Rogue Liberals of Hindoostan

Conservatives and liberals are words coined in the West for the tussle between soft and hard adherents of Semitic faiths. The basic philosophy of Semitic faiths is “our God is true, your god is false” which is a fundamentalist statement. People who are firm in this faith and belief, and who operate with the ultimate objective that their own faith, race and world view should dominate and shape the world, and that other races have to submit to these, are called conservatives.

Western liberals are those who do not hold such strong views, are comparatively enlightened, do not take religious books as the actual and immutable word of God and who are willing to accept other faiths and people in the spirit of live and let live. This is how conservatives and liberals are defined in the Western societies. This definition is based on the fundamentals of their faith — people who follow the basic teaching of the faith (our god is true, your god is false) are conservatives and those who don’t want to go to the extreme and take the teachings of the faith to their logical conclusion are called liberals.

Importing the same model to India and applying it to Hinduism is not right, because the foundational statement of Hindu faith is the bang opposite — “all spiritual traditions are valid and lead ultimately to the same path.” A conservative Hindu is actually liberal in the Western sense because he fights to protect Hinduism and its liberal worldview, and is hostile to all ideologies which are fundamentalist by nature and which are actively working to roll back and extinguish Hinduism.

That is why a Hindu conservative has no problem with Shintoism or Buddhism or Sikhism or Jainisim or Celtism. He realizes that these ideologies do not pose any threat neither to Hinduism nor to its liberal ethos and philosophy. But he is determined to fight tooth and nail Semitic faiths which have the opposite ethos of Hinduism and which are determined to finish all other faiths.

A conservative Hindu is thus appreciative of all liberal and meditative spiritual ideologies which are in conformity with the core ethos of Hinduism and do not pose a threat to them. Hindu conservatives are by definition liberals in the Western sense — they protect a liberal faith against alien fundamentalist ideologies.

Now, the rogue Hindu liberal — Westernized, Champagne-sipping “intellectual” elite such as Pranoy Roy, Vindo Mehta, Rajdeep Sardesai, Karan Thapar and Vir Singhvi as well as their Patron Saint Jawaharlal Nehru  — is a strange species. He has aped the Western liberal blindly and accepted the liberal-conservative paradigm of Western societies and imported it straight to India. His worldview is shaped by the never-ending liberal-conservative tussle going on in the West, and the idiot pretends that exactly the same kind of tussle is going on in India.

Hindu Fake Liberals are not capable of original thought but blindly ape the West which they think is a superior, more advanced race. They are not able to comprehend that in India, the tussle is the opposite. While in the West, the dominant faith is trying to swallow every other faith and tradition, in India it is the minority faiths that are trying to swallow the dominant faith.

Now, as liberals, what does common sense say whose side should they be on? They should be on the side of the liberal, all-accepting, non-proselytizing native faith which has a long history of peaceful coexistence, and be hostile to the attempts of the predatory, proselytizing, non-native faiths which have a history of obliterating all other traditions.

They are fake liberals because they do the opposite.

They know that in the West (which is their role model), the liberals are hostile to the fundamentalist native faith and supportive of minority faiths so as to protect the latter. Since the Hindu fake liberals are apes who can copy the behaviour of others perfectly, they do the same thing in India by being hostile to Hinduism (native faith) and supporter of Christianity and Islam (minority faiths). They like true copy cats copy everything absolutely and blindly.

This gives rise to absurd consequences where you find these “liberals” standing shoulder to shoulder with the most rabid Christian and Muslim fundamentalists. To justify the Western liberal-conservative model that they have imported into India, they have to pretend that similar conditions to the West exist in India too where the dominant faith is trying to swallow the minority faiths. So they rail and rant about imaginary Hindu fundamentalists who are bent upon genocide, while the hapless Christian and Muslim clergy is valiantly struggling somehow to keep them at bay and save their faiths.

This kind of stupidity that is an assault on common sense and totally out of touch with reality occurs due to blind aping by Hindu Fake Liberal of the Western models and intellectual fashions. This is also the reason why majority of Hindus remain hostile to the Hindu Fake Liberal and often ridicule them or pass sarcastic remarks about them. This is because the world which Hindu Fake Liberal inhabit does not exist in reality, and every Hindu instinctively knows this.

Another issue is that quite a few of these Hindu Fake Liberals are actually secret communists trying to knock down everything that holds India together. They have identified Hinduism as the main target. These secret communists wear a cloak of “liberals” and attack Hinduism and anyone articulating Hindu interests. Under the garb of a liberal, they position themselves in the mainstream and do not appear fundamentalists (which they actually are).

There is one more absurd thing — the Fake Hindu Liberal is the toast of the most fundamentalist and bigoted conservatives found in the West. This again rings alarm bells for the Hindus because something doesn’t seem right. Why should Western conservatives love Fake Hindu Liberals and shower them with awards and praise? This is because the Hindu Fake Liberal is carrying forward the agenda of the most bigoted Western conservatives in India, and has feet of clay.


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