistani flag as a symbol of their freedom. The paper also mentioned that local journalists saw Pakistani flags hoisted at Para and Mohanpur villages and clicked their pictures. Seeing this event, the Indian bureaucrats were shocked.
The patriotic citizens of Assam and the rest of Indians are stunned that instead of protecting them from the killings orchestrated by Bangladeshi infiltrators, the Indian government has been defending the infiltrators instead!

In many north-eastern states there are insurgencies going on already. Even during NDA government’s rule, four senior functionaries of RSS were kidnapped by Tripura terrorists and killed after one year of captivity. In Nagaland, even Mahatama Gandhi’s statue cannot be erected anywhere in the state. In Manipur, the singing of national anthem and showing of Hindi films are banned. In Assam, about 42 constituent assemblies are now controlled by Bangladeshi infiltrators.

Now these thuggish infiltrators have been emboldened to such an extent that whichever patch of land they covet in Assam, they simply attack it, burn Hindu villages to the ground and start their businesses in the area even as the Hindus flee for their lives. Bangladeshi infiltrators have so much power and influence that the Congress government of Assam claimed that these attacks on Bodos have been engineered not by Muslims but by ULFA and National Democratic Front of Bodoland!

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi after attending the National Integration Council in Delhi talked to reporters. He claimed that there is not a single Bangladeshi in Assam and people who talk about Bangladeshi infiltration want to discredit the good name of the state. After this statement from the Chief Minister, the Bangladeshi infiltrators have become even more bold and fearless.

The people of Udalgudi and Darang have severely criticized this statement of Gogoi. The All India Bodo Federation has sent a petition to the prime minister explaining the entire chain of events and the chief minister’s shocking statements.

The prime minister of India famously claims that he wasn’t able to sleep at night because one single Indian Muslim was arrested abroad on charges of terrorism. But his office did not see it fit to even acknowledge the receipt of this petition. The Bodos have seen from their own eyes Bangladeshi infiltrators burning down their houses. It is difficult to imagine their anger by the Muslim-appeasing Sultans of Delhi. The Bodos have lost everything. Their houses have turned into ashes. Their land has been occupied by Bangladeshi attackers. Bodos have been butchered. But nobody in India came forward to even express sympathy with them.

The event at Malagaon was sufficient for the entire secular media network as well as the Maharashtra government and defense ministry to start foaming at the mouth in a fit of outrage. A Hindu saint-woman was arrested. Now the secularists are having a party by declaring her to be a Hindu terrorist without a shred of proof. But there is not even a discussion in these exalted secular circles and within the Indian government about what is happening to the Bodo Hindus in their own country. No action is ever taken against the violent thugs from Bangladesh. To rub salt over their wounds, a Congress chief minister says he is going to give priority to Muslims in government jobs.

India’s “secular” politics is acting as a shield for religious bigotry and violence of the worst kind. Will the Delhi Sultanate, which is busy in celebrations of Obama’s victory, see the wounds being inflicted on India by Bangladeshi infiltrators? 

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Hindus Bear the Brunt of State Terrorism in India

Here is the actual affidavit filed by Sadhwi Pragya Thakur in the Nasik court. It reads like a horror story. It shows the taste of things to come for Hindus in their own homeland if they do not learn to organise themselves politically and vote as a single entity. They should learn to identify their friends and foes and not go through the elections sleepwalking. The “individualism” of Hindus will cost them dear (as it always has throughout history). If they now do not learn to hang together, they will surely hang separately. Only their unity can ensure that this shop of “secularism” that the Congress has been running since 1947 to their detriment is closed and Hindus can breathe with dignity in their own country again.

‘I was beaten day and night, my chastity was questioned. I wanted to commit suicide…’

C.R. NO. I – 130/08
(RE-NUMBERED AS C.R. No. 1 – 18/08 at ATS)

State of Maharashtra: Complainant

Thru’ ATS

Sadhwi Pragyan Singh Thakur & Ors: Accused


I, Sadhwi Pragyan Chandrapal Singh Thakur, Age 38 years, Occupation — Nil, residing at 7, Ganga Sagar Apartment, Katodara Road, Surat, Gujarat State do hereby state on solemn affirmation as under:

1. I say that I am a resident of Madhya Pradesh. My parents live in Surat, Gujarat where they shifted residence a couple of years ago. I say that for some years now, I found myself becoming increasingly detached from the material world and correspondingly found tremendous comfort and solace in Spiritualism. Accordingly I decided to renounce the material world and become a Sanyasin. On 30.1.2007, after performing the appropriate Hindu Religious rites and prayers I became a Sadhwi. I say that ever since then, I have been residing in a ashram at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. My life at the Ashram almost exclusively consisted of prayers, meditation, yoga and the reading of spiritual texts. At the ashram I did not watch TV channels and had practically no access to newspapers.

2. I say that apart from my activities at the ashram, I travelled chiefly around North India for the purpose of religious discourses and sermons. In connection with these latter activities, between 23.9.2008 and 4.10.2008, I was in Indore where I stayed at the residence of one Annaji who is my disciple. In the evening of 4th October, 2008, I returned to my ashram in Jabalpur.

3. I say that on 7.10.2008, when I was at Jabalpur Ashram, I received a call from a police officer from the ATS, Maharashtra, called Mr Sawant, who wanted to know about my LML Freedom vehicle. However, I told him I had sold it long back and not concerned with it. However, he insisted me to come down to Surat as he wanted to question me at length about it. I was reluctant to go to Surat by leaving the Ashram and insisted for him to come down to Jabalpur, but he refused and told me to come down to Surat as early as possible.

4. I further say that accordingly I travelled to Surat by train via Ujjain and arrived at Surat on 10.10.2008 early in the morning and my disciple Shri Bhimbhai Pasricha had to receive me at Railway Station and I went to his place at Atop Nagar.

5. I say that here at about 10 AM, I met officer Mr Sawant who had apparently travelled to Surat to trace the ownership of a LML Freedom two wheeler and I questioned him as to what had happened to my vehicle and why you are asking about it. I say that I it was at this point time, Mr Sawant told me that my vehicle had been allegedly planted with the explosives and subsequently detonated in Malegaon in the last week of September. I also say that it was here for the first time, I came to know that my old vehicle had been allegedly used in Malegaon blast, which was completely shocking to me. I confirmed to Mr Sawant that the LML Freedom 2 wheeler of the colour and number, he mentioned had once belonged to me.

6. I say that in Surat during the course of my interrogation with Mr Sawant, I mentioned to him that the LML Freedom two wheeler once owned by me was subsequently sold to one Sunil Joshi of Madhya Pradesh way back in October, 2004 and that Mr Joshi had paid me Rs 24,000/- for the same. I had also signed the necessary TT Form for RTO transfer in October, 2004 itself. I categorically asserted to Mr Sawant that since October, 2004 I had no control over the vehicle or its movements and usage.

7. I further say that in spite of my answers, Mr. Sawant repeatedly asked me how the vehicle reached Malegaon and how it came to be involved in the bomb blast on 29.9.2008. I repeatedly replied that I could not answer his questions as I had no control of the vehicle since October, 2004.

8. I also say that Mr Sawant however informed me that he did not believe me and that I would have to accompany him and his ATS team to Mumbai for further interrogation and he assured me that after such interrogation I would be free to go back to my ashram.

19. I say that I was finally arrested on 23.10.2008 and produced before the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Nasik on 24.1.2008. I was remanded to police custody on that date till 3.11.2008. Up to the 24.10.2008 and even sometime thereafter, I was denied access to a Lawyer or any member of my family. A polygraph test was conducted on me while I was in illegal detention prior to 23.10.2008. Thereafter a second polygraph test was conducted on 01.11.2008. On 04.11.2008, after I was remanded to Judicial custody on being presented before Nasik court on 03.11.2008, I also say that a Narco analysis test was also conducted on me.

20. I say that both the lie detector test as well as the Narco analysis test were conducted with out my consent. Never the less all these investigative tests have only established my innocence in the Malegaon bomb blast that took place on 29.9.2008. I finally was allowed to meet my sister Mrs Parthibha Bhagwan Jha on the evening of 02.11.2008, who had brought vakalatnamas of Advocate Ganesh Sovani who was engaged by my sister and her husband Mr Bhagwan Jha and had met him couple times in that week. This meeting was not conducted in private since members of the ATS stood within hearing distance of my sister and myself. I met my Advocate Ganesh Sovani for the first time in the court room of this Hon’ble Court very briefly for 4 to 5 minutes prior to the arguments commencing on my remand application on 03.11.2008.

21. I say that this period of 4 to 5 minutes was too short for me to give complete instructions as to what had transpired from 10th October onwards, about my vehicle, my stay at Kalachowkie, my illegal detention, the ill-treatment mitigated to me by ATS men, the beating job that was forced on my disciple to beat me, but which he carried out reluctantly, without any force, etc. I say that for this reasons, all the details had not reflected in the hand written application that was placed on record by my advocate Mr Sovani, for paucity of time to give all these instructions.

22. I say that on the evening of Wednesday 12.11.2008, I was allowed to meet my Advocate Ganesh Sovani for about 5-6 minutes again in the presence of female staff of Byculla jail. I say that again on 13.11.2008 I was allowed to talk to my said lawyer for 8-10 minutes to give him some more details. Thereafter, on Friday 14.11.2008 evening at about 04.30 PM, I was given nearly 20 minutes to talk to my said lawyer at length, and it was during this period I could narrate my entire ordeal with the ATS which is reproduced hereinabove.

23. I unambiguously state that I am totally innocent of any offence whatsoever. In particular I have no connection with the Malegaon bomb blast of 29.9.2008. While my former ownership of LML Freedom 2 wheeler, which was allegedly used in the Malegaon bomb blast entitled the ATS to interrogate me, that agency was not entitled to subject me to the treatment mentioned hereinabove. Their conduct discloses a blatant violation of statutory provisions of law, custodial abuse and violence, mental and physical torture and prolonged illegal detention. The ATS are fully aware that I am innocent. It appears however that they have a mandate from their political superiors to necessarily implicate me with Malegaon blasts with a view to suggest that Hindu Religious extremists were resorting to terrorism. The prolonged illegal detention, custodial abuse and physical torture were designed to compel me to confess to crimes I had not committed. This attempt of false implication persisted for the entire period between 10.10.2008 and 02.11.2008 . During this entire period I was deliberately isolated from my family and denied access to Lawyers. I say that no arrest panchanama was done after my arrest on 23.10.2008 and I was never asked about the names, addresses and telephone / mobile Nos. details to whom I would like to convey my arrest. I say that attention from my illegal detention was sought to be diverted by the ATS by daily leaking information regarding my involvement which was manifestly false and only indicated the malafide nature of the investigation..

24. I say that While I was thus painted as a sinister mastermind of the Malegaon blasts, a role which has now been subtly reassigned by the ATS to Lt Col Purohit — crippled and vulnerable as I was by the detention, abuse and torture, I could not protest my innocence. Nor was I allowed access to family, friends and Lawyers who could have done so.

25. I say that it is necessary that a detailed enquiry of my illegal detention, custodial torture, etc needs to be done and for which I am ready and willing to get subjected to any such medical test or tests and I also want the ATS officers, who interrogated me, tortured me, etc should also be put to the same tests.

26. I say that the ATS has caused blatant violations of my human rights and I should get a justice and they need to be adequately dealt with as per the provisions of law.

27. In the circumstances I now pray for the following relief:

a) that the ATS be directed to submit an explanation for my detention without authority of law between 10.10.2008 and 23.10.2008;

b). that enquiry/investigation be conducted into my accusation made hereinabove on oath, regarding custodial torture/violence and mental and psychological abuse;

c). that such investigation as referred to in (b) above, include a polygraph test, as well as Narco analysis on me to determine the veracity of my accusations;

d). that such investigation to include a polygraph test and narco analysis on officers of the ATS named by me, and also of those officers whose names, I do not know, but I can identify, for they subjecting me to mental and physical abuse during custody as well as others to be identified by me;

e) that a report be called for from the ATS for the reasons of my admission in two hospitals ( Shusrusha an another) and the medical treatment undergone by me at the said two hospitals;

f) The ATS be directed to disclose the reasons for my stay at Hotel Rajdoot at Mumbai.;

g) For such further and other reliefs as may be fit and proper in the facts and circumstances of the case.

Filed in court on 17.11.2008
Contents Explained to the
Deponent in Hindi &
Confirmed with Deponent.

Identified by me:

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Nehru’s Fake Greatness

I recently read Swapan Dasgupta’s take in TOI about Nehru. This confirmed what I have long believed: Nehru’s alleged greatness has been invented by Congress bards and poets after his death.

I have been mystified: If Nehru was a great leader, what exactly were his actions in which his greatness showed? What should we be thankful for? His woolly-headed socialism that made him the Father of Indian Poverty? His unbelievably childish military policies which gave India a bloody nose by China? His hatred of Hinduism and love for Islam?

His foriegn jaunts while Chinese war machine moved toward Indian borders? (He was in Colombo attending an international conference when the Chinese attacked!!) His skirt-chasing with Edwina Mountbatten? His taking help of Gandhi to eliminate Patel from the race for prime ministership of independent India?

His forbidding Indian citizens from indulging in any kind of entrepreneurship on their own, and instead aspire for a lowly government job? His idiotic and hypocritical Non-Alignment Movement (NAM) that he cobbled together by collecting some Asian and African banana republics and promptly appointed himself as their international representative? (Most NAM members supported China when it attacked India. And Nehru steered the country toward USSR, thus making a mockery of the alleged non-alignment.)

His calling himself “the last Englishman to rule India”? His unleashing corruption on a massive scale in India by creating an army of government clerks who cannot be sacked even today? His assaults on Indian nationhood? His overt and covert help to Indian communists to turn communist party into a formidable machine? His criminal abandonment of primary education, which kept a majority of Indians illiterates for over five decades?

Nehru was a parody of a national leader, full of imperial airs but actually hollow from inside. To go out of his way to impose this kind of man on the Indians as their leader also shows the shady and detestible side of Gandhi’s character. What kind of a saint was he who couldn’t rise above his petty likes, dislikes and jealousies, and who brooked no opposition to his views, so much so as to throw Subhash Bose out of Congress?

These two leaders — Gandhi and Nehru — were men of straw with feet of clay, and both were actually an invention of the British who went out of their way to promote their careers. Gandhi and Nehru were actually nothing but British props to keep the nationalists at bay.

Tell me again: What exactly was great about Nehru that we now should be grateful for? Will the Congress bards, singers and poets answer? 

Looking for the real Nehru
Swapan Dasgupta

It is hazardous to make sweeping generalisations of the national character. At the risk of being pilloried, let me reiterate the 11th century Arab traveller Alberuni’s observation that Hindus (as Indians were then known) have no sense of history. Indeed, they can scarcely distinguish it from mythology. Whether it’s Akbar, Aurangzeb and Shivaji or Curzon, Gandhi and Nehru, history writing in India is aimed at upholding greatness or reinforcing villainy. Revisionism is invariably a law and order problem.

Last Friday, the 120th birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru, saw the re-publication of Nehru: A Contemporary’s Estimate by Walter Crocker, Australia’s high commissioner to India in the early 1960s. Written and first published in 1965, it is remarkable for two reasons. First, it is a candid and brutally subjective account of Nehru from a western, but not British or American, viewpoint. Crocker was a professional Nehru-watcher who admired his subject but didn’t go starry-eyed. Second, as a contemporary assessment, it hasn’t been distorted by the Indian penchant for posthumously adding a few inches each year to the height of venerated leaders.

The Nehru that Crockerwrote about doesn’t resemble the colossus painted by his inheritors and hagiographers. That he was a man of aesthetic refinement, good breeding and blessed with an innate sense of decency was never in doubt. Even his political detractors at the time conceded that there was something noble and Brahminical but at the same time austere and dandyish — he was India’s only prime minister to smoke in office — about him.

Yet, that doesn’t mean he liked children, as India has been taught to believe. Crocker comes perilously close to describing Nehru as just another clever politician: ‘‘Nehru certainly did some acting on public occasions and before TV cameras… The acting was never worse than the pose of ChachaNehru withthe children. This was at its worst on his birthday for a few years when sycophants organised groups of children, withflowers and copious photographing, to parade with him. It was out of character; his interest in children was slender.’’

That Nehru was intellectually superior and didn’t tolerate fools easily are attributes that have been diligently recorded. Less publicised was the strong impression that his enlightenment was often offset by blind hates. Among Nehru’s ‘prejudices’ Crocker records were ‘‘maharajas, Portugal, moneylenders, certain American ways, Hinduism, the whites in Africa…’’ The list explains why Nehru was so offensive at the opening of the Ramakrishna Mission Institute in Calcutta, 1961.

There he spoke of ‘‘bogus spirituality’’, the absurdity of ‘‘running away from the daily problems of life in the spirituality’’ — the profundities of undergrad radicalism — and then stalked off. Had a prime minister conducted himself so disagreeably today, he would either have had to grovel or face a riot. Nehru was fortunate his haughtiness could ride piggyback on the goodwill of the Congress and the national movement.

Nehru, it was said, ‘‘could be emphatic on a basis of insufficient knowledge’’. He may have begun witha caricatured hatred of moneylenders but it soon extended into distaste for the entire private sector. Like the fellow travellers of Stalin, he juxtaposed science with what he considered religious mumbo-jumbo and came to view everything Hindu with utmost wariness.

Like Crocker, he probably believed that the India of ‘‘cow worshippers and devotees of ayurvedic medicine and astrology’’ should be banished from public life. And like his upper-class English friends, he found self-made Americans, particularly John Foster Dulles, crass and tiresome. Predictably, he liked the Kennedys; they were different.

From such parodies were the three pillars of the Nehruvian order, secularism, non-alignment and socialism, crafted.

For a man who left the country ‘‘not better fed, clothed or housed, …more corruptly governed…with higher taxes, ever-rising prices, ever-acute foreign exchange difficulties, and more unemployment’’ than when he took charge, India has been too kind to Nehru. It’s time we took the mythology out of history.



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Lt. Col. Purohit is Being Tortured

Translated from Dainik Jagaran newspaper:

Police is physically torturing Lt. Col. Srikant Purohit who has been arrested for his alleged role in Malegaon blasts. The ATS officials have broken his fingers during interrogation. There are wounds all over his body. This charge has been filed by Purohit’s father-in-law in the court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate of Nasik. He has appealed to the court to get Purohit released from police custody as there is absolutely no evidence against him.

It seems all “human rights activists” have done the dissappearing act. They will appear again when a Muslim gets arrested after a bomb blast. But what more can be expected from people whose pay cheques are posted from outside the borders of this country?


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So now Hindus have been declared as terrorists?

A hard-hitting and insightful article by Radha Rajan of Vigil Online about the simmering Hindu rage and the way Hindus are being declared terrorists by the Congress government that is being controlled by a White Christian. Reproducing here in full:

‘Hindu terrorism’ – See the writing on the wall

Consequently, bearing in mind the words of the late Mr. S.R. Das, once Law Member of the Governor-General’s Executive Council, which appeared in the famous letter he had addressed to his son, to the effect that the ‘Bomb was necessary to awaken England from her dreams’, we dropped the bomb on the floor of the Assembly Chamber to register our protest on behalf of those who had no other means left to give expression to their heart-rending agony. Our sole purpose was “to make the deaf hear” and to give the heedless a timely warning. Others have as keenly felt as we have done, and from under the seeming stillness of the sea of Indian humanity, a veritable storm is about to break out. We have only hoisted the “danger-signal” to warn those who are speeding along without heeding the grave dangers ahead. We have only marked the end of an era of Utopian non-violence, of whose futility the rising generation has been convinced beyond the shadow of doubt.

We have used the expression Utopian non-violence in the foregoing paragraph which requires some explanation. Force when aggressively applied is “violence” and is therefore morally unjustifiable; but when it is used in the furtherance of a legitimate cause, it has its moral justification. The elimination of force at all costs is Utopian.”

This could be Sameer Kulkarni or Major Ramesh Upadhyay speaking in court but these were the stern words of Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt directed at the British Colonial Government. Bhagat Singh’s warning, on his behalf was read out by Asaf Ali in the Sessions Court on 6th June, 1929 in the Central Assembly bombing case. Sameer Kulkarni and Major Upadhyay may well have spoken the very words of Bhagat Singh to issue the same stern warning to the UPA government pursuing a national suicidal policy of appeasing religious minorities. Bhagat Singh bombed the Central Assembly to protest government intention to pass by ordinance a draconian law like the Rowlatt Act because he realised the utter futility of Gandhi’s “Utopian non-violence” to contain or deter the colonial government.

Indian polity’s Gandhi-Nehru secular administration has rested successfully, unchallenged and uninterrupted, only on Hindu impotence to protest or deter anti-Hindu politics of minority-ism. Hindu impotence is the result of Gandhi’s clueless and ideologically bankrupt leadership of the INC in the last and decisive phase of the so-called freedom movement which could neither expedite political freedom nor avert vivisection of the Hindu bhumi. Gandhi’s non-violence which could not contain the Muslim League only weakened and finally halted Hindu armed resistance to both jihad and slavery under colonialism. Post-independence Indian polity is continuing the Gandhian fetish of equating the Hindu concept of use of force for a just cause with the asuric violence of the Abrahamic religions in pursuit of their essentially destructive political objectives. The young men of Abhinav Bharat were, like Bhagat Singh and his compatriots, only registering their protest “on behalf of those who had no other means left to give expression to their heart-rending agony”; in this case, the Hindus of Hindu bhumi against the horrendous blood-letting of Hindus by domestic jihadis across the country.

The relentless pursuit of the Maharashtra ATS of the young men of Abhinav Bharat to the silent applause of the UPA government and the secular brigade is only a feeble attempt to nail Savarkar in his coffin and prevent his second coming. Gandhi, his mentors, and his INC allowed the British government, without any protest, to exterminate the Hindu nationalist leadership between 1909 and 1911; Gandhi with all his power and influence with the British government did nothing for Bhagat Singh, his colleagues or the other revolutionaries languishing in jail; he evicted Subhash Bose from the INC and forced him to flee the country; but Savarkar refuses even now, to roll over and die. The spirit of Savarkar continues to inspire Hindu nationalists and his ghost continues to haunt the Congress.

“No matter if once again the vanguard of the Indian movement, the Revolutionary Party, finds itself deserted in the thick of the war. No matter if the leaders to whom personally we are much indebted for the sympathy and feelings they expressed for us, but nevertheless we cannot overlook the fact that they did become so callous as to ignore and not to make a mention in the peace negotiation of even the homeless, friendless and penniless of female workers who are alleged to be belonging to the vanguard and whom the leaders consider to be enemies of their utopian non-violent cult which has already become a thing of the past; the heroines who had ungrudgingly sacrificed or offered for sacrifice their husbands, brothers, and all that were nearest and dearest to them, including themselves, whom your government has declared to be outlaws. No matter, if your agents stoop so low as to fabricate baseless calumnies against their spotless characters to damage their and their party’s reputation. The war shall continue.”

This again could well have been Major Upadhyay or any of the young men in Abhinav Bharat mercilessly exposing the callousness and anti-Hindu bent of mind of deracinated Hindus in the UPA government; and they may well be referring to Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur; but these words once again evoke the familiar sense of deja vu because this was Bhagat Singh, in his last letter to the Punjab Governor before he was hanged, rebuking in polite but biting language Gandhi’s refusal to negotiate the release of all Indian revolutionaries as a pre-condition during the Gandhi-Irwin dialogue before concluding the suicidal-for-Indians Gandhi-Irwin Pact. Now however, in a sharp departure from 1931, these brave men and women have not been “deserted in the thick of the war”. The Hindu community in its entirety has rallied behind them and the war indeed shall continue – against jihad and jihadis, and against the missionary church and her missionaries.

Equating the Bajrang Dal and Hindu nationalists with the SIMI, equating Hindu armed resistance against ceaseless jihad against Hindus with jihad itself, naming votaries of armed resistance among Hindu nationalists as Hindu terrorists, defaming our armed forces in a language fit only to be used against global jihadis and other anti-nationals, is not merely Arundhati-speak but is a continuation of Gandhi’s mindset when he was faced by similar armed resistance from the Punjab and Bengal.

“Further details that have come through the press of the assassination of Sir Michael O’Dwyer; and the attempted assassination of Lord Zetland, Lord Lamington and Sir Louis Dane confirm my opinion that it was a work of insanity. It is none the less reprehensible on that account. We had our differences with Sir Michael O’Dwyer, but that should not prevent us from being grieved over his assassination or condoling with Lady O’Dwyer and her family. I would like every Indian patriot to share with me the shame of the act and the joy that the lives of the three distinguished Englishmen were saved. We have our grievance against Lord Zetland. We must fight his reactionary policy. But there should be no malice or vindictiveness in our resistance. The papers tell us that the accused acted with amused nonchalance when he faced the court and the spectators. This does not command my admiration. It is to me a sure sign of continuing insanity. The accused is intoxicated with the thought of his bravery. I have known drunken men act with a recklessness of which they would be incapable in a sober state. I understand that extra rum is issued to soldiers who are sent to specially hazardous tasks. What am I to praise, the rum or its after-effect?

The word assassin owes its origin to the hasheesh that was administered to the would-be assassins in order to deaden their conscience. This continuing insanity of the accused should fill us with pity and grief. If we are to fight fairly and squarely, we must, as far as is humanly possible, make every Englishman feel that he is as safe in our midst as he is in his own home. It fills me with shame and sorrow that for some time at least every Indian face in London will be suspect. Is it not possible for us all to realize that the masses will never mount to freedom through murder? I would like every reader of these lines to know that every such act harms our non-violent struggle and therefore to dissociate himself in the secret of his heart and openly from such acts of insanity.” (Notes: The London Assassination, Ramgarh, March 17, 1940 Harijan, 23-3-1940, CWMG Vol. 78 pp 67-68)

Gandhi’s language is breathtaking for its sheer arrogance compounded by smug cupidity. Michael O’Dwyer was the Governor of the Punjab when Gen. Dyer issued his infamous ‘crawling order’ to the Sikhs before gunning and bayoneting them to death at Jalianwala Bagh. Gandhi declared later, “Only the deserving got justice from God. They were made to crawl because they deserved it”. (Speech on Khilafat and Non-Cooperation, Lahore, July 17, 1920, The Tribune, 20-7-1920, CWMG Vol. 21, pp 55-56) Needless to say Gandhi, like Nehru’s and Sonia’s Congress reserved public opprobrium only for Hindu nationalism while maintaining deafening silence in public on relentless jihad in this country.

The Congress Party, when it was created by AO Hume was a creature of colonial intent; it was transformed into a nationalist vehicle for political freedom by Tilak, Aurobindo and Lajpat Rai but was soon returned to its original purpose under Gokhale, Gandhi and then Nehru. Savarkar is reviled even today by the Congress and deracinated Hindu politicians because they associate Gandhi’s executioner Godse with Savarkar and with the Hindu Mahasabha to which both owed allegiance. The Hindu Mahasabha like the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was a Hindu Nationalist organization formed to protect Hindu interests vis a vis the Muslim League. By Gandhi’s own admission, the Hindu Mahasabha was a part of the Congress party as was Dr. Hedgewar, the Founder of the RSS and this is not surprising at all. The ceaseless effort to free the Hindu nation from Muslim rule and from Christian colonial rule entered its last and decisive phase with the creation by the British colonial government of both the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League.

The politically-conscious ordinary people of India, inspired by Tilak and Aurobindo, saw in the Congress the instrument which would lead the country towards freedom but they were soon disappointed with the turn that Gandhi gave to the INC and to the freedom movement. Not surprisingly, those like Savarkar, Bhagat Singh and Babasaheb Ambedkar who did not see Gandhi or the Congress as representing them, did not join the Congress party and worked outside it. Others like Aurobindo, Dr. Hedgewar, Dr. Moonje and much later KM Munshi quietly distanced themselves from Gandhi and the Congress while Gandhi himself machinated the eviction of Subhash Bose and NB Khare. Few would know that KM Munshi resigned from the Congress because, as he told Gandhi, Hindus of Mumbai looked up to him as leader and given the strident march of the Muslim League towards vivisection, he could not advocate non-violence to Hindus. Munshi subsequently founded the Akhand Hindusthan Front; Akhanda Hindusthan or Akhand Bharat – the undivided Hindu nation.

By the time Gandhi was executed by Godse in 1948, political Hindus had rejected the Congress Party. Gandhi had ensured that the Congress would never represent Hindu interests in spite of the fact that the Muslim League was uncompromisingly and unflinchingly only Muslim in character, content and objective.

“There were some who described the Congress as a Hindu organization. They only betrayed their ignorance of the political history of India. At one time the Hindu Mahasabha was in the hands of the Congress and so was the Muslim League and others. Congress was not a Hindu organization. It did not serve Hindu interests to the exclusion of the other communities. It was hinted that the Congress leaders had come to consult him with regard to the interests of the Hindus. Had they done so they would have lowered the stature of the Indian National Congress in the eyes of the world.” (Speech at prayer meeting, Srirampur, December 28, 1946, The Hindu, 2-1-1947; and Harijan, 26-1-1947, CWMG Vol. 93, page 207)

The prestige of the Congress party “in the eyes of the world” was more important to Gandhi than leading the Congress to avert vivisection. The Hindu nation was vivisected by the Muslim League which too was a part of the INC. But for Nehru and Nehru’s Congress, Godse, the Hindu Mahasabha and a fierce nationalist like Savarkar are political untouchables while the Muslim League which vivisected the nation can still be embraced as a coalition partner in government. Clearly, for the Congress the individual Gandhi was and is larger than the timeless Hindu nation. Lt. Col. Purohit, a serving army officer too has been arrested today in connection with the Malegaon blasts. The country must ask itself why members of one of the highest and most revered institutions of the country are looking to defend the Hindu nation outside the establishment. The involvement of army officers – serving and retired – is a damning indictment of Indian Polity which is disinclined to dealing with the political objectives of Christianity and Islam, which constitute the two biggest threats to the nation from within.

Gandhi did not think of this country as a Hindu nation. He had no conception of janmabhumi or homeland and this was evident from his surprising reaction to the demand for a Jewish homeland. The Jews like the Hindus are born into their religion; like Hindus they do not convert others to their faith and like Hindus again, possess a sense of homeland. Both Hindus and Jews realize now, after immense suffering and deprivation that Islam and White Christianity have caused them both, that neither they as peoples nor their religion can survive without territory that is theirs by right and by a sense of historical belonging.

“I do believe that the Jews have been cruelly wronged by the world. “Ghetto” is, so far as I am aware, the name given to Jewish locations in many parts of Europe. But for their heartless persecution, probably no question of return to Palestine would ever have arisen. The world should have been their home, if only for the sake of their distinguished contribution to it. But, in my opinion, they have erred grievously in seeking to impose themselves on Palestine with the aid of America and Britain and now with the aid of naked terrorism. Their citizenship of the world should have and would have made them honoured guests of any country. But one would have thought adversity would teach them lessons of peace. Why should they depend upon American money or British arms for forcing themselves on an unwelcome land? Why should they resort to terrorism to make good their forcible landing in Palestine? If they were to adopt the matchless weapon of non-violence whose use their best Prophets have taught and which Jesus the Jew who gladly wore the crown of thorns bequeathed to a groaning world, their case would be the world’s, and I have no doubt that among the many things that the Jews have given to the world, this would be the best and the brightest. It is twice blessed. It will make them happy and rich in the true sense of the word and it will be a soothing balm to the aching world.” (Jews and Palestine, Panchgani, July 14, 1946 Harijan, 21-7-1946, CWMG Vol. 91, pp 272-73)

The Jews may not be amused at Gandhi’s prescription for peace – world citizenship and the status of honoured guests in countries around the world but no homeland, no nation for themselves. Hindus today are not amused either. It was a similar prescription for peace that led to vivisection. Nehru was as afraid of what Savarkar and Golwalkar represented as Gandhi was afraid of what Tilak, Aurobindo, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Bose and KM Munshi represented. Their fears of Hindu nationalism have brought this nation to the brink of self-destruction wreaked by jihad and the evangelical church, aided and abetted by India’s secular anti-Hindu polity. Sadhvi Pragya Singh, Sameer Kulkarni, Major Upadhyay, Lt. Col. Purohit signal the determined rise of Hindu nationalism. Hindu terrorism? Call it what you will but see the writing on the wall. The war shall continue.


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