Is the Church – Maoist nut-cracker tightening around India?

I read on another forum that a sinister cabal comprising the Vatican, CIA and the American administration (most US Congressmen are Jesus freaks) has been quitely working on a plan to purge India of Hinduism by 2020 and turn it into another Philippines.

Is it a mere conspiracy / doomsday theory, or is there any substance to it? The theory sure sounds believable considering the expose the tabloid ‘Tehelka’ carried some years back on American government’s evangelical designs on India (, the suprising Maoist take-over of Nepal (and mysterious killing of is royal family) and the Maoist-Missionary nexus operating in Central Indian jungles (Orissa, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand). 

It is said that Western civlisation has four strike arms: army, navy, airforce and church. Should Hindus of India be worried about what the White man and his religion of love have in store for them (considering what happened to Red Indians, Australian aborginies and African Blacks, or even to Rwandans as recently as in 1994) ?

Here is my take on the issue:

Hinduism cannot be uprooted from India as long Hindus do not let political power slip away from their hands. Nepali Hindus made this mistake by allowing anti-Hindu Maoists to take power. Now, their goose is cooked. This is classic white men’s strategy. Their trick is to make the rulers of a country follow a faith that is hostile to the faith followed by the general population. This is done by either propping up a Maoist insurgency (since Maoists are hostile to everybody except themselves) or by infiltrating a White Christian into the ruling family (examples: Burma, India, Sikkim, etc.) so that the heirs become Christians or half-Christians and hold the native faith in contempt or are at least alienated from it.

White men are following both elements of this strategy (rulers belonging to a hostile faith, Maoist insurgency) to uproot Hinduism from India and balkanize the country. A White Christian is already in the traditional ruling family. Now Westerners are slowly enabling a Maoist take-over of India. This is the same strategy they have successfully adopted in Nepal. There, since the ruling family couldn’t be compromised because of the king being anointed as the defender of the Hindu faith, everybody in the family was bumped off. (Right. It was a US special forces operation. The truth will come out in due course.)

The Anglo-Saxons sitting outside Indian borders are following identical strategy in Indian states too. Notice that in whichever states Maoists are strong, the Congress chief minister candidate mysteriously turns out to be a Christian (chattisgarh, Andhra) even thought Christians are still in a small minority. The strategy is to have sympathetic Christian politicians rule states of central India while the Maoists mop up Hindu resistance on the ground.

If you recall press reports during last Andhra elections, there were reports of Congress allying with Maoists for votes. Congress won and an unheard-of Christian became a chief minister. It may be a coincidence, but I don’t believe in them. Notice the halt in anti-Maoist operations the moment Congress came to power in Andhra and invitation to them for peace talks. Those four months of parleys helped Maoists regroup and rearm. That episode now Congress claims was an honest mistake on its part born out of peace and goodwill. Mistake or no mistake, Maoists gained immensely. 

If you consider the Purulia arms drop over Bihar-West Bengal border, the missionary-Maoist nexus in central India, the pumping in of Western money into Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Orissa, and the careful placement of American counslates in the Indian Maoist belt (Chennai, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Kathmandu), you begin to get the picture of how the strategy of the Maoist takeover of India is being put into place by the church-CIA nexus.

I have read reports which show that Westerners (Americans) are trying to merge ‘Dalit’ activism with the Maoist movement to form one single fighting force that will screw all Hindus. This merger has already been affected in Vidharbha region of eastern Maharashtra. In this, activists keep moving between Dalit liberation outfits and Maoists outfits and actively cooperate in strategy. For example, Chandra Bhan, self-confessed ex-Maoist who has come over-ground, now writes on Dailt issues in ‘Pioneer,’ pouring his castiest bile on upper caste Hindus every Sunday. This is the reason why Americans are running Dalit Liberation Networks in US and Canada. They want to create a Dalit insurgency and merge it with the deeply entrenched Maoists / Missionary nexus in central India.

American intelligence agents posing as missionaries or even businessmen are providing strategic guidance to the Maoists of India, supplying them vital intelligence about police movements (such as supplying them information about UAV flights over Chhattisgarh jungles, etc.) and helping them create cells in new states, such as UP, as well as in urban areas (Mumbai particularly). The strategy is to create a Shining Path kind of movement, with anti-Hinduism at its core, and make it really capable of taking over and ruling vast tracts of India where the population density is less.

Sensing India’s secularsim fetish, Anglo Saxon countries have shrewdly used the church network as conduit of money and agents to the indian Maoists. If you take action against this ‘Christian charity’ conveyor belt that starts in America, UK and Australia and ends in Chhattisgarh and Andhra jungles, there is an entire army of white man’s propagandists deployed to shout “religious oppression of Christians in India.”

It is a tough nut to crack. It can only be cracked if India becomes totally immune to Western criticism, stops seeking white man’s approval for its actions and shows Anglo-Saxons the middle finger, much like China does. And look at how they grovel in front of the latter.


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  1. ravi

    Nepali Hindus made this mistake by allowing anti-Hindu Maoists to take power. Now, their goose is cooked.

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