The Equal Equal Game

It is amazing the grip Americans have now begun to hold on Indian English media. They can run press campaigns in India on any issue to put pressure on the government.

Yesterday, an American NGO published this report:

India: All Sides Using Children in Chhattisgarh Conflict

Today, Rediff carries a special feature on it with pictures and all to prove the NGO’s case.

Chhattisgarh’s children of war

These “media barons” of India have really proved themselves to be men of straw.

So according to these people, Indian govenment and Maoists have been put on the same pedestal for crimes against humanity!!


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One response to “The Equal Equal Game

  1. ravi

    99% of armed insurgency in India is fuelled and fanned by foreign funded NGOs operating as TROJAN HORSES– in the garb of environmentalists, human rights activists, messiah missionaries etc.
    This American NGO resides in this category.

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