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Why Does US Blindly Support Pakistan?

As Sherlock Holmes would have said, it is elementary, my dear Watson.
Pakistan is positioned against India by the US exactly as Taiwan has been positioned against China or central Asian states have been positioned against Russia. It is an old and well-used tactic of international policy going back thousands of years. 

The strategy is to identify your current or future competitor states, and then start propping up its neighbouring states through a “special ally” status as a counter-balance. Supply these states with arms and money, so that substantial amount of resources of the competitor state are tied down in tackling them. For every state that America sees as a threat for global influence, you will find one or two of its neighbouring states are “special ally” of the US in terms of loans or military sales. China too follows this policy. Therefore it has declared Pakistan to be its “taller than mountains and deeper than ocean” special ally.

When you see this policy in action against you, you immediately realise what the sponsoring states have in mind against your country. US and China both are following this “special ally” strategy against India, and thus the long-term intentions of both are clear — not allow India to go above a certain station in life.

It is foolish “leftist secular” leadership of India living in a cuckoo land of mindless idealism that refuses to follow this strategy. In respect to China, Vietnam should be a “special ally” of India in terms of money and military sales. In respect of Pakistan, it should be Afghanistan or Iran. But try telling to the jholawala Congress leaders of India, and they declare this strategy to be “not practical.”

To neutralise this “special ally” strategy of international powers against you, you have make sure that you do not allow your neighbouring states to spin out of your orbit and become “special ally” of some other power. And if they have already become this “special ally” of someone else, then you try to make their neighbouring states your own special ally.

However, India has been very poor in this record. Burma is already a “special ally” of China and Nepal has also been allowed to slip out of Indian orbit with the Maoist takeover. It is a only a matter of time before it becomes a “taller than mountain” friend of either America or China. Indians are cursed with a lack of even basic strategic thought and instinct of self-preservation which comes naturally to everybody else in the world.


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Nanavati Commission Report

Want to read the entire Nanavati Commission report about the Godhra incident and the riots that followed?

Here is the link. You can download it as PDF file. The report is written in easy English and a conversational style, and makes for a fascinating read. It sifts chaff from the wheat, and you can find out the truth about the rumours such as a Muslim girl was dragged by Ram Sevaks toward a coach, and who started them. Who set fire to the coach? What do the witnesses who escaped from the burning bogey say? How strong was the mob? Did the police open fire? 

Click here:

Do you follow Hindi? If yes, then be sure to hear Narendra Modi rip into India’s counterfeit liberal-leftists (who run a propaganda industry targetting the right wing) after the publication of Nanavati Commission report:

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Christian Ummah

Have a look at this report.

“India’s Vengeful Christians turn to Murder as Hindus Step up Their Killing Campaign”

The story is a toxic blend of deception and half-truths. If this is the “editorial excellence” of the mainstream media of Anglo Saxons, one can imagine the bile their fringe publications must be pouring over the rest of humanity. The story has exactly the same quality and commitment to “truth” as you see in any Urdu magazine published from a Muslim ghetto in Pakistan. That is why I say that don’t mistake Anglo-Saxons for harmless creatures just because they drink Coke and use expensive Cologne. They are no different in toxicity than a Afghan Mullah in a cave.

It is fascinating to see the Christian Ummah in action. Both Muslims and Christians want to screw the unbelievers and take over their land and rule ove them, and both have the modus operandi of “keep blaming the victim as you cut his throat.”

The strategy is simple: first convert the unbelievers, and then arm the converts. The Whites are masters of this game. Currently, they are pumping in money quietly in Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Tamil Nadu to create a critical mass of converts out of us heathens. They will then weaponize the newly brainwashed converts and start a terrorist movement against the rest of the unbelievers in their own country. This is the strategy that we are now seeing unfolding before us in India.

The Whites have tasted blood and have been screwing other races for 500 years and capturing their land and resources to fatten themselves. Their genes have got corrupted and become a liability to this world. They will not rest or stop easily just because we politely ask them to. Only force and firm action will work against them. China has understood this. The Whites and their church will make short work of all “secular” and “non-violent” races, especially those who are still sitting on a huge expanse of land even after Partition.

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Rogue Liberals of Hindoostan

Conservatives and liberals are words coined in the West for the tussle between soft and hard adherents of Semitic faiths. The basic philosophy of Semitic faiths is “our God is true, your god is false” which is a fundamentalist statement. People who are firm in this faith and belief, and who operate with the ultimate objective that their own faith, race and world view should dominate and shape the world, and that other races have to submit to these, are called conservatives.

Western liberals are those who do not hold such strong views, are comparatively enlightened, do not take religious books as the actual and immutable word of God and who are willing to accept other faiths and people in the spirit of live and let live. This is how conservatives and liberals are defined in the Western societies. This definition is based on the fundamentals of their faith — people who follow the basic teaching of the faith (our god is true, your god is false) are conservatives and those who don’t want to go to the extreme and take the teachings of the faith to their logical conclusion are called liberals.

Importing the same model to India and applying it to Hinduism is not right, because the foundational statement of Hindu faith is the bang opposite — “all spiritual traditions are valid and lead ultimately to the same path.” A conservative Hindu is actually liberal in the Western sense because he fights to protect Hinduism and its liberal worldview, and is hostile to all ideologies which are fundamentalist by nature and which are actively working to roll back and extinguish Hinduism.

That is why a Hindu conservative has no problem with Shintoism or Buddhism or Sikhism or Jainisim or Celtism. He realizes that these ideologies do not pose any threat neither to Hinduism nor to its liberal ethos and philosophy. But he is determined to fight tooth and nail Semitic faiths which have the opposite ethos of Hinduism and which are determined to finish all other faiths.

A conservative Hindu is thus appreciative of all liberal and meditative spiritual ideologies which are in conformity with the core ethos of Hinduism and do not pose a threat to them. Hindu conservatives are by definition liberals in the Western sense — they protect a liberal faith against alien fundamentalist ideologies.

Now, the rogue Hindu liberal — Westernized, Champagne-sipping “intellectual” elite such as Pranoy Roy, Vindo Mehta, Rajdeep Sardesai, Karan Thapar and Vir Singhvi as well as their Patron Saint Jawaharlal Nehru  — is a strange species. He has aped the Western liberal blindly and accepted the liberal-conservative paradigm of Western societies and imported it straight to India. His worldview is shaped by the never-ending liberal-conservative tussle going on in the West, and the idiot pretends that exactly the same kind of tussle is going on in India.

Hindu Fake Liberals are not capable of original thought but blindly ape the West which they think is a superior, more advanced race. They are not able to comprehend that in India, the tussle is the opposite. While in the West, the dominant faith is trying to swallow every other faith and tradition, in India it is the minority faiths that are trying to swallow the dominant faith.

Now, as liberals, what does common sense say whose side should they be on? They should be on the side of the liberal, all-accepting, non-proselytizing native faith which has a long history of peaceful coexistence, and be hostile to the attempts of the predatory, proselytizing, non-native faiths which have a history of obliterating all other traditions.

They are fake liberals because they do the opposite.

They know that in the West (which is their role model), the liberals are hostile to the fundamentalist native faith and supportive of minority faiths so as to protect the latter. Since the Hindu fake liberals are apes who can copy the behaviour of others perfectly, they do the same thing in India by being hostile to Hinduism (native faith) and supporter of Christianity and Islam (minority faiths). They like true copy cats copy everything absolutely and blindly.

This gives rise to absurd consequences where you find these “liberals” standing shoulder to shoulder with the most rabid Christian and Muslim fundamentalists. To justify the Western liberal-conservative model that they have imported into India, they have to pretend that similar conditions to the West exist in India too where the dominant faith is trying to swallow the minority faiths. So they rail and rant about imaginary Hindu fundamentalists who are bent upon genocide, while the hapless Christian and Muslim clergy is valiantly struggling somehow to keep them at bay and save their faiths.

This kind of stupidity that is an assault on common sense and totally out of touch with reality occurs due to blind aping by Hindu Fake Liberal of the Western models and intellectual fashions. This is also the reason why majority of Hindus remain hostile to the Hindu Fake Liberal and often ridicule them or pass sarcastic remarks about them. This is because the world which Hindu Fake Liberal inhabit does not exist in reality, and every Hindu instinctively knows this.

Another issue is that quite a few of these Hindu Fake Liberals are actually secret communists trying to knock down everything that holds India together. They have identified Hinduism as the main target. These secret communists wear a cloak of “liberals” and attack Hinduism and anyone articulating Hindu interests. Under the garb of a liberal, they position themselves in the mainstream and do not appear fundamentalists (which they actually are).

There is one more absurd thing — the Fake Hindu Liberal is the toast of the most fundamentalist and bigoted conservatives found in the West. This again rings alarm bells for the Hindus because something doesn’t seem right. Why should Western conservatives love Fake Hindu Liberals and shower them with awards and praise? This is because the Hindu Fake Liberal is carrying forward the agenda of the most bigoted Western conservatives in India, and has feet of clay.

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“Secular” Acts of Missionaries

VHP has approached the minorities commission against the acts of Christian missionaries all over India.

“On September 10, Christian missionaries burnt the Guru Granth Sahib in Bhatinda. In Mizoram, a sub-divisional magistrate wrote a letter to a Chakma tribe family, asking it to give up its agricultural land for construction of a church. We have a copy of that,” said Jain.

Apparently, burning Guru Granth Sahib or a SDM pressuring a tribal family to give up agricultural land for a church are eminently secular and tolerant acts for Congress leaders and the likes of Pranoy Roy and Rajeep Sardesai, therefore they do no merit even a mention.

These self-hating charlatans alienated from their own roots should be taught a lesson. Just sipping champagne, wearing expensive cologne and speaking in English cannot hide their lack of self-esteem and self-pride and grovelling before Westerners and the most rabid Islamic and Christian fundamentalists.

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What is the Religion of Indian Atheists?

Have a look at this “interview” : 

This Sheila Bhatt lady is famous for this kind of attitude against the Hindus, as also Rediff. A curse on all Hindu-run businesses which patronise this website and this kind of drivel through their advertisements.

If Hindus do not go through life sleep-walking and learn to identify their foes, these kind of journalists and media outlets won’t last a day in this country. It is the Hindus themselves which empower these outlets by not boycotting them for their attitude. An example is the hordes of Hindus who assemble to hear the hate speech of Ramvilas Paswan against anyone articulating Hindu interests and to give Indian citizen ship to 20 million Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators.

This Rediff interview is the work of the gang of “atheists whose parents were Hindus”. Bhatt’s tone in the interview is accusatory, as if she is the spokesperson of Deoband and Vatican against the non-believers. The religion of most of us is Hinduism. The religion of these atheists is anti-Hinduism.

I also think that these kind of media outlets openly hostile to Hinduism and pro-conversions have recieved evangelical investments. Allowing Indian media to recieve foriegn funding was a blunder on the part of BJP. This should never have been allowed because this will be easily exploited by Goras and church by channeling funding through front companies.

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International Conference on Indian History

The International Conference on Indian History ICIH 2009

January 9-11, 2009, Indian International Centre, New Delhi


The International Conference on Indian History, to be held at the India International Centre on January 9-11, 2009 at New Delhi, will build upon the conclusions established in the seminar held at Dallas, Texas in 2007.


It has two objectives.


The first one is to increase awareness of strategic thinking in India and to show that a strategic approach based on long-term objectives is essential to ensure a safe and secure future for the ancient Indian civilization and lead it again to the kind of tremendous prosperity and global influence that it has enjoyed for thousands of years in the past.


The second objective is to increase awareness of the importance of learning the accurate history of India and its impact on the future choices that the country can make in its vital interests.



To ensure the total domination of the Indian race politically and culturally, the British rulers of the Raj deliberately wrote a false history of India and completely mangled its chronology (sequence of ancient historical dates) to cause confusion and inferiority complex among Indians about their formidable and proud civilization that for 5,000 years exerted a tremendous influence on all ancient countries, from Greece to Rome to Egypt to China.


About six decades after we became independent, there is an urgent need for the Indians to correct the historical narrative of their civilization. But this needs to be done from an Indian perspective and by historians and scholars whose professionalism is beyond doubt and who are not corrupted by the alien ideology of Marxism or domestic political motives.


This has to be done on an urgent basis, because the Hindu Pundits – the custodians of our ancient history and traditions – may not be around in great numbers in the next couple of decades. They may abandon their punditry and migrate to more lucrative and well-paying modern jobs rather than do the arduous task of memorizing a sizeable portion of the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads as they have done in the past. This will be a great tragedy because this sacred literature written by the ancient sages is the foundation on which the Indian civilization rests, whether today’s English-speaking Indians realize it or not.


Further, we need to investigate the consequences of the Indian youth learning false history of their country during their formative years, which results in self-alienation and hatred towards their own culture and civilization. We have to make an overall assessment of the terrible cultural damage caused to the Indian society by the false and fanciful history written by colonials and Marxist historians, because the ancient Indian history as it is taught today in India is terribly flawed and mischievous.


This undertaking is not possible till all of us Indians come together to develop and execute a plan to decolonize our history and rescue it from the clutches of the people who belonged neither to our country, nor to our race. No other country in the world allows its children to read their own history written by people of other races. Why should Indians continue to do so?



The Conference


The International Conference on Indian History ICIH 2009 is organized by the Indic Studies Foundation, a no-profit organization based in California, US, from private funds. The Foundation undertakes a series of seminars annually with an exclusive focus on Indic history, with a view to research its distortions, to investigate and assess the consequences of such distortions and try to remedy the situation by facilitating impartial and professional research into Indic history.


At ICIH 2009, about 100 reputed scholars and historians from all over the world will present papers in front of about 1,200 delegates over a period of three days at New Delhi’s India International Centre. The papers will broadly be related to the following themes:


1.    The ancient history of democracy as a political system and India’s place in such history. (Democratic republics existed in India two to three thousand years ago.) The concept of the “Chakravarthi” as the upholder of Dharma (but not necessarily an absolute monarch).

2.    Identifying key distinguishing features and dates of the Indic civilization of relevance to the current strategic environment facing India

3.    Identifying those areas of Indian history which are egregiously in error and the resulting impact on the manner in which India is viewed in the world today

4.    Identify examples of government policies based on an erroneous interpretation of Indian history

5.    Historiography of Indian arts

6.    Discuss the present-day nonchalance, unconcern and forgetfulness of Indian citizens toward their country’s history and measures that can be taken to rekindle their interest

7.    Propose methodology and criteria to evaluate the accuracy of the current or future proposed narratives of Indian history

8.    Facilitating the recognition and revival of traditional knowledge systems in today’s India

9.    The history of a country affects the economic choices it makes. But how does the poverty or wealth of a country affect how its history is viewed in the present?

10.  In the 17th century, as during most of its history for the two thousand years before that, the Indian GDP according to Angus Madison comprise a staggering 25 percent of the world’s total GDP on a purchasing power parity basis. In short, India was the most productive and richest country in the world for most of the world’s history. So what were the consequences of the rapid deterioration of India’s powerful economy that started immediately after the Battle of Plassey with which the British came to acquire the control of the vast province of Bengal (comprising today’s Bangladesh, West Bengal, Orissa and Bihar)? The British control led to the first of the Great Famines of Bengal in 1777, and the death by slow starvation of one-third of the total population of Bengal.

11.  Discuss the impact of the new “politically correct” dogma unique to India which goes under the name of secularism. What is the effect of the Indian-brand secularism on the historiography of India and the discipline of Indian history, especially the caricaturization of anybody articulating Hindu interests as a “saffron fascist.”

12.  Identity and politics interact not only in history writing but also in current affairs. How much of the identity politics today, including subaltern studies, is a consequence of the massive distortion and re-inventing of caste by the colonial overlord? Did India’s 1971 war with Pakistan and the Pokhran I explosion by Indira Gandhi’s government trigger a huge increase in funding of South Asian studies by Western governments? If yes, then for what purpose? How these South Asian studies being conducted abroad are affecting India’s image in the world and in the eyes of its own citizens?


There will be many other themes such as the follows:


1.    Perceptions of “history”, with special reference to Indian history

2.    History and the historian: Judging history versus pleading history

3.    The colonial-missionary distortions in Indian history

4.    Impact of post-modernism and post-structuralism on contemporary Indian historiography

5.    Post-colonial distortions in Indian history

6.    Impact of history writing on identity politics and geo-politics of today

7.    Current status of the debate on Vedic-Harappan identity

8.    Ongoing debates on Indian history text books in India and abroad

9.    History of Indian Ocean Community

10.  History of Indian diaspora

11.  Women in ancient India

12.  The extent to which the current history of India is an occidentalist revision

13.  India’s contribution to technology and sciences in the past and the possible transfer of technology from India to Greece and later to Europe. What impact did this transfer have on the resurgence of Europe such as the Enlightenment and Renaissance? For instance, there is ample circumstantial evidence that the Gregorian calendar was fixed in 1582 after the Jesuits learned about sidereal measurements and accurate trigonometric tables from the Hindu astrologers of Kerala

14.  The implications of the Saraswati Sindhu civilization on the posture of Pakistan and Indo-Pak relations

15.  The various ways in which the Westerners have caricatured the Indic, such as by reinventing the caste system as the prime determinant of Indic civilization

16.  Discuss the potential Indic origin of the realist imperative (eg. John Meerscheimer and Hans Morgenthau) of the Occidental in its formulation of foreign policy. The imperative has been a significant strand in the Indic strategic weltanschuung, (a conception of the vast universe and humanity’s relationship to it) ever since the time of Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita. The efficacy by which Lord Krishna plied his craft is attested to by the fact that he was equally trusted by both parties in the war. Is India adhering to such Realist impulses, or is it just being pragmatic, or is it being weak-kneed in its approach to the major powers such as US, China and Russia?

17.   Encourage and report on independent studies of Meso-America by the Indics to assess whether the Westerners have applied a similar Euro-centric approach to the historical narrative of the Incas and the Aztecs.

18.  The manner in which Indian literary and scientific historiography has been characterized by the Occident (Westerners) and the total ignorance of the works of such ancient Indian stalwarts as Bhartrihari (a towering philosopher and grammarian of ancient India) in the young generation of Indians today.

19.  The Goan Inquisition and its impact on the Indian society, especially in the Konkan area





Chiarman of Conference:

Professor Shivaji Singh, Former Prof. Archeology & History Gorakhpur University, National President, Akhil Bharateeya Itihaasa Sankalan Yojana, India, Shivala Nagar, Mohaddipur, GORAKHPUR – 273008. +91- 9792250787, 9335449829 prof_sivaji @


Convener of Conference:

Kosla Vepa, Executive Director, Indic Studies Foundation, 948 Happy Valley Rd., Pleasanton, Ca94566, Tel.: 925-998-2529 (mobile) E-Mail Kosla.Vepa @


Executive Committee Chairmen:

J P Sharma, Former Add Secretary (IPS)

Om Prakash Mishra, Associate Professor of History, National Law College, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.


Planning Chairman:

Prashant Bharadwaj, #467, Sector-12A, Gurgaon, Haryana India +91-9910464100 Email: grdprashant @

OmPrakash Misra: omprakashnlu @






International Conference on Indian History ICIH 2009

January 9-11, 2009




India International Centre

40, Max Mueller Marg, Lodi Estate

New Delhi


From January 9th (Friday) to 11th (Sunday), 2009


Indic Studies Foundation

948, Happy Valley Road

Pleasanton, CA 94566



Phone: 925-998-2529 (Mobile)


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