Shabana Azmi’s Bluff about Muslim Persecution

Shabana Azmi and her husband have been trying to enter politics for a long time, or so it would seem from their dabbling in purely political issues. Their strategy is to bat for the Islamists in the hope of gaining a Congress ticket (which has been the patron saint of all Islamists in India for the last 60 years). The courtship period between the Congress and the celebrity couple is currently going on, and I think it is only a matter of time before she is given a ticket to fight elections.

Shabana Azmi’s entry into political activism began on a bad note some years ago. She was a rookie then and made a critical beignner’s mistake. She as a Muslim tried to take on the Imam of Jama Masjid of Delhi in a TV interview. She bit more than she could chew. The Imam, who carries a permanent scowl on his face, lashed at her brutally, calling her a “nachne gane wali aurat” (a paid singer-dancer who in Muslim socieities is akin to a prostitute).

Shabana Azmi learnt her lesson quickly, screeched a U-turn and now concentrates exclusively on issues of “Hindu fundamentalism” which are quite safe to highlight in India and win silent approval from the influential Muslim clergy. She proved to be a coward, unlike Taslima Nasreen. She seems to have been permanently cured sicne then from highlighting the staggering internal problems of Indian Muslim community, such as rabid fundamentalism, rejection of modern secular education, unhealthy obsession with religious matters, extremely high brith rate, oppression of women, multiple marriges, tripple Talak, hatred of non-believers, and so on.

Recently, Azmi fired another salvo in a TV interview by claiming that she has been denied an apartment on rent by Hindus in Mumbai because she is a Muslim. This has proved to be an outright lie nailed by her Bollywood colleagues. Azmi does not have to seek an apartment on rent because it turns out that the lady owns four flats in the city! She is a landlord, and a multi-millionaire at that. There is an entire industry running in India strategically generating “Muslim persecution” stories to shame Hindus, put them on the defensive and extract more concessions from them, while giving absolutely nothing in return. Ever heard of the “camel in the tent” story?

These persecution stories are actually a result of the long-standing nexus between Indian Muslim celebrities (usually film stars) and “secular” English news channels (run by rabid but Anglicised communist sympathisers). The stories on investigation are usually found to be mischevious spins based on political agendas of the Indian communists and Congress, with the right-wingers as the ultimate target. But a huge din is created by the “journalists” in alliance with the Islamists when the “persecution” story is first aired, the story gets copy-pasted all over the Internet, Western agencies pick them up, all to prove how fundamentalists Hindus are. But when the truth is investigated, the very same Journalists refuse to air it. This is nothing but a propaganda machine run by communists and Islamists in India. Fortunately, the DNA newspaper has been graceful enought to publish the truth about Azmi’s bluff. 


Four flats in Juhu, and a house in Khandala are what actor Shabana Azmi owns, if some of the prominent people from the film fraternity are to be believed.

Irked by the alleged irresponsible statement by Azmi, who claimed that she was denied a house in Mumbai, people from the film industry called a press meet at Club Millennium in Juhu on Wednesday.

“It’s the worst communal statement made by someone who has multiple houses. There are many societies who do not allow Hindus, but we respect their culture
and don’t condemn them.” said filmmaker Ashoke Pandit.


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One response to “Shabana Azmi’s Bluff about Muslim Persecution

  1. nikhil

    “Persecution of minority” in very much highlighted subject or English media
    sponsored by so called secularist.They always making this type of propaganda for vote bank.

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