Christian Ummah

Have a look at this report.

“India’s Vengeful Christians turn to Murder as Hindus Step up Their Killing Campaign”

The story is a toxic blend of deception and half-truths. If this is the “editorial excellence” of the mainstream media of Anglo Saxons, one can imagine the bile their fringe publications must be pouring over the rest of humanity. The story has exactly the same quality and commitment to “truth” as you see in any Urdu magazine published from a Muslim ghetto in Pakistan. That is why I say that don’t mistake Anglo-Saxons for harmless creatures just because they drink Coke and use expensive Cologne. They are no different in toxicity than a Afghan Mullah in a cave.

It is fascinating to see the Christian Ummah in action. Both Muslims and Christians want to screw the unbelievers and take over their land and rule ove them, and both have the modus operandi of “keep blaming the victim as you cut his throat.”

The strategy is simple: first convert the unbelievers, and then arm the converts. The Whites are masters of this game. Currently, they are pumping in money quietly in Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Tamil Nadu to create a critical mass of converts out of us heathens. They will then weaponize the newly brainwashed converts and start a terrorist movement against the rest of the unbelievers in their own country. This is the strategy that we are now seeing unfolding before us in India.

The Whites have tasted blood and have been screwing other races for 500 years and capturing their land and resources to fatten themselves. Their genes have got corrupted and become a liability to this world. They will not rest or stop easily just because we politely ask them to. Only force and firm action will work against them. China has understood this. The Whites and their church will make short work of all “secular” and “non-violent” races, especially those who are still sitting on a huge expanse of land even after Partition.


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