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Image Problem

Picture of a Christian victim designed to evoke sympathy. Corresponding pictures of Hindu victims are missing.

Orissa: Normalcy returns, scars remain 

A picture says more than a thousand words, eh? So how come India’s media realises the wisdom in this adage when minorities are at the recieving end of Hindu outrage for whatever reason (pilgrims burnt alive in a train bogey, religious leader shot dead, rights to pilgrimage denied, etc.)

How many readers have actually seen the picture of Swami Laxmananda shot and hacked to peices? Or of the Hindus suffering 3rd degree burns in the train bogey set afire at Godhra? Or of dead Hindu women in Kashmir with “Pakistan Zindabad” written across their chest? Where do the photographers of left / liberal media of India dissappear during those times?

Rediff seems to be in the grip of some anti-national forces or evangelicals, judging by the propaganda it keeps slipping in. Something stinks with this website.


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Beware of White Man’s Native Informant

Crusader Sees Wealth as Cure for India Caste Bias

This ‘crusader’ is a self-confessed ex-Maoist who has come overground. I also suspect he is a Christian convert and church agent, but he is careful to hide this. I have been following his column in Pioneer for a long time.

It is the same old story. First the Goras themselves appoint some nobodies of India (Pankaj Mishra, Arundhati Roy, etc.) as ‘thought leaders” and ‘experts’ on India. Then they make it a point to only quote these people in all their news stories about Indian issues, thus ensuring that the native ‘thought leader’ will deliver exactly the quotes that they want. Indians should reject these White man-appointed ‘thought leaders’ and comentators with the contempt they deserve. These are just brown coolies still carrying the White man’s burden. They also ally with foriegn races against thier own brown race.

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Last Hindu Out, Please Switch off the Lights

An article by Tarun Vijay I translated from Dainik Jagaran.

Reading the article, it is easy to realise that the Nepal Maoists are actually the puppets of the church. Their being Maoists is a false flag operation. The real target is Hinduism. It seems the evangelists helped by the CIA have managed to capture an entire country. (Remember Purlulia arms drop conducted by a ‘retired’ MI6 officer.) The Bishop House in Nepal has these days become more important than the Pashupati Nath temple.

The Weakening Hindu Power in South Asia

Tarun Vijay sees a further weakening of the Hindu identity in South Asia with the installation of Prachanda as the prime minister of Nepal

The regime change in Nepal is much more than a mere transformation of a monarchy to democratic republic. The anointing of Prachanda as the country’s prime minister is actually a symbol of the weakening of the Hindu power in entire South Asia.

The Maoist organisation to which Prachanda belongs has an armed guerrilla unit called the People’s Liberation Army, which is known for its terror tactics and spreading anarchy. Prachanda has been its commander-in-chief.

About 15,000 Nepali citizens have already been killed in Nepal due to the Maoist terror that has been ravaging the Hindu country since the last 12 years.

During Nepal’s Maoist revolution, the Maoists made it a point to attack the symbols and traditions of Hinduism such as temples and Sanskrit schools. In the shadow of the Maoist terror, conversions of Nepalese to Christianity increased rapidly and anti-India forces made rapid gains.

Calculated attempts were made over the years to create low self-esteem and inferiority complex among the Nepalese Hindus about their religious identity, despite the fact that these are the very same people who from birth to death have traditionally prayed for the welfare of entire humanity and whose entire outlook and character is built around giving equal respect to all faiths of the world.

In a travesty, the propaganda machinery working in Nepal declared these central tenets of Hinduism to be anti-humanity and anti-modernity. In contrast, the more the Christian and Muslim communities hardened their religious identity and fussed about their mundane rituals, the more they were declared to be secular people and worthy of respect.

Nobody in Nepal has shed any tears for the abrupt termination of the monarchy. This institution is considered responsible for the condition in which Nepal finds itself today. The Nepal which was once known by the temple of Pashupati Nath is today giving more importance to the Bishop House. This seems to be the defining characteristics of the particular brand of “secularism” practised by the Nepalese communists.

In this world, there are many countries which are a beautiful balance of democracy and a traditional monarchy grounded in religion Examples include the Christian countries of UK and Belgium as well as the Buddhist countries of Japan and Myanmar. But the way the Nepali Maoists single-mindedly pursued the eradication of the Hindu identity of Nepal, it would seem as if there has always been a huge contradiction between democracy and tenets of the Hindu faith.

Take one look at the map of South Asia and it immediately becomes clear to what extent the Hindu power and influence has been curtailed in its own homeland. In East Pakistan, now called Bangladesh, the Hindus were once 30 percent of the population. It has now been reduced to a mere ten percent.

The birth of Bangladesh was made possible by the blood of Indian soldiers and taxes of Indian citizens. But Sheikh Mujib, the very first leader of Bangladesh, did not allow the reconstruction of the famous Ramna Kali temple that was destroyed by the Pakistani army in 1971. Even after so many decades, the Hindu agitation to get the temple rebuilt is still continuing in Bangladesh!

Taslima Nasreen, who wrote about the cruelties inflicted on Hindu women and the rest of their community in Bangladesh, is being humiliated and pushed around in the Hindu-majority India. Not a single Hindu has ever become a cabinet minister in Bangladesh. I have been to Pakistan six times. There, the priests of whatever Hindu temples have been left wear a Muslim half-moon cap while venturing out on the streets so that they cannot be recognised as Hindus. Hindu women dare not put a bindi on their foreheads. Holi and Diwali are celebrated behind closed doors.

According to the Hindu American Foundation, in 1947, about 24 percent of Pakistan’s population was Hindu. Not they are well under two percent. In Sri Lanka, Hindus constitute 15 percent of the population. There was a time when the victorious flag of the Hindu civilisation used to flutter from Bamiyan in the West to Borobudur in the East. The world’s largest Hindu temple – Angkor Wat – was built in Cambodia, not in India.

The area from Gandhar in Afghanistan to Laos in East Asia used to be called the Swarna Bhumi (“Golden Land”) or Hind-Asia. Even today, the name of the Bangkok Airport is in Sanskrit which means “Golden Land.” The moment you enter this airport, a sculpture about “Sagar Manthan” (churning of ocean in Hindu theology) greets you. But in India, the anti-Hindu fad of secularism did not allow any sympathy in the state for Hindu culture or for solidarity with the Hindus of neighbouring countries.

Myanmar, because of its Hindu-Buddhist traditions, did not become anti-Hindu. But wherever in the region the creeds of fundamentalist Wahabi Islam and communism took root, Hindu culture was rolled back mercilessly. The self-centred, vote-seeking Hindu leaders of India are responsible for this situation. These leaders have only one philosophy: “Their votes should increase, even if the Hindus decrease.”

For them, being a Hindu means wearing finger rings, conducting “hawans” and going to temples to pray for their own personal benefit such as getting an election ticket or becoming a minister. In other words, they ask from Hindu gods something of a personal nature and then return the favour by building a small temple somewhere. In this exchange of favours, commitment to the nation or rest of the Hindu society does not figure in the equation at all.

These are the same type of Hindu leaders who conspired with the British Raj by becoming the ‘Rai Bahadurs’ and ‘darogas’, but still continued with Hindu rituals and worship at a personal level. Social reformers such as Swami Vivekanand, Dr. Hedgewar spent a lifetime attacking this mentality of some Hindus and made untiring efforts to organise and unite the Hindu society. That their work has remained incomplete is proven by the ongoing agitation of the tricolour-waving Hindus of Jammu.

When a million Hindus are made refugees in their own homeland, when traitors and separatists cannot tolerate the Indian flag on the Lal Chowk, when they refuse to give a tiny patch of land to create temporary toilets for Hindu pilgrims, then how can one expect India to protect Hindus of neighbouring countries from their slow but steady elimination?

This situation shows the lack of unity and organisation in the Hindu society. Hindus are amongst the richest Indians of the world. Hindu saints are world famous. Hindus hold top positions in multinational companies. But these prominent Hindus never seem worried or concerned about the roll back of Hindu civilisation in South Asia or the continuous reduction in its demographic and geographical spread and political power.

Nepal was the only corner of the region in which Hindus could see the lamp of Hindu identity burning bright. With the replacement of the king by the anti-Hindu Maoists, even that steady glow has begin to flicker.

The way the Hindu civlisation is being rolled back in our own homeland and the areas which were Hindu in character not so long ago, soon there will be the call of “the last Hindu to bail out, please switch off the lights.”

It seems the “Rai Bahadurs” will be our undoing. These Hindu “Rai Bahadurs” (whom I call the dancing troupe of the Mughal court) recently demanded lifting the ban on SIMI and banning RSS instead.

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Are we the Beasts of Burden for Western Civilisation?

Here is an article I translated from the Hindi Dainik Jagaran newspaper about why Indians still continue to carry the burden of promoting Western interests. It is all a part of the long-term game-plan of Westerners to subdue us intellectually and make us the beast of burden who will keep pulling the cart of Western interests in the world.

Foreign Ideas Rule India
Bharat Dogra reflects on the lack of original thought in the country

It has been a long time since we got independence. Since then, we Indians have notched up many notable achievements in all spheres of life. But it is distressing to find that the Western nations still exercise a disproportionate influence in our national discourse on many important issues facing our civilisation.

Sometimes, it seems that the influence of America overshadows that of Britain on our thought process; other times it is Britain that seems to take the lead, but overall all Western countries jointly exercise a pull on the collective consciousness of us Indians. Recently, though, America has begin to emerge as the clear winner in the battle to influence our minds.

Because of the Western influence, today we find that in India there is an acute scarcity of original thought which can help yoke the welfare of Indians to our country’s unique geography and environment as well as the capabilities and aspirations of our people. The infiltration of Western ideas is clearly visible even in areas such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, handicrafts, irrigation and cottage industries.

One reason why this sad situation has arisen is that after India and other countries became independent, the Westerners adopted active measures to maintain and nurture colonial thinking and further develop neo-colonial thought processes among our intellectual class. This was a deliberate, well thought-out strategy.

The Western nations over the decades have perfected mechanisms by which a small amount of economic assistance can be used to spread their influence wider and wider all over the targeted country. The Westerners offer many training and educational programmes in India. Their real objective is to single out for special attention bright students and young bureaucrats who are expected to hold important positions in the country in the future.

Then measures are taken to carefully link the career of these people to Western interests. Gradually, a belief is planted in their minds that their own personal interests, the policies of the Indian government and the priorities of the Western countries are all interlinked.

Such brainwashed people when they come to acquire important positions in the government or private sector go on to create policies and thought processes which make Indians believe that their national interest is actually best served by supporting and following the priorities of the Western governments.

Gradually, a situation emerges in which such Indians think that if they want the country to progress faster, they have to work according to the Western interests. It is not a mere coincidence that all crucial government and private sector positions in India are today held by people who are infatuated by the West and keenly follow Western intellectual fads.

The two centuries of British rule has also given rise to many weaknesses in our thought that we have not been able to shed till now. Many people from the nations newly liberated from colonialism observed that some western countries have become very prosperous and leading economic powerhouses of the world. They thought that if they need to profit from the Western wealth, they should somehow establish links with these countries.

This is why we see that such Indians talk in the same voice that they are sure will gain applause from the Western audiences. They organise for themselves education and training in India that anticipates the kind of tasks that they may be required to do in the European countries or America. Because you can increase your income drastically if you get paid in dollars or pounds, serving the needs of the Western countries becomes a very attractive proposition for some Indians.

The net result of this greed of Indians and the strategy of the Western countries to not allow colonial thinking to fade away from our country has been that we have not been able to develop our own thought and viewpoints for the problems facing the nation even after many decades of independence.

In many areas, we have actually begun to consider the blind aping of Western ideas as the mainstream of our national thought. The worst damage this attitude has caused is in areas such as agriculture, forestry, irrigation and animal husbandry where originality of thought and our own India-specific ideas were drastically needed because so much of our population depends on these.

A large chunk of our scientists have been obsessed by the West. They have mindlessly declared our time-tested traditions and indigenous potential as backward and primitive. These scientists began to popularise imported techniques and plant varieties. Because of this, the cost of cultivating a piece of land kept getting higher and higher with the result that common farmers began to drown in debt.

The worst damage these scientists did was to abruptly cut off our new generation of people from the indigenous traditions and knowledge related to cultivating land that had been painstakingly developed over thousands of years. The new generation of rural people was pushed into confusion and uncertainty. And thus started the vicious cycle of dependence on imported technology, uncertainty, expensive cultivation and huge debt.

There was also a huge delay in opposing this detestable phenomenon. This is because in a country where colonial thinking has been deliberately promoted, it is almost impossible to say anything against whatever has been declared “modern, developed, latest,” especially those that have been certified by Western “experts” as the best thing to have happened to mankind.

Now, it is becoming impossible to tolerate these kind of stupidities and colonial behaviour anymore. The time has come to take measures to create an original thought and worldview of our own, absorb the best wisdom of our traditions and develop a new thinking based on modern science that actually promotes our national interests, not those of the Western countries.

We have to get rid of blind imitation of Westerners and develop a thought process in accordance with our unique needs. This is the only way to ensure the long-term welfare of our people and retain our self-respect.

Is this why America and UK have been putting up so much pressure on Indian government to allow them to set up educational institutions in India and enable their professors to teach in Indian universities? Is a new generation of Indians ready to be brainwashed that Indian national interests are actually best served by yoking them to the priorities of the Western governments? Many greedy Indians willing to get their pay in dollars and pounds will be ready to make themselves available to Westerners to work against Indian interests or not allow India’s own independent thinking to develop.


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Naxals: the Private Army of the Church?

Rediff is reporting that four VHP leaders have just been bumped off by the Naxals in the Kandhamal district of Orissa. This district was recently in the news when some Christian converts vandalized a Hindu temple, resulting in social tensions. Newspapers reported that time that missionaries had called in Naxals and Maoists to “teach a lesson” to the Hindus. Today, we find that four VHP leaders have been killed by the naxals in the same area.

More on this episode and the Naxal-Church nexus soon.


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Shabana Azmi’s Bluff about Muslim Persecution

Shabana Azmi and her husband have been trying to enter politics for a long time, or so it would seem from their dabbling in purely political issues. Their strategy is to bat for the Islamists in the hope of gaining a Congress ticket (which has been the patron saint of all Islamists in India for the last 60 years). The courtship period between the Congress and the celebrity couple is currently going on, and I think it is only a matter of time before she is given a ticket to fight elections.

Shabana Azmi’s entry into political activism began on a bad note some years ago. She was a rookie then and made a critical beignner’s mistake. She as a Muslim tried to take on the Imam of Jama Masjid of Delhi in a TV interview. She bit more than she could chew. The Imam, who carries a permanent scowl on his face, lashed at her brutally, calling her a “nachne gane wali aurat” (a paid singer-dancer who in Muslim socieities is akin to a prostitute).

Shabana Azmi learnt her lesson quickly, screeched a U-turn and now concentrates exclusively on issues of “Hindu fundamentalism” which are quite safe to highlight in India and win silent approval from the influential Muslim clergy. She proved to be a coward, unlike Taslima Nasreen. She seems to have been permanently cured sicne then from highlighting the staggering internal problems of Indian Muslim community, such as rabid fundamentalism, rejection of modern secular education, unhealthy obsession with religious matters, extremely high brith rate, oppression of women, multiple marriges, tripple Talak, hatred of non-believers, and so on.

Recently, Azmi fired another salvo in a TV interview by claiming that she has been denied an apartment on rent by Hindus in Mumbai because she is a Muslim. This has proved to be an outright lie nailed by her Bollywood colleagues. Azmi does not have to seek an apartment on rent because it turns out that the lady owns four flats in the city! She is a landlord, and a multi-millionaire at that. There is an entire industry running in India strategically generating “Muslim persecution” stories to shame Hindus, put them on the defensive and extract more concessions from them, while giving absolutely nothing in return. Ever heard of the “camel in the tent” story?

These persecution stories are actually a result of the long-standing nexus between Indian Muslim celebrities (usually film stars) and “secular” English news channels (run by rabid but Anglicised communist sympathisers). The stories on investigation are usually found to be mischevious spins based on political agendas of the Indian communists and Congress, with the right-wingers as the ultimate target. But a huge din is created by the “journalists” in alliance with the Islamists when the “persecution” story is first aired, the story gets copy-pasted all over the Internet, Western agencies pick them up, all to prove how fundamentalists Hindus are. But when the truth is investigated, the very same Journalists refuse to air it. This is nothing but a propaganda machine run by communists and Islamists in India. Fortunately, the DNA newspaper has been graceful enought to publish the truth about Azmi’s bluff. 


Four flats in Juhu, and a house in Khandala are what actor Shabana Azmi owns, if some of the prominent people from the film fraternity are to be believed.

Irked by the alleged irresponsible statement by Azmi, who claimed that she was denied a house in Mumbai, people from the film industry called a press meet at Club Millennium in Juhu on Wednesday.

“It’s the worst communal statement made by someone who has multiple houses. There are many societies who do not allow Hindus, but we respect their culture
and don’t condemn them.” said filmmaker Ashoke Pandit.

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BJP for delimitation of J&K seats

According to a report in the Statesman (August 13, 2008), the BJP has asked for delimitation of J&K seats. The statistics it has reeled off are shocking and go to show how the Buddhists and Hindus of the state have been short-changed in the electoral system to ensure that a radical minority of Valley Muslims keeps ruling the state at their expense.

The senior BJP leader, Mr Venkaiah Naidu, reeled off figures to support his party’s demand. Of the total electorate of 56,12,149 in J&K, Jammu alone accounted for 28,92,290, Kashmir Valley 25,46,913 votes, and Leh-Ladakh 1,72,000 votes.

He alleged that like Jammu, the Leh and Ladakh regions too had to suffer discrimination. Despite these figures, Mr Naidu bemoaned that Kashmir sent more MLAs and MPs (46 MLAs and 3 MPs) than Jammu (37 MLAs and 2 MPs). He said the time had come to take “corrective steps to remove these existing anomalies”, adding that even geographically Jammu region accounts for 26,000 sq km of area against Kashmir’s 15,000 sq km.

Describing the situation as “anomalous”, Mr Naidu demanded that just like in other states, a delimitation regime should also be put in place in J&K. 

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