Nanavati Commission Report

Want to read the entire Nanavati Commission report about the Godhra incident and the riots that followed?

Here is the link. You can download it as PDF file. The report is written in easy English and a conversational style, and makes for a fascinating read. It sifts chaff from the wheat, and you can find out the truth about the rumours such as a Muslim girl was dragged by Ram Sevaks toward a coach, and who started them. Who set fire to the coach? What do the witnesses who escaped from the burning bogey say? How strong was the mob? Did the police open fire? 

Click here:

Do you follow Hindi? If yes, then be sure to hear Narendra Modi rip into India’s counterfeit liberal-leftists (who run a propaganda industry targetting the right wing) after the publication of Nanavati Commission report:


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  1. Yes! Finally someone writes about physical therapy schools.

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