How “Hindu” are these leaders?

With leaders like these, do you think Hindus will ever be safe in India?

Today’s Dainik Jagaran reports:

Demand of BJP Unconstitutional

LJP leader Ramvilas Paswan has expressed his strong opposition to the demand of BJP to settle the refugee Hindu Pandits in a separate area in the Kashmir Valley. In a LJP rally held in Rewa, Paswan said that this demand of BJP goes against the basic structure of the constitution. He questioned that in a country where a crime is committed against dalits every 18 minutes, where everyday two dalilt women are raped, where daily two dalits are killed, will the BJP also ask for a separate area for dalits in India?

Paswan said that in BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh where 125 dalit people are dying due to hunger and malnutrition, BJP leaders sit in five star hotels and raise nonsensical demands like giving a separate and secure area for Hindu Pandits in Kashmir.

Paswan has begun to speak the language of White Christians against the Hindus. He recently attended a church-sponsored meet in the US where he announced that he is going to start a Dalit liberation movement in India and surround head quarters of private companies who do not give reservation to dalits.

A curse on every Hindu who attends his rally and listens to his hate speech against their own religion and race. Gandhi used to do that too and millions used to attend his rallies. Hindus have a fundamental inability to distinguish between their friends and foes.

Paswan is a despicable Hindu who is determined to become the king even if he has to walk over the corpses of other Hindus and ally with foriegn races against the very people he wants to rule over.


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One response to “How “Hindu” are these leaders?

  1. indian

    True, very true. Such people are better not hindus. We don’t need them. They can’t be of anyone, even the dalits. They just see their own profit and are ready to do anything for that. They can even lick a dog (or a pig) if it guarantees him a victory in the coming elections.

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