What is the Religion of Indian Atheists?

Have a look at this “interview” : 


This Sheila Bhatt lady is famous for this kind of attitude against the Hindus, as also Rediff. A curse on all Hindu-run businesses which patronise this website and this kind of drivel through their advertisements.

If Hindus do not go through life sleep-walking and learn to identify their foes, these kind of journalists and media outlets won’t last a day in this country. It is the Hindus themselves which empower these outlets by not boycotting them for their attitude. An example is the hordes of Hindus who assemble to hear the hate speech of Ramvilas Paswan against anyone articulating Hindu interests and to give Indian citizen ship to 20 million Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators.

This Rediff interview is the work of the gang of “atheists whose parents were Hindus”. Bhatt’s tone in the interview is accusatory, as if she is the spokesperson of Deoband and Vatican against the non-believers. The religion of most of us is Hinduism. The religion of these atheists is anti-Hinduism.

I also think that these kind of media outlets openly hostile to Hinduism and pro-conversions have recieved evangelical investments. Allowing Indian media to recieve foriegn funding was a blunder on the part of BJP. This should never have been allowed because this will be easily exploited by Goras and church by channeling funding through front companies.


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