Image Problem

Picture of a Christian victim designed to evoke sympathy. Corresponding pictures of Hindu victims are missing.

Orissa: Normalcy returns, scars remain 

A picture says more than a thousand words, eh? So how come India’s media realises the wisdom in this adage when minorities are at the recieving end of Hindu outrage for whatever reason (pilgrims burnt alive in a train bogey, religious leader shot dead, rights to pilgrimage denied, etc.)

How many readers have actually seen the picture of Swami Laxmananda shot and hacked to peices? Or of the Hindus suffering 3rd degree burns in the train bogey set afire at Godhra? Or of dead Hindu women in Kashmir with “Pakistan Zindabad” written across their chest? Where do the photographers of left / liberal media of India dissappear during those times?

Rediff seems to be in the grip of some anti-national forces or evangelicals, judging by the propaganda it keeps slipping in. Something stinks with this website.


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  1. You wrote what I feel . It is good to call a spade , a spade , but that should be done always . The media always show us just one side of it . I wrote something on it .

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